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December 2016 update

Posted by The Sioux Chef™ (Creator)

Hello The Sioux Chef Kickstarter backers! 

Sean and I have been traveling basically non-stop for about three months. This has been booked for between 6 months and a year in advance, so we knew it was coming up. It's been an exciting time, but it's hard to express how tiring it is as well. The tour went a little like this: Copenhagen, Winona, Monterey, Red Lake, Turin, Nice, Rapid City, Cambridge, Oxford, Mitchell, Two Harbors, Lower Sioux Agency. So many wonderful people... Hopefully you have been following along on social media! 

While we have been traveling, we have also been trying to find a location for the restaurant, but it's not as productive when you can't walk through a space. That said, we have people in town on our team that are looking on our behalf. It's going to take a few months longer than we had expected, but we are so excited! We have walked through a handful of buildings, and our vision is taking shape with that knowledge.  

We finished one of our last runs the week leading up to Thanksgiving, and then we had a very exciting week here in town! Our chef de cuisine, Brian Yazzie, decided to go back to Standing Rock to cook indigenous foods for the protectors on thanksgiving. He announced that he wanted to bring donations out, and the response was INCREDIBLE. A few other businesses jumped on board, and in partnership with the Organic Consumers Association, he was able to bring out almost 50K worth of kitchen supplies, fresh and dry produce, warm clothes, tents and tarps, etc... it was SUPER cool. We are really glad he didn't get arrested. 

Chef de Cuisine Brian Yazzie
Chef de Cuisine Brian Yazzie

We have been working on the manuscript for the cookbook as well, Sean on the stories and recipes, me on the images, and it's almost to the finish line. Anyone that's published a book knows the sheer elation of being close to done... it has taken a ton of discipline! We are so grateful to have Beth Dooley leading this project. Soon the design will start to take shape, so we are still on track for a Fall '17 release. 

Our team back home has been doing an awesome job of leading our catering operations. Nancy, Vern, Andrea, Tashia, Brian, Darius, Mikee, and Kyle kicked out tons of indigenous cuisine week after week. We had a big fall with a lot of beautiful foods. Speaking of foods, in early November, we finally purchased the Tatanka Truck from Little Earth of United Tribes. Originally we developed the truck in partnership with them, but it turned out they didn't really want to focus on a food business. It was better for everyone that we bought it, so we are now the proud owners of a beautiful truck with a big bison on the side! 

Tatanka Truck photo David Bowman Photography
Tatanka Truck photo David Bowman Photography

More very soon, we pinky promise.  


Dana, Sean and The Sioux Chef team

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    1. Clarissa

      Thanks for the update, can't wait to see your dream a reality. I stand with Standing Rock <3. Blessed be.

    2. The Sioux Chef™ Creator on

      Everyone can put anything they want in the place of their names, for example "in memory of" "in honor of", etc....
      We'll send out a form when we get to that point and people can edit before we start. : )

    3. Pam on

      (I'm asking as an OPTION for people only! Not for all)

    4. Pam on

      Instead of having our names listed, could you offer a Standing Rock dedication? Or one for all lost lands? I think that would be far better than having my own name shown!

    5. Missing avatar

      Linda Yanney on

      Thanks for the update. Sounds like you're all doing good work and making steady progress on the restaurant.

      Preparing meals for the water protectors was a marvelous gift. Glad you shared the story with us.

    6. Missing avatar

      Lori Cahan-Simon on

      So proud of you! The situation at Oceti Sakowin is important and I support it passionately. Ota wocekiye, kola miye!

    7. Missing avatar

      Oakley Biesanz on

      You, and your team rule!!! Though I am sure that many backers -like me- have asked where your restaurant will be, we will be patient, and we know you are doing really important and GROUND BREAKING work! Plus, Standing Rock is a really important piece of this big-picture movement that is happening right now. We back you!!!! Make sure you maintain your own health and get some rest so you can continue on!! Peace.