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Maia is a new god game from indie developer Simon Roth.
Maia is a new god game from indie developer Simon Roth.
8,115 backers pledged £140,481 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


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Theme: Hospital


Maia 0.57 went live on Tuesday!

It's pretty sick! In the literal sense. I've worked on completing the medical room feature set. With new complex diseases, new items, more colonist body simulation balance, and dozens of bug fixes. It also improves player feedback, food systems and tightens up a lot of the AI decision making. There's a full change list on the blog.

Here's a video of me showing off the features and changes:

Big thanks to Josh and the War for the Overworld team for letting me steal some internet from their offices for last week's hot-fixes whilst I was at Develop!

The Future

0.58 is coming soon, in about a month and a half.

The plan is simple:

  • To absolutely obliterate the bugs in the tracker.
  • To take a new look at providing the player with more visual feedback. Hopefully ending some of the long term issues that players have had.
  • To provide a full playable first draft of the ten hours of narrative missions.

After that I will be putting a date on Beta and final release. Indeed, if all of the above is achieved, 0.58 or 0.59 may be the base for the start of the Beta.

I'm working hard to get the game up to scratch. As you can imagine, these monthly updates are on an intense schedule and require a lot of diligence. So please send me all your feedback!

Steam reviews are also appreciated. The game is changing fast and the vast majority of the reviews are from more than several months ago.

That's all for now. I'll be back soon with the next update, new roadmap and some dates to look out for.


The Fixer


Hello Backers!

Over a week ago I released Maia 0.56 and it's good, perhaps too good, so you should give it a try. I would have posted this update earlier but I went on a hot-fixing spree and squashed a lot of long standing and irritating bugs in the game in daily updates, so I wanted to wait until the dust was settled before giving you a poke.

What's new in 0.56? Well not much, and also a lot. It's all about improving player satisfaction, game mechanics and UI feedback. Stockpiling takes the centre stage, with a more complex and balanced food production system and also a new way for you to create and store extra building materials for future base expansion. Along side that there are bug fixes all over the place that will make the experience of playing the game less frustrating and in many ways more rewarding.

Here's a video where I mumble enthusiastically, if incoherently, for slightly too long.

As always. Let me know your feedback. At this stage I am very keen to keep polishing up the game play and to not have too many regressions.


Update 0.57. Theme: Hospital, will focus on the medical room and bring sicknesses, diagnosis, treatment and first aid into Maia. With new equipment, items and gameplay systems to mess about with. It should add an interesting layer of complexity to longer games and more focus on colonists as individuals.

That's all for now. I'll be back soon with more updates, a new road map and some key dates for our beta and final releases.


- Simon

Pressure Drop


Hello backers

It's update time!

Maia 0.55: Pressure Drop

Maia 0.55 is now live on Steam and the members area. This latest build introduces complex creature and ecosystem simulation changes, vast improvements to object and room placement, research perks that twist the gameplay in interesting new directions, as well as an total overhaul of the settings and saving menus. There’s also a bunch of interesting new items such as portable solar panels, flares and most importantly, useless decorative trees.

Here's me playing a bit of the latest build.

There's a full list of changes on the Maia blog.

Live stream

I'll be doing a livestream from 4pm today. Join us to discuss the game and its development, see the latest build in action and even see me fix a few bugs. I do one almost every Friday, so be sure to follow me on Twitch.

Development site.

In case you missed it, we now have a development site that has an up to date listing of my changes to the game's code repository, so you can now watch the game come together as it happens.


The upcoming update will again be focusing on ensuring the player gets enough information from the game and fixing a lot of the rough edges that come up in feedback. It's also going to incorporate first aid, emergency medicine, complex illnesses, colonist rescue and a more complete set of items in the medical room. If I have time I will also be implementing meal preparation and meals as social events in the colony. The plan is to have 0.56 out in just over a month.

As always feel free to send me all your feedback. Steam reviews are also very appreciated.

And do get in touch if your key was lost or never arrived due to angry spam filters!





Hello backers!

Just a very quick update...

Live Stream

Firstly I'm doing a live development stream every Friday now. They started a few months ago, and they've now become a popular weekly fixture. This week's is starting at 1600UTC... so in half an hour!

Update 0.54: Celsius

The update is now out on Steam. The update is massive and introduces the new thermodynamic simulation, new GUI and customisation options, AI balancing, hundreds of bug fixes and even a new mission. There's a full update blog here detailing it and also a video below!

Members area build will be up soon. There has been a slight delay due to issues on the Linux build caused by GLVND that are frustratingly out of my control.


We also have a new development site so you can observe my changes to the game's code and art repositories as I work on the next update.

Thats all for now! Quick, come join us for the livestream!


Feedback Loops


Hello backers

It's update time! 0.53 is now up on Steam and currently uploading to the members area.

This month's release is focused on the player. Looking at places where the game was falling down and seeing what I could do to immediately improve game-play and make everything more engaging.

First up is the brought-forward smelting mechanic. You now need to break down minerals to create building materials. The smelter requires interaction, so player actions are now closer linked to the building process. This also gives the player a better overview of their own production abilities, as it forces an awareness of materials and mineral stockpiling.

Colonists lost on the surface vent their confusion giving the player a better indication that they are stuck.
Colonists lost on the surface vent their confusion giving the player a better indication that they are stuck.

One very useful feature is the new manifest screen. I never want a big global GUI for the game, as of course it would never make sense to show “Amount of food” or “Litres of water”, when they can be in many forms, and many places, often entirely inaccessible. However I did want to have the colonist's keep a manifest of the people and contents of the base. So now the manifest screen provides a brief overview of the bases contents filling the information gap, and reducing the feeling of being swamped.

Air vents are probably the coolest addition for me, as they allow the player to take full control of the atmospheric simulation. You can vent in or out of a room, or circulate both ways. This lets you do interesting things, such as using the hydroponics as a big atmosphere generator, or vent a room out quickly to choke a fire.

Colonist skills and selection. Picking colonists is an important piece of player choice that I've been wanting in the game for some time. Now the colonists have over sixty skills, each having a small effect on game play. In later builds they will be able to learn new skills on the job, rounding out their personalities and giving you a reason to get more attached to them.

There's also lots of other small features, from several types of new lamps, to AI fixes, optimisations across the board and improved sound effects from Nick.


0.54 is now on the books. I will again be focusing on player choice, interaction and engagement, rather than getting hung up on completing the roadmap in a linear fashion. I think it will be a big leap forward towards completion.

I'm also getting Paul Dean back on the project to edit and consolidate all my recent writing efforts and to help bring together the ten hour campaign, so we can get you guys testing it.

As always. Do get in touch with any ideas, issues or concerns. I have a few emails from people with lost keys, that I've just spotted. I'll be sending fresh ones out shortly.