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The Design Director of the Obama campaign has collaborated with artists and designers to create a book of art & design from the historic campaign.
The Design Director of the Obama campaign has collaborated with artists and designers to create a book of art & design from the historic campaign.
1,312 backers pledged $84,613 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Chicago Pickup Time and Location

Me again,

If you're in Chicago, you can come by the studio to pick up your book.

I'm located at 1821 West Hubbard Unit 202.
Here's a map:

Hours Saturday & Sunday 1pm - 6pm
Thursday, June 17th - Wednesday, June 23 , 1pm - 6pm

Hope to see some of you when you stop by!

Scott Thomas

Most of the books have shipped

Hi everyone!

We have some exciting news. Most of the books are in the mail. If you submitted your shipping information before last friday, your book is in the mail! We had a busy week of packing, labeling, and filling out customs forms for all of our international friends before dropping off 3 skids of books at the Post Office.

We are not exactly sure when the books will get to you but please let us know when they do. I'm looking forward to hearing from you that the books arrived safely. Just leave a comment on Kickstarter or mention @designingobama on Twitter when you get your copy. I imagine it will be sometime next week for domestic people and a couple of weeks for the international folks.

Still need to arrange your shipping?
If you have not arranged for shipping, you can do so by following this link:

Thanks for all of your support.

Scott Thomas

P.S. Mike Ruggirello did this time lapse of our book packin' party. (The music is Fidgety Feet by Bix Beiderbecke and The Wolverines).

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More on shipping

Hi Everyone,

Some questions have been raised about shipping.

First, to arrange shipping you can go to this website, many already have so thank you! (*links do not work in the email updates, you can copy and paste this into your web browser)

Many have asked questions with regards to international shipping. In hopes of answering many of your questions I'm attaching a message from a fellow backer below.

As for the electronic version, we will be sending it when people begin receiving the physical books.

Pick-up will be available for people in Chicago! We will let people know when they can start picking up their copy!

Thanks again.

Marcus on Monday May 24, 10:54am CDT


With the greatest respect for you and your project, I'm having problems with the high charge for shipping the book internationally.

In my opinion this appears to be unfair to your supporters in Canada as well as those of us in Europe and further afield. A blanket charge for shipments outside the USA, may seem like the simplest solution to a problem that I feel should have been considered well before asking people to pledge support, however it is not the most satisfactory for those being asked to pay.

I did a simple test on the shipping price with for Shepard Faireys' Supply & Demand, an equally sized publication. This book ships to Dublin from the US, for $11.73. To ship the same book from IL to Dublin from an independent book seller is $10.48. IN both cases this included the shipping & handling

I have two questions; is these any reason why your shipping fee is 3 times that of other book sellers? Why can't you have Amazon fulfill the shipment. They processed all the pledges, so there should be no problem for them to manage all distribution too, as they do for many other sellers?

Again I applaud you for the work you have done on the Obama campaign and for producing what appears to be a fantastic publication, all I ask is that you treat those who made this project possible with the same respect that they afforded you from the outset. I look forward to receiving your response.

Best wishes,


Scott Thomas on Monday May 24, 12:02pm CDT

Hi Marcus,

Let me first explain how Amazon works. Amazon does get reduced shipping because of the volume of books they send around the world. They have businesses set up in each country and distribution centers in various regions. Which allows them to ship books at a reduced fare. Ordering a book on Amazon and ordering a book from an individual doing a "small run" of books is a very different thing.

That said. Amazon fulfillment does not ship internationally for orders placed on other websites, such as Kickstarter. The only way Amazon will ship books internationally is if you sell the book on With regards to Amazon Payments, the processor for Kickstarter. It is important to note that Amazon Payments is not connected to I know it seems logical and one would think that the organizations are connected, but is currently not set up to handle fulfillment of products processed with Amazon Payments. They do not do this with any other sellers except for sellers placing product on

So we then looked into freight service to ship 500 books to the UK and distributing to European backers via Royal Mail. I determined that though there was a cost saving for Royal Mail in comparison to USPS, but after freight fees and custom taxes, as well as, freight forwarding fees to get the books from the shipping dock to Royal Mail the price became higher than using USPS and tripled the amount of work. We then looked into FedEx, UPS, and DHL and found we are not shipping "regularly enough" for there to be a cost savings, to ship to the UK was around $120 for our 4.9 lbs book.

Lastly, what is fair? I decided to use a flat fee for shipping to ease the pain of many supporters. To ship the book to Australia will cost around $50, the UK $40 and to ship the book to Canada will cost around $27 dollars. International shipping via the USPS is based on 2 factors weight and distance, it's that simple. So to determine the price for each country individually would have left some people paying more for shipping than for the amount they pledged for the book which is what I was trying to avoid.

I'm being transparent and telling you the process we went through and the decisions we were forced to make. Unfortunately we are not doing a massive amount of shipping on a reoccurring basis to have shipping prices that can compete with Amazon. We broke new ground with how a book can be self-published this has brought about many challenges and new interesting questions.

Thanks for your message,

Scott Thomas

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Shipping the book!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all of you for your patience in this process. We definitely refused to cut any corners when it came to designing, producing, and even fulfilling this project. Our goal has been to best present the images that defined a campaign and the art that coincided a political movement.

Now that the book is finished, we need to arrange shipment of the books to you. You can arrange shipping here. We honestly worked long and hard to find a better way to ship these books internationally, and discovered no cost effective option better than the US Postal Service. In regards to domestic shipping, we were able to reduce the fee to $5 using Media Mail, which is unfortunately not offered internationally.

I can say the book is a wonderful representation of what happens when you set your sights high and work hard to deliver something you know people will be looking at for generations. There are always challenging obstacles and moments of uncertainty when you chart new territory. Each of our vendors have done a wonderful job, printing, binding, foil stamping, die making, embossing, gluing, wrapping, and packing. Though they have been making books for many years, these vendors were challenged in ways they had not been before. They were careful not to make any mistakes along the way, careful to ensure this book would be cherished by the people that will hold it. The books will be shipped to Chicago next week and the long road will finally come to an end.

I have learned a tremendous amount throughout the process, and in the end feel this represents the true spirit of what we're all striving for. To take something on yourself can be a scary thing – doing something differently does not come easy, and quality requires the ingredient of time. Sacrificing the quality of this book was not an option for me any step of the way. You will notice that when you place this book on your shelf with pride. I look forward to getting this book out to all of you. I'm proud of what we accomplished, and blessed that I had the opportunity to mark this moment in history.

Finally, don't forget to arrange shipping here. If the cost of shipping is just too much to bear I'm happy to provide a refund to those that would want. Send us a message to That said, here are more photos of the book.

Thank you very much,
Scott Thomas

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Bound books arrived today!

A quick update...

I received the first ten copies of bound books today. In the next week, the jacket will be placed on the book and then we'll be ready to ship!

Thanks again for all of the support, without you this book would not have been possible.

I just had to share these photos of opening the box.

Scott Thomas

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