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Puzzle Strike is a deckbuilding game that uses chips instead of cards for easier shuffling. Now with 20 Fantasy Strike characters!
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David Sirlin

626 backers pledged $74,118 to help bring this project to life.

We're Funded!


Hey, so we're funded! (And in only 2 days actually, wowow!) Awesome and thanks to everyone. That said, we should really try to reach those stretch goals. The product that I really want to make is the one that includes the boards and screens that players and reviewers said really enhanced the experience. So when a new player happens to pick up Puzzle Strike someday, it would be great if they got that stuff inside. We can do it!


A lot of you have asked about using the 2nd Edition set with Shadows. You certainly can, so there is no "forced upgrade" or something. There's a faq entry on the main project page about how to do that. Some players have already been using the new rules for MONTHS with their 2nd Edition sets, and having a great time. For example, this post by one such player explains the logistics while this post explains how well it worked out for him.

I think all the development that went into the 3rd Edition is worth paying for actually. I would go as far as to say *more* worth paying for than games that just release more and more new stuff, as that doesn't really lead to the more perfected experience I'm going for. So thanks to everyone on board with that. But if you think the 3rd Edition stuff isn't worth it to you, that's fine too. You get the benefit of the new rules for free (see the link in the main project description), and the Shadows expansion can mix with that, or be used on its own.

One player asked me to pass on this plan of his, too. He's going to get the Shadows set and store the starting chips inside the bags (rather than in the tray) to make more room in the tray. Then he'll take his favorite chips from the 2nd Edition (or 3rd? Not sure which actually, either would work) and put those in the tray, so he can carry around one box with the chips he likes the most. Carrying two boxes doesn't seem so bad in the first place, but there's a nice idea for cutting down on stuff to carry. ;)


Next, I bet you are thinking, "If only I could read a ridiculously long article about the design of Puzzle Strike." I have just the thing for you coming up! Next week I'll post an article about the really competitive side of the game, how it's engineered to be be exciting, basically, and how we're trying to make the best competitive deckbuilding game out there. I will also write another article about the casual side, so look for that the following week. Both sides are important!