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Done is a mobile site dedicated to publishing a new story every day. We're ready to roll, but need to raise a little money to host the site is a mobile site dedicated to publishing a new story every day. We're ready to roll, but need to raise a little money to host the site
20 backers pledged $815 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

One last update for one last day

So it's come to this: One day left on this fundraising appeal that has already far exceeded my expectations. And, just two days left before CellStories launches!!

That's right: All the server difficulties came to an end on Saturday night, and the site is ready to go--just add stories.

And what about those stories? Thanks to some incredible submissions and some equally as incredible content partners, there are already stories booked for CellStories into November.

I'm so honored to say that starting on September First, you'll be able to read something amazing on your iPhone, G1, iPod Touch, or other mobile device every day.

And we couldn't have gotten there without your support. SO THANK YOU!!!

Like I've said in previous updates, we've surpassed the amount of money I thought possible. I've been able to upgrade our server already, and still have a little bit stashed away in case of trouble. But every little bit above that helps too--helps to build out a server infrastructure for higher traffic numbers, and helps to begin development on the next iteration of CellStories.

So if you'd like to still give to the project, please do! Every little dollar will go towards making CellStories something truly lasting.

Thanks so much, and visit on September 1st!


three days!

With three days left in our fundraising drive, I just wanted to say how absolutely floored I am that we have not only met our goal, we've exceeded it by $300. That extra money has allowed CellStories to move to a more robust server setup, and gives some additional cushion if we need some extra as the year progresses.

Speaking of servers, to let you know I'm in the process now of deploying CellStories to the servers you've helped pay for. It's a slog, to be sure--this program's a fair bit more complicated than a simple "copy/paste" maneuver--but once it's done, it's the last step in the process.

If all goes well, we may be able to launch by September 1.

Of course, I say that after three evenings of things distinctly *not* going well with the deploy, so take that date with a fairly large grain of salt.

But we're close! And closer! And closer even still!

Do spread the word--send people to the site and, if they're feeling generous, send them here too. Every donation helps.

Thanks so much, once again!


PS. Forgotten the URL? It's SPREAD IT!

Getting closer to launch

I wanted to let all of you folks that have contributed to CellStories know that I've contracted with a hosting company and will be deploying CellStories to their servers in the next day or so. Once the bugs from that deployment have been worked out, we will be just moments away from launching.

Since you were the first to so generously give money to help get us this far, I thought you'd want to know how close we are now! Indeed, we're very, very close.

We've got the material, we've got the host. Now we just need to dot the i's and cross the t's (or whatever it is you do to describe the last little bits in a more modern way).

Thanks so much for your support. Please spread the word about CellStories!


Less than 24 hours after posting a goal of raising $420 to cover a year's hosting, we've exceeded that amount and are in the year and a half range.

I am floored. Completely.

This is really amazing.

Thanks to everyone!!!

One night down, and we're a quarter of the way there!

I'm still groggy from last night's sleep, but I wanted to give an update on our fundraising. Amazingly, we're pretty much a quarter of the way to having a year's hosting for CellStories covered!

I'm pretty staggered, to be honest. Both in the generosity of all of you (and only two of you are ex-girlfriends!), but also in the simplicity and efficiency of this Kickstarter system.


And, sheesh, where's the coffee?

Thanks so much, and spread the word if you're so inclined!