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Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent's tendencies.
Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent's tendencies.
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Character Spotlights: Rook & DeGrey

Posted by David Sirlin (Creator)

Rook & DeGrey

Both Garus Rook and Jefferson DeGrey are unnaturally old. They’ve been friends for a very long time and they lived through a revolution together. Or rather, they almost lived through it.

They know what it’s like to live in times of peace where citizens have plenty of personal freedoms. They also know what it’s like for a dictator to take that away. They see it happening all over again with Sirus Quince, head of the Flagstone Dominion, and they feel compelled to do something about it. This eventually landed DeGrey in jail for civil disobedience. Rook visited him and asked DeGrey what he’s doing in there. “What are you doing out there?” DeGrey responded.

Rook asked what he should do and DeGrey’s suggested he create an event that would bring together people from all over the many lands. To frame it as a competition, but to actually use it as a way of getting powerful warriors together so they’d talk about the injustices going in their respective lands. Rook created the Fantasy Strike tournament to this end.


Rook was not always made of stone, though the circumstances of his transformation are little-known. What is known is that his stone form seems to have slowed his aging and provide incredible armor. Rook has always loved nature and felt close to it and now he is a force of nature. Towering, mighty, and dangerous, yet gentle and warm.

Rook’s gold character card lets him power through attacks without being interrupted, just like his regular character card. The gold version he can do any time he wants though, without needing to discard correct-suited cards. This is incredibly powerful and the very threat of it can shut down the opponent.

Rook’s Destiny card lets him use his vines to grapple the opponent (this is what his Destiny button would do in a fighting game). In the fighting game version, when he entangles the opponent he can either throw them far away for extra damage, or slam them down to the ground, allowing for good followup pressure. His destiny card has those same options and you can also rotate it to either side after the combat-reveal, meaning it can always be either the attack or throw version.


DeGrey is a lawyer by trade. He’s always fought for the rights of those who need to stand up to bullying authority. He’s used to shining a bright light onto injustice so everyone can see exactly what bad deeds have gone unnoticed. The truth is his most powerful weapon, though his second most powerful weapon is punching. If he can’t get the job done with one, the other usually works.

He was obsessed with defeating the last dictator, all those years ago, but he suffered a fatal injury before he could. Then M. Persephone intervened and offered to extend DeGrey’s life as long as he stayed true to his mission. He agreed, though to his surprise, dispatching his enemy didn’t seem to end his own clock. Did he somehow fail? Or perhaps his mission was larger in scope than he realized. In any case, Persephone left her ghostly friend behind to watch over DeGrey (and torment him at her pleasure).

DeGrey’s gold character card takes his Moral High Ground to a new height. His damage bonus now applies to even his normal attacks. It’s also so “true” that it can’t even be denied by Combo Escape Jokers.

In a fighting game, DeGrey’s Destiny button would control his ghost. His Destiny card represents her attack, which is why it costs DeGrey 0 combo points to use (she’s a separate entity from him). It also lets him manipulate the opponent’s hand size. A smaller hand size runs them out of options, but a larger hand size triggers a higher bonus from his Moral Mountain innate ability. He can make the best “argument” either way, depending on the situation.

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    1. Aaron White on

      Just last night I played an opponent using Troq (I was using DeGrey) who waited until I went low on cards in hand. He then played three War Stomps to reduce my hand to 0. I am excited to get some payback in an EX duel. :)

    2. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      Yes, Ghostly Force can combo into itself (up to 4 times because there's 4 copies of it). It's 0 combo points and it's a linker, so that's why it's possible.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephen Shaw on

      Emerson and Thoreau meet Rook and DeGray? 19th century literary reference achievement unlocked.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rob Khonsu on

      Yay! DeGray was my favorite before the expansion characters.

      Question: Would you consider 2-4 Ghostly Force cards in a combo a legal move? (Not that DeGray would really ever want to store up 4 of them in his hand.)

    5. Request on

      "The truth is his most powerful weapon, though his second most powerful weapon is punching." Classic