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Help us rescue unique, out-of-print sci-fi books from copyright limbo so that we can make them available online and as ebooks.
1,392 backers pledged $52,275 to help bring this project to life.

Today's haul, more Cici soon, and updates to our rewards!

Posted by Singularity&Co. (Creator)

So we thought we'd just take a second to show you today's haul of vintage scifi. It's truly awesome.

For those of you joining our Very Random Book of the Month Club, these books or others like them will soon be on their way to you.  The rest of you will be able to find them in our online store soon, and of course a some very special ones will be ebookified and rescued from dead tree oblivion.

You can look forward to another dramatic reading by our very own Cylon Cici James in our next update.  This next one is of a passage that was specifically requested of us by none other than Neil Gaiman (yes that Neil Gaiman) himself.  

Finally, we are zeroing in on what we will be offering for our very special soon to be announced $75 reward. We're pretty sure you're going to love it. 

          (Hint: The robots will always know that you are on their side!).

Thanks for each and every one of your support, and keep spreading the word!

Cici James reads from Space Train by Terence Haile

Posted by Singularity&Co. (Creator)
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Books, books and video updates on the way

Posted by Singularity&Co. (Creator)

Hey all, just a quick note to show off the books that are arriving daily at Singularity HQ. Of special note is this copy of Space Train, which was specifically requested by sci fi great Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself).  

We can't wait to see what treasures we can uncover in our latest shipment, and we are exceptionally excited that our next update will be our first video update, a dramatic reading by our very own Cylon, Ms. Cici James.  Not to be missed. 

Thanks for all the support so far, and full steam ahead!

Singularity & Co. BLOG ATTACK

Posted by Singularity&Co. (Creator)

For the latest from Singularity & Co. - including daily updates, special features, and original content - visit our OFFICIAL TUMBLR at:

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Don't these books belong to somebody?

Posted by Singularity&Co. (Creator)

The copyright question is one that we anticipate getting fairly often. 

Turning old books into ebooks is relatively easy.  Doing it in such a way that we respect copyright and the rights of the authors of the books that we love is the hard part, and that's why Singularity&Co. needs your help. 

Some of the books that we ebookify will be "orphaned," with no current copyright holder.  Even so, we're going to do our very best to track down the authors (or their estates) and get their blessing.

Most of the books we attempt to rescue, however, will be in copyright but out of print. Some great books find themselves out of print because the demand for them just isn't there.  Others are out of print because their publication rights have become muddled (to put it kindly) over the years, and some are just plain forgotten.  These are exactly the books we aim to rescue. 

There is a world of great sci fi titles that are effectively forgotten by fans of the genre, by publishers, and sometimes even by the authors who wrote them. Add to that the facts that the sci fi publishing houses of the past were not always the best at respecting their contratual obligations, that publishing contracts of the past often didn't contemplate the media of the future (ironic, right?), and that for a host of reasons authors often didn't understand their rights, or were not in a position to protect them, and you have what is in technical terms called a "mess."

Singularity&Co. is going to untangle that mess, sleuth out the rights and rights holders of these great, neglected works, and in doing so make it possible to bring them into the 21st century while at the same time respecting the rights of their authors.  Even better, once we've got the methodology down, we're going to share it so that sci fi books are not the only ones that get rescued.

We are extremely thankful for your help, and can't wait to get started.