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The Design Director of the Obama campaign has collaborated with artists and designers to create a book of art & design from the historic campaign.
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Scott Thomas

1,312 backers pledged $84,613 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping the book!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all of you for your patience in this process. We definitely refused to cut any corners when it came to designing, producing, and even fulfilling this project. Our goal has been to best present the images that defined a campaign and the art that coincided a political movement.

Now that the book is finished, we need to arrange shipment of the books to you. You can arrange shipping here. We honestly worked long and hard to find a better way to ship these books internationally, and discovered no cost effective option better than the US Postal Service. In regards to domestic shipping, we were able to reduce the fee to $5 using Media Mail, which is unfortunately not offered internationally.

I can say the book is a wonderful representation of what happens when you set your sights high and work hard to deliver something you know people will be looking at for generations. There are always challenging obstacles and moments of uncertainty when you chart new territory. Each of our vendors have done a wonderful job, printing, binding, foil stamping, die making, embossing, gluing, wrapping, and packing. Though they have been making books for many years, these vendors were challenged in ways they had not been before. They were careful not to make any mistakes along the way, careful to ensure this book would be cherished by the people that will hold it. The books will be shipped to Chicago next week and the long road will finally come to an end.

I have learned a tremendous amount throughout the process, and in the end feel this represents the true spirit of what we're all striving for. To take something on yourself can be a scary thing – doing something differently does not come easy, and quality requires the ingredient of time. Sacrificing the quality of this book was not an option for me any step of the way. You will notice that when you place this book on your shelf with pride. I look forward to getting this book out to all of you. I'm proud of what we accomplished, and blessed that I had the opportunity to mark this moment in history.

Finally, don't forget to arrange shipping here. If the cost of shipping is just too much to bear I'm happy to provide a refund to those that would want. Send us a message to That said, here are more photos of the book.

Thank you very much,
Scott Thomas

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