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Maia is a new god game from indie developer Simon Roth.
Maia is a new god game from indie developer Simon Roth.
8,115 backers pledged £140,481 to help bring this project to life.

Why is a laser beam like a goldfish?

Good morning!

It's been a very busy few weeks. Time to get you all back in the loop.

Pre-alpha tests

I've been working with some other indie devs and group of randomly selected backers, as well as posting some test builds of the game's engine on the forum, in an attempt to catch any embarrassing show stopper bugs before we go live. We managed to do a Linux and Windows test in the last week. It was a pretty intense few days of trouble shooting and fixing bugs in realtime.

Linux test

I was expecting this to be a complete nightmare, but the majority of testers found it stable and performing at or above my expectations. The game runs at a playable speed on ATI hardware and NVIDIA testers got impressive performance.

Windows test

Sadly this test had a show stopper. 64 bit Windows 7 users with ATI graphics suffer a major crash as soon as the game opens. (For the programmers among us: It's seemingly caused by a stack overflow in ATI's driver). I had assumed that if I developed on ATI in Linux (notoriously bad), that it would guarantee stability on Windows, but that's, annoyingly, not the case. I will work my arse off to ensure that it's fixed before the full alpha's are downloadable.

NVidia users had much better luck, and we even had a handful of cases of people getting hundreds of frames a second on 580 and 670 cards. (This is actually very good news for everyone as it also points to a specific bottleneck on middle range machines)


Most the issues with the site are now fixed, and I have most the keys for the Indie Hug Bundle Ready to go. I just need to process all the survey data to send out the logins.

Animator, rigger, writer, creature designer, spy.

We now have an animator working in the team. She's busy getting the colonists moving about at the moment. Walking, running, limping, patrolling etc. Next month we will start getting in some more detailed things in like colonist interactions and a wide range of hammed up death sequences.

I've also spent a few days picking through portfolios of artists to help me re-visualise the game's fauna. We should have the five native creatures in development very soon.

We also have a writer on board who will be helping me distill my thinkums into written words.

Rudi has been working on a whole bunch of assets and has just completed the reactor room and lab wall and floor models. With all the new meshes and textures, game is really starting to look like my vision for it.

Kris has been working on the backer heads. We have eight or so heads ready now and the colonist body models complete. He'll start working on the pets soon to get some fluffy chaos into the game. Did you know the terminal velocity of a cat is 100kmph? Well you do now.

Nick has been working with FMOD (which I've now integrated into the engine) to produce some really lovely sound work. I'm really excited to get it linked deeply into the gameplay.


Tiers with posters have a survey they need to complete ASAP. The sooner I get the information back the sooner I can get them printed for you guys.

Also I'm still waiting back on a lot of £10-20 tier backers, please, please, please remember to fill them in!

Cheerio for now!



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    1. Owen Lambert on

      Just a quick check to make sure I have not missed anything - I had the GLaDOS tier - Have keys been sent out yet?

    2. Missing avatar

      Andy Johnston on

      Will this be tested and released for mac's along with pc's and linux's or will it just be for linux's and pc's only.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andy Johnston on

      Will this be tested for macs in the pre alpha along with pc's and linuxs or will it be the case of the game for a extremely long time being exclusive to only pc's and linuxs then mac's. Also Simon you are doing a amazing job

    4. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Great update Simon but you didn't report on how your hair is progressing. :P
      @Fernando You probably already know, but just look to the tier you supported on our right (green background) and you should see a small "survey sent... your response" link you can click.. if you've filled out a survey. :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Oliver Vantini on

      That sounds good to me mate. I'm off work all this week so i can put some time to testing it out. :)

    6. Simon Roth Creator on

      Oliver. I'm doing another test today. Would you be interested in checking it out on your rig so I can answer your question for you? :D

    7. Missing avatar

      Oliver Vantini on

      Simon does the game support SLI without issue? I'm running two fairly rare EVGA GTX560 Ti 448 Core Classifieds in SLI, i don't expect it to be an issue but there are certain games...Trials Evolution Gold Edition i'm looking at you, which hate SLI to the point where you run at 1 frame per second.

    8. Fernando Mtz-Taboada Chang on

      I don't think I've done a survey D:
      I might be wrong though.

    9. Troy Lonergan on

      *refreshes inbox furiously*

    10. Alexander R on

      Looking forward to the alpha

    11. Simon Roth Creator on

      Everyone who has commented has completed a survey. Keys have only gone out to a few people as of now. I'll be sending them out in chunks. (Sending 10,000 emails isn't as easy for me)

    12. Hideo Kuze on

      Keys? Surveys?
      *psyduck is confused*
      Do I have to do anything? :)
      I believe I already answered the survey, because I tried to access the survey link and it redirects me to Maia's main page.

    13. Edward Jones on

      Did we receive keys already if we did how do we get them resent I may have deleted mine in junk folder.

    14. Diving Duck on

      Ah, as Jeremy Heller found, I must have skipped a neuron firing too somewhere along the line - KS says that I did fill one in! Oops!

    15. Diving Duck on

      Yeah, only £10 tier too, but not received anything other than updates.

    16. Michael "Nighteyes" Poulsen Dürr on

      as many others to my knowledge I've yet to receive anything from this KS other than updates, but then i'm only on the $10 so i'm comfortable waiting :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Heller on

      ...No. Hold on. Kickstarter says I filled it out. My apologies - I blame early onset Alzheimer's⸮ Alas, I noticed only immediately after posting the below. I suppose my only suggestion is for people to double-check and see if Kickstarter says they filled it out first. Bah. I'm going to go sit in my corner and think about what I've done.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Heller on

      I hate to join what is possibly a torrential downpour of people not receiving said survey, but I do not recall filling one out either. I have nothing related to this kickstarter in my gmail spam folder. I was in the $25 tier, and have yet to receive anything to fill out (to my knowledge).

    19. Anders Mellon Skov Hermansen on

      Oh! And no activation key of any kind (if you sent one to everyone by now). Hasn't appeared in my Gmail's spam or deleted mails folders either. :)

    20. Anders Mellon Skov Hermansen on

      Please for the love of INSERT_DEITY_OF_CHOICE_HERE implement a MaxFPS option. It works much better than Vsync in practice.

    21. Marc Keil on

      I haven't received my key yet. I checked my spam folder as well but I suspect it was sent before I deleted it the last time. Could you please send me the key again?

    22. Mads on

      So why is a laser beam like a goldfish? Because neither one can whistle! Gotta love Heinlein :)

    23. Adam Boisvert

      "...because neither one can whistle"?

    24. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Hm i filled survey for 10 pounds tier but did not recevied key.Is it time to panic?

    25. Matthew Peck on

      I have found that, confronted with development obstacles, when I list to Children of Bodom's "Hatebreeder" album, nothing remains opaque to me. Give it a try. Marvel at the melodic riffs. Then write the code that makes it work.

    26. Chris Smith (Smoothsmith)

      I hope someone in the testers is on Windows 8 in case of any annoying bugs on that. The most common one that gets on my nerves being the hot corners being active in full-screen mode, woohoo for random tabbing out at important times in the middle of a game -_- (I currently have classic shell installed to counter it, but it would be nice to work without that)

      Sounds good that it's close to being ready for everyone to try out! Looking forward to it =)

    27. Neil Dudley on

      Any updates or timelines? I can't wait to get my hands on this game!

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeff Craig on

      So glad to hear about the successful Linux test. Can't wait to play some Maia.

    29. Simon Roth Creator on

      Also a note of the forums: A lot of gmail users get their account activation going into their junk mail. I'm not sure why.

      If it does, be sure to mark it as not junk.

    30. Missing avatar

      Chica Chica on

      Okay, cool.

      Yeah, good call on that, I think.

    31. Simon Roth Creator on

      Just register as you would usually. We don't currently do anything special for backers on there. I felt I didn't want to segregate the community.

    32. Missing avatar

      Chica Chica on


      Probably a stupid question. But I have no idea what account I have on the forums. I don't remember registering on the forums themselves (first time I got there) I click "register"? Or do I need to somehow flag myself as being a backer?

      (lol yeah at audio issues..i just had some of those troubles last night, not usually video issues any more)

    33. Polaris Penguin on

      I hope I did to....And Yay for Linux :). Rarely had graphic issues, biggest pain tends to be the audio (at least in my experience).

    34. Simon Roth Creator on

      Yes. :p

    35. Scott Lowrie on

      did i fill mine in 0_O

    36. Garrett Lybbert on

      Thanks for the update! I can't wait to get my hands on something playable and start building!

    37. Simon Roth Creator on

      Don't worry, you did! :)

    38. Mark O'Toole on

      I have no idea if I filled a survey in or not. Where is the link to find it again?

    39. gandalf.nho

      Great news and hope you can fix soon that Windows/ATI problem