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Help us rescue unique, out-of-print sci-fi books from copyright limbo so that we can make them available online and as ebooks.
1,392 backers pledged $52,275 to help bring this project to life.

Success!!! (And we owe it all to you)!

Posted by Singularity&Co. (Creator)

Wow, the last 30 days went FAST.  

First of all, we'd like to say a sincere THANK YOU to each and every one of our supporters, who helped us blow past our original funding goal, and take us to nearly 350%, with nearly 1400 subscribers.  We're already working hard on getting the store and the voting system up, and will be reaching out to subscribers over the next few days to collect the information we need from you to send your rewards.  

Second, we'd like to say thank you again. Really, thank you.

Third, we need your help. Many of you have volunteered to help us out along the way, and several of you are deeply involved in this project already, and we already know we couldn't do it without you.  We could use a few more volunteers to help us tag book photos, if anyone is interested, and if you've reached out but we haven't put you to work yet, don't worry. We'll be bugging you soon. 

But (fourth) what we really need right now is someone local to NYC (Brooklyn preferably) who would like to help us out in person.  If you're interested in scifi books, copyright, publishing, or working in a scifi bookshop, and have some time to spare, drop a line to ash - at-  We may just need your particular set of skills. 

More soon, but for now, let us just say one more time: Thank you!

308% and rising! Plus, we need your input!

Posted by Singularity&Co. (Creator)

With just about 45 hours to go, and well over 300% of our funding goal pledged by over 1200 very special backers, we'd like to take a moment to once again say thank you.  We're also very proud to announce that we will indeed be stepping our schedule to 18 books in the first year, and it's all thanks to you.  

We're pleased to report that we've gotten a lot of bugs out of the process of brining vintage, out of print scifi books back to life, and that's thanks to you as well, both to the validation you've given this project with your massive outpouring of support on kickstarter, as well as the many offers of other types of support we have received. 

One thing that has clearly arisen out of this effort is a community of individuals working together to save books they love in a genre they love, and we want to make sure that that sense of community continues to grow even after this Kickstarter campaign draws to a close.  We're going to be working hard on rebuilding the Singularity&Co. website over the next week or so (in addition to beginning to move things over to the new DUMBO location of the Singularity&Co, Bookshop) to make it better able to support this growing project, and we'd love you to share your thoughts about what that should mean.  Is there something you, as Singularity&Co. subscribers, would like to see built into our home on the web?  If so, drop us a line or comment on this thread, and we'll do our best to make it so!

Nearly There! Plus - We're going to Icon 31 today, are you?

Posted by Singularity&Co. (Creator)

Hey Singularity Supporters-

First of all, we've nearly made it to $45K, which means that your 12 books in our first year will soon be 18!

We were planning on releasing as many books as possible all along, but you all made it possible for us to release another six books in the first year, guaranteed.  Now if we made it to $50k...

In other news, Cici and Ash will be attending ICon 31 today.  

If you're there, tweet at @singularityco or email and we'll come find you.  We're looking for authors, supporters and scifi fans in general to help us with our thank you video, so please come find us!

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Nerdy Show interview with our own Ash Kalb!

Posted by Singularity&Co. (Creator)

Greetings again Singularity&Co Supporters,

Last week The Nerdy Show interviewed Singularity&Co’s own Ash Kalb, and we're very proud indeed. Recorded as part of their Book Club program (see this month's book cover below), you can see why a tie-in simply made sense!

Hear it here: 

Thanks Nerdy Show!


Cici and The Team

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Things to come...

Posted by Singularity&Co. (Creator)

We've been as busy as a groupmind of hyperevolved insects over here at Singularity&Co. HQ, cataloging and photographing the books we currently have on hand, and more are arriving every day. 

Rather than keep all that awesome to ourselves, we thought we'd show you what that looks like.  Head on over to Flickr and check it out!

There are thousands more waiting to be cataloged, and the voting will be open over at our website in the next few weeks.  You need to subscribe to vote, however, so make sure you support us and help Save the Scifi!

(We've attached a few examples here to get you started).

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