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Have you ever wondered if miracles are real? Where's the evidence? Can testimonies stand up to the hard questions?
Have you ever wondered if miracles are real? Where's the evidence? Can testimonies stand up to the hard questions?
Have you ever wondered if miracles are real? Where's the evidence? Can testimonies stand up to the hard questions?
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    1. Missing avatar

      Dana Allen 6 days ago

      When do you expect the DVD to be done?

    2. Missing avatar

      Kyle Theobald on

      Even if there are troubles with delivery, it's much better to share what is happening with backers - we are all excited to see what you come up with, and very supportive. Life happens and things get delayed.

    3. Dennis Lim on

      Please at least give us some updates? expected time of delivery? anything??

    4. Douglas Sterner on

      When do you expect the DVD to be done?

    5. Dennis Lim on

      hi, can you please fill us in on what's going on?

    6. Missing avatar

      Kyle Theobald on

      Hey Elijah - just wanted to say thanks for the update. Don't be embarrassed -- every project takes more time than you think, and nothing worth creating is without unforeseen obstacles! Keep up the good work - we are all anticipating what you are creating!

    7. Daniel W. Slocum on

      Hi Elijah,

      How's the project? We've not heard from you in what seems to be a long time. You ok?

    8. melissa on

      I am looking forward to hearing stories of how God works in ordinary lives in extraordinary ways. Just the facts. Simple and True. I'm particularly grateful that there is careful research being done to authenticate the facts.I am glad I may listen without the usual level of skepticism I deal with and believe with confidence that they are true and reliable accounts.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dee Smit on

      Just reading the updates and hearing Bill's encouraging words is like a breath of the Holy Spirit blowing wind into my sails... thank you "Team Miracles" - like Nehemiah you are busy with a great work!

    10. Adam Jones


    11. Elijah Stephens Creator on

      Daniel O Brien go to and fill out the testimony form.

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel O'Brien on

      Who can I contact if I have a testimony? I've got doctors reports too

    13. Jeremy Anderson on

      I'm very excited for this, Elijah. Thank you for being the tip of the spear!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jacomien Labuschagne on

      I am extremely excited about this project and want to thank you for the amazing process it has been seeing all the updates, the clips, the way you kept your audience a part of this Elijah. Im looking forward to showing this documentary to some doctor friends who has been on my case when I post testimonies of healing miracles, legs that grow out, people raised from the dead, others healed of HIV Aids on facebook etc... As I just don't have the medical lingo and knowledge to answer their questions and often harsh skepticism, I have been limited to my "tell me whats your pain level out of a scale between 0 and 10" or "try out something you couldn't do before" or "check out your range of movement now" e.g.

      It is such a privilege to sow into this project (sorry my payment took a while, but it went through now!). Thank you, I pray that more of heaven will manifest on earth and know so much more will happen through through your co-labouring with God on this project.

    15. Missing avatar

      Bridgett Williamson on

      Greater things are still to come. More rain!

    16. Missing avatar

      Justin Cook on

      I have been praying for people and watching them get miraculous healings over this past year. I have a brother who was raised to believe in healings but has since become a bit more skeptical about all the reports he hears and he has even told me he wishes that I could document what I've been a part of so that it would be easier for him to know if it's real. I love that you are doing this because I feel like this is the one puzzle piece for the doubting Thomas's that needs to put their hands in the proverbial holes to see that Jesus really is moving. Thank you so much for this project!

    17. Lori Osborne on

      Greater things are starting to happen! Yay Jesus!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Yepez on

      Elijahs, El Señor hará grandiosas cosas por medio de ti y tu equipo. Los bendigo y me siento muy entusiasmado porque los hijos de Dios ya estamos en las calles manifestando el poder del Reino de los Cielos. Bendiciones. ¡Cristo vive!

    19. Kimmee Auxier on

      Elijahs echo is tomorrow morning:) will keep you posted on what we see God doing in his heart!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Rory Mahaney on

      NOW IS THE TIME! Years ago, as I finished watching The Passion of The Christ, the Lord spoke clearly that He would begin to make movies that supported the revelation given in creating it. I thought that Mel might make 2 more sequels, but that was my own perception at the time, looking at the rarely discussed 40 days Christ walked the earth after His resurrection. I felt the power of God watching your trailer. I believe this will not only inspire unbelievers to come to Christ, but bring powerful encouragement to the body in moving in the direction of truly believing God is still doing miracles - and allowing Him to perform Him to perform them through them. THE LORD IS WITH YOU, EVEN AS HE WAS WITH MOSES AND JOSHUA - BE OF GOOD COURAGE, HE HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD!!

    21. Kimmee Auxier on

      Our son who is 15 is named Elijah! Super excited for you!!! Woo Hoo!!! Our son who was told he had 9-18 months to live almost four years ago has his follow up six month echo. We know God has completed his healing in the supernatural and we are expecting a fully healed heart on earth in the natural at some point! Our God is THE HEALER!!! Bring on this documentary!!! Praying for you and your team!!!

    22. Cecyl Favarote on

      I pray this project will be used by the Holy Spirit to bring many into a saving knowledge and relationship with the Lord Jesus! May HE lead and guide every step!

    23. Missing avatar

      Seth Roach on

      Glad to be on this journey with you. Have you considered interviewing Curry Blake or Pete Cabrera Jr. for this documentary?

    24. Missing avatar

      John on

      Hi Elijah

      I have a friend who had a medically diagnosed brain injury which there is no cure for without a real miracle. The doctors gave him five years to live during which he would gradually deteriorate into a coma and die. This injury was caused by numerous concussions through sporting injuries and misadventure. He was in and out of respite care as his condition was very bad and he was a danger to his family and those around him due to being incapable of having a thought let alone caring for small children!
      His condition got so bad he would be literally like a vegetable sitting motionless for hours. Some Christians who believe in God's power to heal started praying for him directly and through seven different occasions of this prayer he regained a different faculty with the first thing regained being the ability to actually have a thought! He went from having 14% brain function to 75% brain function after six separate prayer sessions. The other 25% brain function returned through simply spending time alone with God! There are full medical records to back up this whole story and the doctors are completely baffled by the whole thing! Without God's healing touch he would either be in a coma or dead by now. It has been about four years since he was first diagnosed and he is now better than before he was first diagnosed! A medically verifiable miracle of God's healing power!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason Nderitu on

      Soo close!! Come on guys let's finish it off!

    26. Missing avatar

      Deb Smith on

      Ha! God is awesome. Elijah, I saw you went to Covenant College in your bio. We probably know some of the same people. Praising the Lord that you are lifting up His Name in the prophetic sphere! I was rescued from a river drowning by an angel...May your film be used to rescue many from the darkness of unbelief...Praying to that end and Praising Him

    27. David Batu

      I am from Indonesia and luckily born Christian, first I am very skeptical that he knows your name, birthday, home town, wife’s name, wife’s occupation and even family members' names it's very much sound like Peter Popoff all over, I think you have to be very very skeptical on every miracle you met, try to prove it that it's fake, if no doctors/scientists or even magicians can't explain the phenomena than it may be a valid miracle.

      I do believe in miracle but not cheap tricks.

    28. Elijah Stephens Creator on

      @ Joshua & Chelsea Shaw: Thanks. I want to see this film transform culture. I feel Jesus doing that.

    29. Joshua & Chelsea Shaw on

      It's amazing the impact films can have on people, I have met so many people who are now operating in supernatural because of Darren Wilson's films. I'm was so excited when heard about this film before it was even on kickstarter. I know this is a film that is going to not only change Church culture, but also bring many intellectuals and skeptics into the Kingdom. Praise the Lord! Haha Make this movie! I'm happy to support this and will be praying through out the process of making this film. :)

    30. Jared Walther on

      Let me know if you are interested and I can send you what I have

    31. Jared Walther on

      I have some miracle footage that I captured and several interviews after people have been healed. I have felt led by the Lord to capture when we pray for healing and miracles and have captured some very good footage. Legs growing out, arms growing out, backs healed, knees healed etc

    32. Missing avatar

      Linda McCaffrey on

      God has spoken and His word never returns to him unfulfilled. May His grace and wisdom guide you, His strength and courage fill you and the power and love of the Holy Spirit fill you and this project.

    33. Missing avatar

      Steve Wecks on

      God Bless You - I am in. I hope the money is a non-issue and you have it immediately. Obviously you are going to come up with way more material than can fit in the film. Please Elijah - work with someone to put some of it in printed form and share it. A blog, website, book, I don't know - get the testimonies out there!

    34. Brandon Mark Showalter on

      Elijah, we are all so excited to watch this come to fruition. I am declaring that you will have 20K by midnight. We will keep praying and cheering you and your team on!

    35. Missing avatar

      Jordan Rowe on

      This is going to be great! So believe in the vision God's given you and can't wait to see it all come together! I speak grace and favor over this project and that God's nature would be known in greater measure.

    36. Michael Sliviak on

      Thank you for answering the call to make this film. The script has also been placed upon my heart.
      Father God, let me see new creative miracles or give me the testimony and evidence of already completed miracles to submit to Elijah for interview consideration, in Jesus name. Amen.

    37. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Yepez on

      Declaramos que tu Señor pondrás todos los recursos necesarios para realizar este proyecto, te manifestaras SOBRENATURALMENTE y muchos serán llamados por el PODER del Señor a tus pies, el lugar más alto. En el nombre poderoso de Cristo Jesús. Amen.

    38. Missing avatar

      Danielle Vann on

      I'm praying for this film. Father, pour Your anointing all over it. Let it be a window of Your love to those who desperately need it. You are a good Father! And Your will is for ALL to be healed. Thank You, Jesus for Your resurrection power!

    39. Shaun Frankland on

      You can do it! This is going to happen. Skeptics are going to come to Jesus.

    40. Hudson Davis on

      You are so passionate!
      Such an intense field to take on. Way to dare greatly! It seems you are not holding back at all.

      I believe in this documentary!!
      Can't wait to see the finished product

    41. Braden Kale Heckman on

      Super excited for this project to come to life! God's favor has been all over this since the beginning!

    42. Otto Helberg on

      Great video, great page!

      The campaign makes me feel like you have done your homework. I can tell that you have already invested much time, money and energy into this project. As a backer, seeing the hard work you have done so far makes me confident in investing in it.

      Good and clear rewards. I appreciate the transparency throughout your campaign, from the stats of where the funding goes, to the risks and challenges.

      The world needs to see this documentary and it will be a great success.