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Maia is a new god game from indie developer Simon Roth.
Maia is a new god game from indie developer Simon Roth.
8,115 backers pledged £140,481 to help bring this project to life.

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A New Years Gift!



It's time for a big update. How have you been?

Firstly I have a cool new years gift for everyone in the Polokov tier and above!

A full copy of Thomas Was Alone is now claimable from your members area page (I'll open it up to the lower tiers next week, I need to write some code for the site to support it first).

It's a fun little indie game with a lot of character and I thought you, my awesome and eternally patient backers, might like a little present. :)

Next up, I delayed this update a few weeks because I had this exciting news that I was waiting to announce...

A New Office!

I finally found somewhere to base the company that I didn't immediately hate. It's a great set up right in the middle of Oxford. I can't stand office lighting, so finding somewhere with real skylight was a real stroke of luck.

It's a decent size, so I'll never have to store tonnes of poster tubes in my flat again, and we'll be able to expand if we need more heads working on the game. I'll be hiring some proper full time staff soon to take over many of the business related things I currently spent too much time doing.

This should let me focus on starting to finalise everything with the game and save me from the intense cabin fever that was going to drive me insane sooner or later.

The Game

If you've been keeping up, you'll know that we are a few weeks away from 0.47, which will be another significant update. We've got animal attacks going in, colonist emotions, new AI stuff, more objects to build and a rework of the room placement and building. The plan now is to get the entire core sandbox (0.50) nailed by around Rezzed so we can get the campaign in now.

I'm most looking forward to adding fire to the game. I did a quick test for it the other day and everything went to hell in about thirty five seconds.. It was glorious!

Here's the previous update video if you missed it:


I've booked a booth for Rezzed at Tobacco Docks in London. We've got three machines and will be in a cool little indie section with the War for the Overworld and Prison Architect crews. Come try the latest build, talk to me about the game and I might even have some sweet goodies to give away.


Forbes named me as one of their 30 under 30 in games last week. I'm very honoured to be on the list and hopefully I can leverage some of the prestige to open new doors for Maia development, or at least do a cringe worthy Ted talk or something.


If you still haven’t got your game key, please email me. Hotmail and Yahoo were terrible to us so many went to spam boxes or got deleted. If you mail I can generally manually email you your key.

Same for poster backers. I have a pile in the office that were returned with the labels ripped off during transit. Please get in touch if you never got yours or received a damaged tube.

I'll be organising the full launch party soon. It will be located in central Oxford, probably around late spring. Keep an eye on these updates for more info.

Catch you later!

The Holtzman effect


It's been a while since I put together a written update on here. How are you all?

Develop awards.

Some good news! I've been nominated for a Develop award in the category of “Best Microstudio”. It's cool to be recognised and put forward for it although I don't rate my chances against Chucklefish and Vlambeer!

Since I'll be at the awards, I decided to make use of my trip down to Brighton to attend the Develop conference too. This means I may be slow at dealing with your emails until Friday. My general plan for the event is to heckle the talks of sweaty men in cheap, ill fitting suits, but I'll also be using the opportunity to meet and interview a few developers and artists that I am thinking of hiring to help me on Maia. Which leads us on to:

New Studio

Now that the game has a good flow of income I've decided to expand into an evil megacorp. I'm looking at getting some proper office space in Oxford center along with some full time and part time employees to inhabit it. It's a big step and is stressful beyond measure. It will however let us increase the development output rapidly once I have it up and running. After that we can focus our efforts on building electric sheep.


Development is moving forward slowly and by no means steadily. The next updates will have some substantial improvements and new features. A new room, new creatures, a reworked research system and hundreds of new animations to bring the agents in the game to life. I've also been improving the code quality substantially and are now including performance issues into the QA so we can focus on solid playability on all systems.


By the end of the summer I will be locking down the core sandbox experience so we can focus on the games campaign and the dreaded 1.00 release to complete the first iteration of the game. Paul is already writing the first drafts of the script and we will be spending a lot of time ensuring that we create something interesting with a bit of depth.

That's it for now. As always, email me with any questions or problems or missing keys!

Development livestream.

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I'll be live streaming some game play of 0.43, discussing 0.44, answering some questions and doing some live development on my channel starting in 10 minutes!

Live Stream of the latest build


As promised I'll be doing a live stream of the latest build from 4-6pm GMT today (That's in half an hour.). Drop by and ask me some questions!



Update time!


Just over a month ago we showed the game at Eurogamer Rezzed in Birmingham. It was pretty intense dealing with the booth, we had solid crowds for most of the three days and hundreds of people played the game. I've thrown some of the photos I took up on Flikr.

Although I've gotten pretty good at pitching the game, I am still dreadful at talking in front of cameras or microphones...

We got a huge amount of interest in the game and lots and lots of feedback on the builds. It really helped me to prioritize and fix a lot of the rough edges in the game. Thanks to all the everyone who showed up and said hi!


0.42 has been out just under a week. It's a pretty huge update so I won't go into it here, but it's certainly worth checking out. If you haven’t seen it yet here's a brief video overview:

Since then I've spent a lot of effort hunting down the few remaining crash bugs. As of this afternoon we have no replicable critical issues on the tracker.

We already have a lot of things in development for future builds. My favourite thing right now is the second creature, a creepy nocturnal burrowing critter that is going to make the game just a little bit more disconcerting.

I'll be doing a live stream at some point this week. I'll post an update here a few hours before hand so people can tune in and ask me some questions.