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Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent's tendencies.
Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent's tendencies.
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Character Spotlights: Valerie & Geiger

Posted by David Sirlin (Creator)

Valerie and Geiger have very different personalities, but they have something in common: they both left Flagstone to join Rook in his Morningstar Sanctuary. Valerie is Rook’s artistic advisor and Geiger is his science advisor.


Valerie Rose was originally known as Valerie Scarlet Carson. Born with heterochromia, she has one green eye and one blue eye. Even from an early age, she saw things differently. Valerie has a need to express herself creatively, which she does mostly though painting. Her life is turbulent due to her bouts of manic depression and she accepts that as part of who she is and defining part of her art.

Valerie likes both boys and girls, but she loved Vanessa. This was deemed illegal by Flagstone and Vanessa was dragged away one night. Valerie never saw her again. Anger, despair, and heartbreak consumed Valerie. She left Flagstone forever and turned over a new leaf, so to speak, by changing her name from a silky flower to one with thorns—and so began Valerie Rose.

Valerie is a rushdown character, similar to Fei Long in Street Fighter. Her Three Colors special attack (Jack) is a three-hit series of paint brush slashes, each with a different color, known as a rekka series in fighting games. Her innate ability lets her play normal attacks in any order, which helps her power up for Aces, and her Aces draw a card on hit which lets her keep the pressure up.

Her gold character card lets her also draw a card whenever plays a normal attack as her combat card. This gives her even more fuel to threaten good combos more regularly. Those combos can be bigger than ever now that she has EIGHT combo points, which is the most in the game.

In a fighting game, one thing her Destiny button would do is have her paint a rainbow disc that persists a few moments, similar to Millia’s disc in Guilty Gear. If the opponent attacks into it, they’ll still get hit by the disc, which then lets Valerie finish with a pretty big combo.


Max Geiger was fascinated by science and engineering from a young age. He tests new ideas by gathering evidence, performing experiments, and evaluating the results logically. While some scientists stay within theoretical realms only, Geiger also enjoys tinkering and building. He pursues knowledge in physics, astronomy, mechanical engineering, and more.

Even though Geiger is a capable scientist, he made his living for a long time as a watch maker. He is fascinated with time. Could he discover the nature of it? Could he manipulate it? Travel across it? Measuring time precisely is just one facet of his fascination. Geiger’s ability to craft timepieces with incredible precision is what originally got him a job with the Flagstone government. Soon after, he got a laboratory and assisted in all manner of scientific research and endeavors. He made contact with an ancient race called the Vortoss who are “unstuck in time,” but that’s a story for another day and another game, called Codex.

While working with Flagstone, Geiger built a prototype of a robot powered by steam and full of clockwork gears. Mechanically, it worked as planned but it was dangerous and Geiger had to decommission it. After this alpha version, he tried again with a new robot, this time with more personality failsafes. This was Bal-Bas-Beta. When General Onimaru found out about the success of this, he immediately commissioned an army of these robots to be built for military purposes. The materials needed for their construction are rare and expensive though, so Chief Magistrate Quince ordered mining operations to begin. These operations are hazardous and can ruin the environment of the local community, so they don’t take place in Flagstone itself, but rather in outlying regions such as Murkwood, The Pandalands, and The Golden Plains.

Despite Geiger’s protests, he couldn’t stop this militarization and he felt that he had no choice but to resign (and this wasn’t the only reason). He left Flagstone to join Rook’s Morningstar Sanctuary and become Rook’s science advisor.

Geiger’s gold character ability lets him retrieve his Jack and Queen Time Spirals every turn. These fuel his other abilities, so it’s quite potent to have infinite recurring Time Spirals!

Geiger’s Destiny card, Ripsaw Gear, is a reasonable combo starter on its own. The remarkable part is that if the opponent does just about anything other than hit Geiger out of it, the Yestergear ability on it lets him completely turn off TWO ranks of cards for the opponent next turn. This means he could disable their fastest throw or the only blocks they have if he happens to know which ranks those are. He could turn off their Aces to limit the opponent’s damage potential for a turn. He could even disable the only attacks an opponent has that are capable of interrupting Ripsaw Gear so that he could play another copy of it next turn and activate Yestergear again, basically guaranteed.

There’s a lot to think about and consider there, but thinking is Geiger’s specialty (as long as he’s got time).


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    1. Gerrit on

      Just noticed another weird thing with Yestergear: The EX rules state that when you power up for cards from your draw deck, "you don't have to reveal them when you do". However, Yestergear says that the opponent "can't power up with OR FOR those ranks of cards". How do you check if they are actually not powering up for those cards when they don't have to reveal which cards they are fetching from their deck?

    2. Aaron White on

      @Ryan - +1 for checking the cards thoroughly, that is genuinely helpful.

    3. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      Thanks, glad you're enjoying the updates!

    4. K A on

      The EX expansion so far all look like a lot of fun, keep em coming!

    5. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      You can still hit and damage Valerie when she does that move, you just have to be careful of any effect saying it triggers on "winning combat" or "beating" a move.

      Geiger's Destiny actually should be During Combat, yeah. I'll have to correct that with the printers like right now. Too bad the image in this post can never be changed (very annoying kickstarter limitation).

    6. Ryan on

      These are awesome! Eight combo points on Valerie is a really nice touch.

      Two things: First, should Geiger's Destiny ability be listed as a "During Combat" instead of "Draw Phase"? Second, I assume that when I attack into Valerie's Destiny card, that I still get triggers for "damage" and "hit", which still triggers abilities like Positive Spin, right?