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Onboard storage of SIM cards & eject tool. Use any standard credit card or membership card as a stand. Sleek, low profile design.
Onboard storage of SIM cards & eject tool. Use any standard credit card or membership card as a stand. Sleek, low profile design.
Onboard storage of SIM cards & eject tool. Use any standard credit card or membership card as a stand. Sleek, low profile design.
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SIMPLcase has made it into Apple Retail !!!


Dear Backers,

It's been a long journey, but today I'm really pleased to inform you that SIMPLcase is now available for purchase in select Apple Retail Stores online, starting in the Asia Pacific region. Later this month, you will also be able to find us in select Apple Retail Store locations in Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia. This couldn't have happened without you, our awesome Kickstarter Backers!

With Sincere Gratitude,


Apple Store Online - New Zealand
Apple Store Online - New Zealand
Apple Store Online - Korea
Apple Store Online - Korea
Apple Store Online - Japan
Apple Store Online - Japan

Fancy this: SIMPLcase featured on


One May 31, SIMPLcase became a featured item on popular curated shopping discovery portal, Already, over 3100 people have 'Fancied' the SIMPLcase, and we've had to prepare a second shipment of units to them :-)

Well Fancy That! :-)
Well Fancy That! :-)

We're really excited to be featured on Fancy, and we'd love it if you head over to our featured listing, and Fancy SIMPLcase as well. While you're on the site, you should check out some of the other really cool products they have, ranging from accessories and fashion to art and furnishings for your home.

A New and Improved SIMPLcase :-)

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SIMPLcase for iPhone 4 / 4s now available as a 3D printed object!


Dear Backers & Friends of SIMPLcase,

It has been quite an interesting journey of learning and continuous improvement since we successfully funded our SIMPLcase for iPhone 5. Regrettably, there wasn't enough interest in SIMPLcase for iPhone 4 / 4s to fund an injection molded production version of it. However, we have not forgotten about those of you who still rock an iPhone 4 or 4s, and want the convenience and security offered by the unique features of SIMPLcase...

We are pleased to inform you that SIMPLcase for iPhone 4 / 4s has been redesigned as a 3D printable product! 

Instead of the rubber insert, small clips have been designed to secure up to 3 micro SIM cards, and the SIM eject tool. Additionally, the hands free card stand slots are also still there. 

You can purchase a 3D printed SIMPLcase for iPhone 4 / 4s at one of a couple of popular 3D printed products companies:

Both 3D printing companies offer similar materials and colors. We have already successfully ordered 3D printed SIMPLcases from both vendors.

Please Note:

  • If you're not familiar with 3D printing, please be aware that the surface finish of these objects is rather coarse, even if you select a 'polished' material. 
  • Colored 3D printed objects are color dyed, and the color will slightly wear and fade over time. 
  • Although a 3D printed case will offer scratch protection, the mechanical properties of these materials and resulting objects are not as strong as a typical, injection molded plastic product. That being said, we have been using and testing the cases on Ed's iPhone 4, and other than a bit of color fade, the cases have held up quite well to daily use. He's even dropped it once, albeit only from table height. Still, it was onto a wooden floor, and the case and phone survived without issue. 
  • 3D printed objects do not hold as fine a dimensional tolerance as a typical, injection molded part. Be aware that the finished product may be a little tighter or a little looser than what you normally expect from an iPhone case. 
  • We are unable to guarantee or control the quality or delivery of these 3D printed cases, as we are not the manufacturer - just the designer. If you order a 3D printed SIMPLcase, and it has any defects, please directly contact the 3D printing company from where you ordered the part. Out of 4 test prints, we received one (from Shapeways) that was warped enough that it didn't properly fit the iPhone. This is not usual, but it can happen.

If you do order a 3D printed SIMPLcase for iPhone 4 / 4s, we'd love to hear about your experience with it.

As always, safe travels... Bon Voyage!

Simon & Ed

Quick Shipping Update

Hi All!

It looks like the majority of rewards have been received, HOWEVER, a few of you are STILL just now receiving packages we sent out on July 31! Just this week, backers from Russia and Indonesia informed us that their cases finally arrived. We never imagined that modern day postal services could take more than 6 weeks to deliver a small parcel but there you have it. We apologize for the delays but honestly can't do much about it. We have sent second shipments to some of you so please keep the faith and let us know when your packages arrive.

When and if we do more Kickstarter projects in the future, we will hire a professional fulfillment company to handle shipments. This will probably mean no more free shipping as the costs will go up, but it should also mean quicker and more reliable deliveries.

Thanks for your continued patience and support!


Simon & Ed