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Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent's tendencies.
Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent's tendencies.
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Character Spotlights: Grave, Jaina, Midori & Setsuki

Posted by David Sirlin (Creator)

In the last update, I covered the four characters in the Yomi Round 1 box and noted that they are free to play online for the duration of the kickstarter. Now let's talk a little more about their story and gameplay roles, and show their EX cards. Oh and one more thing, here's the instructions how to use the EX cards in your deck:


Grave Stormborne had the misfortune as a child of seeing his father killed in battle. He was killed by a young commander who would later be known as General Onimaru. Onimaru took the Stormborne family sword as a war prize, but Persephone intervened. She returned the heirloom to Grave, but warned him not to use it unless it was absolutely necessary.

Grave was scarred by this event and became obsessed with training. He mostly uses a style of open hand attacks and trains to execute each one as well as he can. He strives for a balance of moves so that he can take on anyone of any style who would threaten him or his family again, and yet his life is not one of balance. It's a life of intense training and self improvement. Rook and DeGrey try to show him that that's a rather selfish choice when the world needs his skills for a purpose higher than winning for the sake of winning.

(You can right click these card images and "open in new tab" or whatever to see slightly bigger versions of it. For some reason this is capped at only slightly larger by kickstarter, but those should be big enough to read.)

Grave's gold character card allows him to fetch absurdly many Queens, which allow him to do the move called Dragonheart. His Dragonheart is the purest of all. He can also combo Dragonheart into his powerful True Power of Storms super in his EX form, which has devastating potential, especially given the endless supply of 0.0 speed Dragonhearts he has to hit-confirm the super.

His Destiny card allows him to use the Stormborne family sword in a time of need. Grave's deadly precision and endless practice allow the Overhead Slice destiny attack to be unblockable.


Jaina is Grave's sister. She did not actually witness their father die, though she was as affected by it in her own way. If a loved one can die so suddenly, what guarantee is there for any of us? She wants whatever fun, whatever thrill she can have in her limited time in this world. She says don't take shit from anyone, and don't apologize for your vices. As a child she was reckless and prone to injury from overexerting herself or attempting overly dangerous feats.

Master Midori took in the Stormborne children and raised them as his own. While Grave took readily to physical training, Jaina was disobedient and out of control. Midori taught her to use a bow—a weapon totally unsuitable for her temperament—in an attempt to teach her patience and focus. While she had no interest in meditation, archery became a substitute to calm her mind.

Jaina's gold character card pushes her recklessness even further than usual. She can now overextend herself to the point of injury constantly and get more block damage (which she already has the most of in the game), bigger combos, and buyback cards to reuse them. This even includes Queens (Dragonhearts) and Aces (supers) which are much more restricted in her normal (non-EX) form.

Her Destiny card allows her to do High and Low Phoenix Shots, which are similar to Sagat's high and low fireballs in Street Fighter. (This is what her Destiny button would do in a fighting game.) Those Phoenix shots are hard to dodge, can potentially do 6 block damage (with her gold innate ability) and can even combo into her Jack (Flame Arrow).


Midori is from a lineage of extremely powerful martial artists who have tapped into the ability to take on forms of the Dragon. His master taught him and his brother Menelker a wide variety of techniques, including some of deadly force. Midori believed that some of these dark arts were too dangerous to be practiced and should not be passed on to other students. Menelker disagreed, saying there is no right and wrong in a technique and that passing up ultimate power for reasons of honor is foolish.

Midori is a man of honor though. He eschewed the dark arts and taught only the respectable forms of martial arts to Grave and Jaina. Midori delights in teaching and nurturing, feeling vicarious happiness and satisfaction from seeing his pupils flourish.

Midori's gold character card gives him an ability all the time that he usually only has while in Dragon Form: the ability to fetch cards from his discard pile while blocking. He can use this to load up on face cards so that his Dragon Form is that much more powerful once he enters it.

Midori's Destiny card is a parry (that's what it would be in a fighting game). He can do it even as a reversal, meaning even if he's getting up from a knockdown. When he avoids an attack with it, he rapidly strikes the opponent 8 times, knocks them down, and builds his super meter with an Ace.


Setsuki is not from Midori's dojo, but rather a student at the all-girls martial arts school called the Fox's Den, headed by Jade Fox. Setsuki is a diligent student and excels at one of the key virtues of the Fox's Den: speed. Be faster than your opponent so your move strikes first, so your body moves out of the way first, so that even your position is hard to pin down.

Grave became more and more talked about as he took open challenges to defeat anyone in combat. Setsuki wondered how he could achieve such a perfect record, and what she could potentially learn from watching him. Setsuki came to an agreement with Jade Fox that she would seek out Grave for mentorship and that she would later return to the Fox's Den and show what she had learned.

Setsuki usually draws a lot of cards and plays a lot of cards in combos, and her gold character card allows her to draw even more than usual.

Her destiny card is an incredibly fast dash (that's what it would be in a fighting game) that can be used to get behind her opponent. If an opponent just stands there (blocking or dodging) her Ninjaport Dash gets behind them and allows her to do a mixup that's very hard to defend against. In fighting game terms, afterward she might go high or low and so that's hard to block ("mixup normals") and her moves are so fast that they outspeed most of what they will try to do. Setsuki may not be as physically strong as some other characters, but her speed and pressure are overwhelming.

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