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This is a Panda-themed gambling game about getting away with lying and laughing about it. Expansion and new base sets available.
This is a Panda-themed gambling game about getting away with lying and laughing about it. Expansion and new base sets available.
This is a Panda-themed gambling game about getting away with lying and laughing about it. Expansion and new base sets available.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Marius Ødegård on

      Received my regular edition today. Had two copies of black 5-10 and joker. Anyone else got the same?

    2. Missing avatar


      My copy arrived in Denmark last week in a ridiculously big box, very well protected. Everything is looking fine.

    3. David Mortimer on

      Sorry for the spam, but regarding the first of these three messages;

      Disregard what I said about the number of chips and the "gaps in the tray." If anyone else is as completely oblivious as I am;

      The new Pandante rules state, in the beginning of the guide, that the game is to be played with 150 chips.

      Using the standard distribution measure (one tray for white, one tray for red, one tray for half black/blue); 50 Red, 50 White, 25 Black, 25 Diamond. There is supposed to be a small gap, so that you're not struggling to get the chips out. It's not meant to be completely full. (If I'm assuming correctly, that is.)

      The tray size, by those means, are fine, and the whole thing makes sense. Shouldn't have confused me as much as it did, but it puts my mind at ease greatly. Hope this helps anyone else struggling to understand.

    4. David Mortimer on

      Oh, forgot to add; aside from that, both the Flash Duel revision and Pandante Deluxe (2) look great. Love the coin (the weight and design are both fantastic--plus my favourite animal) and the fold-able mat is great. The whole thing looks really sleek, and well-designed, I'm just a little put off by the uneven-ness of the chip-containing tray (which, looking back, there was a post that mentioned the box being a little smaller so I should've expected it).

      Plus, the Codex version of the cards and the Pandante deck itself are great.

    5. David Mortimer on

      Yeah, distribution numbers of chips would be nice to know. It's driving my OCD crazy at the moment 'cause there's enough room for 26 black and 25 blue, or vice-versa. Either that or I just leave one of whichever out, so that it remains 25/25, but then there's a big slot missing that lets the chips just..slide around.

    6. Slobber Monkey on

      I too would like to know what the distribution of chips in the new edition should be. I was a little surprised that not all my v1 chips fit in the new box. Everything looks top notch, thanks David!

    7. jackalope on

      Thanks David, they were folded into a sheet of paper. I think that in the future for KS projects, I will find out who is doing the shipping before backing them. I have been very disappointed with Ship Naked and their lack of adequate packaging. Too many bad experiences with damaged stuff.

    8. Missing avatar

      David Tolin on

      @jackalope - Make sure you check the interior of the shipping box well. Mine were just floating around in there. Shouldn't be too hard to spot, actually, since there was no packing material used. Why companies keep using Game Salute/Ship Naked for fulfillment is a mystery.

    9. jackalope on

      Are the 3 bonus casino cards being shipped separately? I received my copy yesterday. It is a bit beat up, but playable, and did not include the 3 bonus cards.

    10. Edgar Mendez on

      Just got my 2ed upgrade box yesterday! The thing I liked most is the central betting board, it looks very good. It unfolds to be completely flat, feels very sturdy. The Panda Coin is nice and heavy, I was not expecting that. Overall, very good quality components.

    11. Steven Wellerling

      Received today in UK. Looks fabulous

    12. Missing avatar

      David Tolin on

      @Neil Three different types of chips? Doesn't the new version have four types of chips, just like 1ed? Does anyone know the proper distribution for the 4 types?

      My box arrived today, too. I haven't had time to really look at it closely, but I'm pretty happy with it. The game box is dented in a couple of places, but so was my box for the deluxe 1ed--I'm assuming it just doesn't ship well, since it's pretty flimsy overall. Doesn't help that Ship Naked doesn't use any packing material in the shipping box.

      I was surprised at the quality of the game board. Very, very nice. In fact, I also bought the neoprene playmat, and I'm not sure which I will be more inclined to use. I'll have to try them both out. The game board is brighter and more attractive, but the texture of the neoprene mat will probably be superior for playing cards. I may change my mind later, but I'm thinking at first blush that it wasn't worth an extra $30, given how nice the standard board is. (And the extra shipping for it was definitely a joke, since it's just sort of folded up and stuffed in the box along with the game--it weighs next to nothing).

      That all sounds pretty negative, but I'm actually really excited. Really enjoyed 1ed Pandante, and I can't wait to give this one a spin!

    13. Neil Crosby on

      My copy arrived with me in the UK today. It looks nice.

      I almost managed to throw the promo cards away though, because they were mixed in with the seven german language advertising flyers that were also in the shipping box.

      @Andrew - In the standard version, that I have, there are equal numbers of each of the three different types of chip, so 50 of each.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Selder

      What is the distribution of chips in the new edition. My 1st edition chips won't all fit in the new box.

    15. Missing avatar


      I just got my shipping mail, the game is in neighbouring Germany (I'm in Denmark) and should be here in a couple of days.

    16. Emanuele Lillo

      Got my box today, one month earlier than the expected delivery. That, by itself is quite an achievement. And the game is gorgeous as expected!

    17. Missing avatar

      Joshua Wolf on

      I just wanted to say I just got the box set. The quality of the box, coins, and chips is really outstanding and I love everything about this game. It makes all of my friends who hate poker finally able to have a good time. Thank you!

    18. Missing avatar

      John on

      Why does the new box not hold all the chips of the old deluxe edition and why was this not mentioned at any point during the campaign? Total bullshit, if you ask me, and the board is terrible quality and bows like crazy.

    19. Elyklord

      Received in San Francisco! Everything looks great, thanks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jason Emerson

      @Carlos - that is incorrect. The gold coin and full size board were included in the $25 expansion. The only thing I paid $40 extra for is a box that is unnecessary.

    21. Carlos Oliveira on

      I just got mine deluxe with no chips, was also a original backer of the deluxe. I'm happy with how it turned out. Got all my chips from old game in new box, and don't need anything else from the original game, no player boards etc.

      Keep in mind that the deluxe upgrade wasn't just for a box, people asked for it including myself to get the better gold coin with the regular game doesn't have, the board is also bigger then in the regular expansion is this deluxe, and I forget what else, it was a few things which is why they made this deluxe upgrade for original backers, it's not just a bigger box to fit the new stuff with chips.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jason Emerson

      @ClayNatioy - Are you a new 2nd edition owner or did you back the "upgrade" like I did (no chips)? Where I'm coming from is that I would have backed the expansion only but was under the impression that I'd need the new box to fit everything in it from my original deluxe set. That is not true - if I ditched the original boards that were mounted in the lid (which as you said are not needed), I could have fit the new board in the old box without a problem, plus all of the original chips and cards and everything. Sleeved cards would have fit easily by the way (without making the box any larger) if the insert were more thoughtfully designed (as is so often the case and everyone claims otherwise). Of all the other beautiful components, the cards in this game really aren't especially nice and sleeves seem pretty necessary to me. The option to buy the deluxe content without the chips was an afterthought and all I've seen makes it seem even more obvious. New 2nd Edition owners are sure to be thrilled with it - to me, I spent $40 extra on something I didn't need (or maybe even want). David himself led me to my decision to buy the new box with his comment below that said the old box isn't designed to hold "all the new stuff". There really isn't much at all in the way of "new stuff" that takes up space: fewer chips, smaller cards, no boards (replaced with the folding board that is actually smaller folded up than the old ones were stacked). Even though the new box is in fact bigger (slightly), it holds less.

    23. ClanNatioy on


      I haven't gotten my set yet but I wanted to address your disappointment.

      In the contents section of the Kickstarter it says the new deluxe version comes with 150 poker chips so it shouldn't have been a surprise that only 150 of your 1st ed poker chips will fit in this new set. Players start with less gold in 2 ed so less gold is needed. You can just do whatever you want with the remaining poker chips. Not sure on the distribution of chips. I'll let you know once I get my set.

      The player boards have not been "downgraded" they've been replaced with the large central betting board and the cardstock components you are talking about are just reference cards to give to each player. So the fact that there is no elastic in the top to hold the old player boards makes sense, they are not needed. If I remember correctly the only thing you should have to transfer from your old set to your new set is the poker chips.

      Sirlin has talked lots about the problems of making his games have room for sleeved cards. It just makes the whole package need to be a lot bigger and most people don't sleeve their cards so it seems weird to him to make a box that will increase shipping costs and make the box larger ect, ect. I don't remember all he said on the matter but that is some of it.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jason Emerson

      I see that now after I cross-referenced both instructions but there was no obvious indication that this was going to be the case - I was under the assumption that I could replace my original box which was the whole basis of my pledge. The original contents do not fit (original player boards and chips). Can anyone tell me what the distribution of chips is in the 2nd edition? As I said - everything looks beautiful but the insert is pretty lame if you're like me and looking to merge your original Deluxe set with the new stuff - at least the box seems large enough to fit everything in it if I do a custom insert. In hindsight I should have just gotten the expansion by itself - and feel a bit mislead by David's comment below that this would make everything 'perfect'.

    25. Missing avatar

      Chad Taylor

      @Jason, I was irked about this, too, but the instructions (and this site) both say the new version comes with 150 chips, which is less. I actually was able to jam 52 into each slot (so 156). I wanted to make sure the black and blue chips were still evenly distributed.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jason Emerson

      I received my deluxe upgrade kit today (I have the original deluxe version with the clay chips) and am pretty upset to find that the chips I have won't fit in the new box...did the new version come with less chips or something? It appears I'm going to have to make my own custom insert which is very disappointing considering the cost of this package. The player boards have been downgraded from nice thick cardboard to simple cards (and no longer have the nice elastic bands to hold them in the lid). There is (still) no room for sleeved cards. The quality is very good but these seem like pretty big oversights to me....

    27. lettucemode on

      My (non deluxe) set arrived! Check out the pictures here:…

    28. ClanNatioy on

      Eagerly awaiting my shipping notification. I can't wait to open up all the Pandante greatness. Looking forward to playing with the real 2nd edition components with my father-in-law.

    29. Damon Asher

      Just a word of caution to everyone: the promo cards are just floating around the shipping box. Look carefully so you don't accidentally throw them away!

    30. Greg Lescoe on

      Awesome news about shipping early! How early are we talking, exactly? ^^

    31. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      The deluxe version comes with a game board, not a playmat.

    32. mindg4m3

      Is the playmat on backer kit the same the comes with the deluxe version?

    33. Missing avatar

      Markus on

      Looking forward to get dastardly rich by lyin'. Mohahahahaaa~ *rubs hands greedily together*

    34. Anthony Rubbo

      :: Pops cork ::

      Fabulous & admirable dedication on the campaign. Pandas rejoice!

    35. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      Thanks so much everyone. I'm exhausted from this thing!

    36. Jared Roswurm on

      Congrats! All's well that ends well!

    37. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      Yes, it's also possible to get the addons though backer kit once you get your invite to it in about two weeks.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ankur Gupta on

      I'm not completely sure about getting the playmat. Can I add that after the campaign (using the backer kit) later?

    39. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      You better put out the word somewhere to make that happen. ;)

    40. Vendetta

      Sweet, $60K is looking good at this point... It'd be great if we could hit $65k as well to add G.Panda to Flash Duel!

    41. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      The Yomi kickstarter had a pledge level for the original pandante deluxe edition. This kickstarter here is the very first time any new version of it has been available.

    42. Michael Rivero

      Is this deluxe version the same as what shipped with Yomi or was that the first edition?

    43. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      The Codex-themed addon is $35 to keep it the same as it already was in the regular rewards tiers. The update post had a typo and kickstarter doesn't allow update posts to be edited past 30 minutes, unfortunately. (That's really annoying by the way, I think you should be able to...)

      Thank you everyone, I'm glad we can get these games out to the world too. It'll still cost me quite a bit, but some positive reviews later will help make it back if you all end up liking them.

      I'll be posting playtest stuff for my game called Flowchart on for my higher tier backers soon, btw, like within 2 days I think. And Codex stuff on there soon after. I'm so excited about Codex, but also really struggling to figure out how to fund an online version. It costs A LOT to hire professional programmers and artists, like hundreds of thousands. And I don't think a kickstarter with that kind of minimum will work. I might do a kickstarter for the *beta* version of the physical product, and have a tier for "you get the physical beta stuff AND if we make a digital version, you'll get that too." And use that money to get it going. Still thinking about it.

    44. Emanuele Lillo

      @Justin The Codex-themed deck is a 35$ add-on.

      Quote from David's reply: "Yes that is a typo. It's supposed to be the same price as the bundle, which was $35. Also note that it's basically a donation to support Codex too. I'm looking forward to getting back to working on that soon."

    45. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      It would be really awesome to get them but I don't think this is going to go up at a rate of 1K/hour. Still, I'm really just happy Sirlin's getting another game off of the ground. I can't wait to hear more about codex.

    46. Missing avatar

      Justin Roman on

      Hey the Codex-themed deck add-on is listed as $35 on the Campaign page and $30 in the update about add-ons. Which is it?

    47. David Mortimer on

      Finally got around to backing. 'Cause I already got Pandante Deluxe in the Yomi kickstarter last year, I've backed the $140 "Deluxe without chips", very much looking forward to the newer box with room for the expansion and the newer board. Bit of a shame that I'll have to find a place to hide away my old one, but such is the price of progress.

      Really hoping we'll still manage to hit the G. Panda Flash Duel character and the Zane card, though I'm not going to expect it. :P

    48. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      The extra panda coins are because several people asked if they could get some. They are super cool so I think it's mostly about having an unusual collectible item. One cool use would be as a "card protector." In poker, people often use some object to put on top of their two cards so that they don't get disturbed, don't accidentally flip over, blow away, or whatever else. Sometimes people use a stylish item for the fun of it. Having everyone using a heavy 2" panda coin for that would be fun.

    49. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      Yes US shipping is free, but it looks like the addon for the playmat will be the only exception ($4) because it will ship in a tube and that doesn't really combine well with the rest of an order. I didn't really get this playmat thing setup until the very end because I didn't plan to offer it at all, so sorry for the short notice there. You can add the shipping now or after the campaign ends through backer kit. Backer kit actually looks pretty easy to use from the perspective of a backer, so I think you'll be happy with it when you get the e-mail linking to it in a couple weeks.

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