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Simple.TV is a DVR that brings your favorite network TV to all your connected devices.
Simple.TV is a DVR that brings your favorite network TV to all your connected devices.
1,046 backers pledged $226,414 to help bring this project to life.

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New Funding Announced


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New Software Available

Hi Kickstarters,

We've now released version 625 of the Simple.TV software (finally!) to all boxes in the field. You should have seen an email from us, but if you didn't, here is how to update your Simple.TV box:

1. Be sure you are using Ethernet 1 on the back of your Simple.TV box (the connector closest to the center of the box) to connect to your network. If you are not, power down your Simple.TV box, change the connector, and restart.

2. Login to your Simple.TV account on

3. Open the Settings menu (located under the gear in the upper right corner of the page).

4. Select “My Simple.TV”.

5. Click on the “Update Available” button. You will be guided through the process.

Note: The update will take around 10-15 minutes to complete the update, during which time your Simple.TV will restart. Please do not turn off power to your Simple.TV during this period. Once the update is complete, your Simple.TV will come back online.

If you check the “My Simple.TV” settings menu, your will notice that the “Update Available” button is no longer available and you should see new Software version displayed.

If you see a double red blinking light when your Simple.TV restarts, double check to see that your ethernet cable for you home network is plugged into Ethernet 1 (not Ethernet 2).

Please contact our support team at if you have any problems or questions.

Thanks for all of your support and patience as we work to continually improve Simple.TV!

New Software Rollout Starting Today!

Hi Kickstarters, 

Over the last few months, we've been working hard to improve the performance and stability of Simple.TV. Today, we're pleased to announce a major software update: Simple.TV version 625.

What's new?
There have been a lot of changes “under the hood” with version 625. In particular, you will see:

• Faster and more reliable live TV tuning
• More reliable scheduling and recording
• Better management of recording and deleting sequential shows
• Faster Simple.TV start-up times

How to get the new software: 

Starting today, we are going to be rolling out the software in waves to groups of users to ensure smooth field upgrades. You will get an email when your Simple.TV box has been set to accept the upgrade. The email will tell you what you need to do to update your box.

Thanks again to all of the users who beta tested this last round of fixes. It's been hugely helpful! 

Software and Services Update


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Simple.TV Shipping Update

Hi Kickstarters

First, I'd like to thank you for your patience over the past two weeks. We've tried hard to respond to everyone's questions as quickly as possible, including individual enquiries about shipping dates for the remainder of the Kickstarter units that are yet to go out.

Shipping Update

We had a very large order of several hundred units that had an overly lengthy visit with U.S. Customs last week. We did not anticipate that manufacturing our product in Toronto would potentially cause troubles with international shipping (it's not like we're mailing seeds or animals or anything!) Unfortunately, Customs had been hanging on to our orders for nearly a week before finally releasing them, slowing us down on nearly 1,000 deliveries.

Customs released the units last Monday morning and, as of Monday Nov 5, the packages are now at our distribution facility. They guarantee a 3-5 day turn around, but it looks like things could leave the facility even quicker than that. Worst case, orders placed first will likely be shipped on Thursday, then the later orders on Friday, and Saturday. Hopefully we will be able to fill all existing orders in that time-frame.

You will get an email notifying you when your Simple.TV has left the shipping facility.

Thank you so much for hanging in there as we get through shipping these final KS orders. Not long to go now!

James and the team...