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Onboard storage of SIM cards & eject tool. Use any standard credit card or membership card as a stand. Sleek, low profile design.
Onboard storage of SIM cards & eject tool. Use any standard credit card or membership card as a stand. Sleek, low profile design.
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Next Steps, Reminders, and Shout Outs

Posted by Simon Kwan (Creator)

Hi Dear Backers,

As we're down to our last week of funding for SIMPLcase for iPhone 5, I wanted to go over a few things.

Next Steps

After the Kickstarter campaign ends, Amazon will begin collecting your pledges and will release them to us somewhere between 1 and 2 weeks later. 

During this waiting period, Ed and I will be carefully revisiting all of your comments and suggestions to make sure we capture your feedback in order to ensure the final product is everything you want it to be. I'll incorporate details such as subtle numberings in the SIM card cavities to help users more easily identify which SIM card is which. I'll also be triple checking the 3D CAD data to ensure that every surface, radius, and angle is perfectly finessed before we send the data to the vendor to start cutting steel tools.

Once Amazon and Kickstarter clear the funds and are ready to release them to us, we will send out our Backers Survey which will ask for your shipping info as well as let us confirm your rewards quantities and color selections.


1) Please let your friends, family, and colleagues know that this is their last chance to pre-order SIMPLcase for iPhone 5 at these low Kickstarter prices, that include free worldwide shipping. We estimate that the normal retail price for SIMPLcase may be almost double what we're offering during the campaign.

Here's a Landing Page link you can share with everyone:

2) We're still taking submissions for travel related quotes to print inside SIMPLcase. Please submit your suggestions to: info@lgcldesigns, and add 'travel quote' in the subject line.

Shout Outs

For those of you who are 'spam sensitive' please stop reading now.

The rest of this update is to mention some of the other Kickstarter creators whose projects I am currently backing and who have been really great to chat with about our respective projects. Why do this? Because I'm a backer even more than I am a creator. I love seeing other passionate, creative people try to bring something new and innovative into the world, especially when those things make MY life better, easier, and more enjoyable. With that said, here are some notable projects I'm excited to support:

- SNUG - An Ultra Chic and Innovative Kitchen Gadget : They are these little silicone rubber oval loops that slip onto the handles of kitchen utensils, such as spatulas and spoons, that allow you to clip the utensil onto the edge of a pot or pan. They keep the utensils from getting burned or dunked into the food you're cooking, and also prevent food bits from dripping off your utensil and splattering on your stove or counters. I need these so badly for when I make chicken curry in my big wok!

- FLAXUS - Wearable Mobile Device Stylus : Remember those slap band watches? Someone finally made those things useful. FLAXUS puts rubber stylus tips on a flexible wrist-worn band that becomes stiff enough to write with when straightened out. As a designer who likes to take notes and sketch on my iPad, I dislike always having to also bring a stylus with me wherever I go, as I never know where inspiration might hit me. With one of these on my wrist, I'll always have a stylus handy :-)

- IPX-PRO Notebook Covers : As much as I love my iPad, there are times when a Moleskin is way more appropriate, like when backpacking or touring a foreign country. My iPad is for my daily cafe visits. My notebook is for when I'm traveling off the beaten path. The thing is, as durable as a Moleskin is, the covers inevitably get bent and chewed up by the other things occupying my bag. If only there were a rugged, protective cover for my Moleskin? Oh wait, now there is - and in aerospace grade aluminum-magnesium alloy, no less. Wicked cool.

- BrickItUp! : Last but certainly not least, BrickItUp! brings together the playfulness of Lego with the user-friendliness of Google SketchUp! but adds several really cool elements. BrickItUp! is a cloud based 3D CAD application that works from your internet browser, so you don't even need to install it on your system! It also allows multiple users to collaborate on a build project - kind of like Minecraft. There's also a plan to build in export capabilities so that eventually, the models you build in BrickItUp! can be exported to a 3D printer and actually produced! Wait... and here's the best part: Jose is offering access to BrickItUp! for FREE and he promises to keep it that way. Darned nice of him :-)

Thanks for reading if you've gotten this far! And no, I will not be sending any more shout outs in future updates. If you'd like to know what other projects I'm backing, please check out my Kickstarter profile.


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    1. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Thanks Tory! We're fired up to start prepping for production!

    2. Tory Orzeck on

      Hey Simon,
      Congrats on reaching your goal!


    3. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Hi Farlin,

      I also backed Rhino Shields and had some nice conversations with Eric, who seems like a really nice guy. He was kind enough to offer SIMPLcase a shout out and the only reason I left Rhino Case out of this shout out was because his campaign already ended. But Rhino Shield is a great product and I think it works really well in concert with SIMPLcase to offer additional protection without adding bulk. And yes, Rhino Shield will work with SIMPLcase because SIMPLcase doesn't snap on over the top edge of the iPhone's display, in case you were wondering ;-)

    4. Farlin Paulino on

      Nice. I'll check those projects, too. In fact, I even backed the rhino shields.

    5. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Thanks David. Looks like you're making good progress on your Harvey lamp. So far looking like you're on target to deliver to your backers on time :-)

    6. David Oxley on

      Well done, and congrats!

      I love the shout outs, great idea to help other projects I'll check them out.