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Two fashion students create a unique twist on sustainable fashion...

Our Story

In 2010, Simple Schematics was founded by an aspiring entrepreneur and his High School sweetheart. Together, they make a perfect team in creating clothing that saves, protects, and preserves the environment, as well as designs that promote their beliefs to a simplistic lifestyle.

Eco- Friendly

To further our mission in helping the environment, we vowed to have our products created in completely sustainable ways. To name a few are our organic threads, plantable hangtags with a hemp string, grass paper stickers, cigar tree paper, and much much more.

With Your Contribution...

To date, Simple Schematics has been funded solely with spare cash after all the bills are paid. No loans, no investors, just us. But now we need you. With your contributions we plan to do several things, such as:

  • Create 10 products for both Men & Women by Fall 2012
  • Attend a Magic Tradeshow event to get us more publicized, & to help people better understand our goals & our mission
  • Incorporate Soy-based inks for our printing, & to discover more efficient ways to create completely sustainable clothing.
  • Find more eco-friendly charities to give back to
  • And maybe, just maybe take a day off(:


We wanted to give you the best rewards possible for your generations contributions. So, if you're an early bird you can receive the tee that started it all, the original tee. Now available in both Men's & Women's

Want more? How about giving a small $50 bucks! You'll get the above tee, and also another one of your choice. You can check out all your options on our site! Here's one of them:


Everyone has at one time or another had an idea. An idea that consumes your every thought until you act upon it. Most people brush the idea aside because it's too risky, or it seems like too much work. Not us. We were sick and tired of buying clothing we knew was being produced in ways that harmed the environment. At first, we pushed it in the back of our mind so we wouldn't feel guilty. 
But then one day came, the idea began to absorb my every thought. I had to do something. Something that would give some meaning behind my name. Something that would make my kids proud to call me their father.
So I acted. I created Simple Schematics with the one person I knew had the same passion as I did, my girlfriend. Together we sculpted the mold of something great. It's time to fill the mold, which is why we need you. 

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  • If you're located in the states, shipping is free. Canada or Mexico please add $8 to your pledge...anywhere else please add $12. Thanks!

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