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Onboard storage of SIM cards & eject tool. Use any standard credit card or membership card as a stand. Sleek, low profile design.
Onboard storage of SIM cards & eject tool. Use any standard credit card or membership card as a stand. Sleek, low profile design.
Onboard storage of SIM cards & eject tool. Use any standard credit card or membership card as a stand. Sleek, low profile design.
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    1. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Thanks for the kind words, Jason :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason Lai on

      Simon I really loved your product, I hope you're bringing one out for other iPhone models, if not, have a great life creating other great things!

    3. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Thanks for the continued love, guys :-) We truly appreciate it! Post-Kickstarter, we've been working hard to turn SIMPLcase from a crowd funded project to a self-sustaining small business. With our recently improved SIMPLcase, we are making headway, and have been getting some nice reviews:

      As for a follow up project, we are actually considering a couple of new products to launch soon. There are iPhone case as well as non-iPhone projects in the works. Anything involving iPhone, we'll probably launch after the debut of the iPhone 6, when we can all confirm the rumors and be 100% certain about the new device(s)? features and form factor.

      Once we decide which project to Kickstart, we will definitely be giving our backers a heads up and exclusive preview so we can get your feedback early on.

      As we evolve from crowd funded neophytes to a more experienced small business, we will continue to develop products that solve real problems for real people. No silly wearables or bluetooth speakers just to cash in on trends ;-)

    4. Andrew Birt on

      Still use mine. Love it :) Great project and nicely done with $21K What's next from you guys?

    5. George Mack on

      You should offer a course to others to tell people how to not have manufactures take advantage of you for tooling cost or supplies or extreme delays. Based off what I have seen with all the other kickstarters I have backed I am still stunned that you have made this product with only $21,000

    6. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Hi George, we really appreciate your comment, especially as we see you've backed quite a few Kickstarter projects! We are working on our next project and hope to launch it on Kickstarter around spring this year. We'll certainly let you know about it as we closer :-) Thanks again for your support and we hope you're enjoying your SIMPLcase!

    7. George Mack on

      After a lot of time on kickstarter in the last year I must note that this was one of the better ran projects. To be only $1000 above its small goal you made the product and got it out close to your estimated date.

      I can't speak for everyone of course but I do hope you make another useful device successfully

    8. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Hi David - thanks for the message - I see we were emailing each other back in early September and we hadn't heard from you since then till now so we assumed it must have arrived!
      Let me follow up with you on email right away and we'll ensure you get your reward.
      Thanks again

    9. David Acevedo on

      Hello Simon Kwan,

      Just writing from Puerto Rico, notifying that i still have not received the reward. I dont know if it has been shipped already. I believe our last conversation was regarding a new shipping order to the updated address with a tracking number. I appreciate your comments, thank you and have a good day.

      Best Regards,

    10. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Hi Dani - sorry to hear you didn't get it yet - let us look into it with the fulfilment co. and we'll come back to you on email - thanks

    11. Missing avatar

      Dani Gruen on

      Hey. Case has been at JFK for ten days already. What's happening?

    12. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Thanks for the comment Dani - we just emailed you the latest on this and it should be with you soon. Pls let us know when the replacement arrives!

    13. Missing avatar

      Dani Gruen on

      Hi. I received a case a while back, but I immediately saw that it was defected. the card slot was not holding any of my credit cards. They were all slipping out causing my iphone to fall over. I emailed Ed Dean about a month ago. He said you guys shipped out a new one, but I have yet to receive anything. Can you help me out with this?
      Thanks, Dani

    14. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      @Nina R. - We're so pleased you finally received your SIMPLcase and are so happy with the results. We really appreciate your kind words and support! As for a 5s version, we are in the beginning stages of making new and improved molds for this! What's more, the new version of SIMPLcase will be higher quality, both actual and perceived. We'll fill you and everyone else in on the details soon.

    15. Missing avatar

      Nina R. on

      I received my case a while ago but just got my iP5S this week! I have finally been able to put the case on it and it fits wonderfully. I am very excited to take this on a trip overseas. The only thing is that due to the new flash on the 5S, the way the camera/flash cutout is isn't quite right for the 5S. I am still going to use it as needed but it does take away some of the advantage of the new true tone flash. If there is a specific 5S version made with a wider opening, I would not hesitate to purchase it. *hint hint*

      All in all, this is a great and wonderfully useful case for travelers. Simon & Ed did a wonderful job in communicating w/ the backers and managed expectations very well. There was no way to know when this case was designed what the 5S would be like. I'm glad it fits!

    16. Armitexnology S.l. on

      Hello Ed & Simon
      I don't received yet the case. Its very slow... Its for my clients, to show them. I need have more faster. Pls can you tell me then i will recive the case ?


    17. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Hey JC, we've also watched the Apple keynote and are quite impressed with the new iPhone 5s and 5c. While, technically, the current version of SIMPLcase will fit the new 5s, our tapered camera cutout will definitely interfere with the proper functioning of the new dual flash. We are planning on tooling up an updated version of the SIMPLcase to be fully compatible with the 5s, and therefore backwards compatible with the 5c. Before you or anyone asks, we don't plan on running a Kickstarter project for the revised SIMPLcase. We will, however, offer all of our backers an exclusive and significant discount to purchase the revised SIMPLcase when we release it on our webstore. Figure about 2 months from now. Further, we hope to launch a SIMPLcase for the 5c as well. No promises, but we will keep our Kickstarter backers updated as we continue to evolve and expand the SIMPLcase line.

    18. Missing avatar

      jc on

      Hi again,

      i did a fast check with two photos of 5 and 5S and with Photo Shop.... looks gooood :D

    19. Missing avatar

      jc on


      my SIMPLcase arrived 2 weeks ago and i'm impressed of the quality and the design. My iPhone looks even better :)


      But after yesterdays Special Event I wonder: will this case perhaps work with the iPhone 5S?
      I think (hope) there is a small chance that the dual flash could fit into the camera opening.

    20. Genady Okrain on

      I'm still waiting for mine :(
      Any tracking info?

    21. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Jake, you are a gentleman and a great example of why Ed and I love the Kickstarter community. We're greatly appreciative of your kind words. We do, however, listen to all feedback - both positive and negative - and will endeavor to be better at what we do so we can deliver better results to our backers.

      We also look forward to supporting your next project as you have supported ours. Kicking it Forward is not just a motto - it's how we roll :-)

    22. Jake Jacobi + the V-ZA-V Team on

      Hi Simon and Ed,

      Just received my three SIMPLcases. They're going to make great, and impressive, gifts! You should be very proud of your accomplishment -- on every level this Kickstarter project has been a model of success: the concept; the lightweight, minimal design; the communications; the production; the flat out honesty in explaining the problems along the way; the customer service, and especially the excellent job of keeping us (your backers) informed every step of the way.

      My team and I have backed close to 30 projects, many of which have been complex product design projects, and more to the point we've created a Kickstarter product design project, so I can attest to the fact that you've done everything right along this treacherous path. Future Kickstarter creators would be well served to study your project as a "how to."

      So I was sorry to read Vikram's comments. He wrote that he expected a lot from how it was shown, (I think we all were, and I now have three SIMPLcases that look like and do everything promised, and for a price you can't beat) but he evidently was expecting a different product from the one you described and showed so well, and in such detail, on your Kickstarter Home page. Either that or he was unlucky to have gotten a case that shouldn't have made it pass the Quality Control watchdogs. And if that's the case, I expect you will remedy the situation.

      He's correct that we make pledges because we believe in the projects we back, that's obvious, and as backers our comments -- favorable or critical -- are valuable as part of the process, and that's the point of Kickstarter -- it provides a worldwide forum in which individuals can take an idea, and through a thoughtful and honest process (in which backers play a key role), create innovative and inventive products and services that otherwise would have slim chances of making it beyond the drawing board given all that the long, expensive, and arduous process entails.

      Vikram, we're all part of the process, and all will be well. I hope in the end you will be proud that you backed the SIMPLcase back when it was only an idea. Save being pissed off for when you buy a product "off the shelf."

      Simon and Ed, all the best and continued success. Can't wait to be part of your next project.

    23. Missing avatar

      Vikram on

      Received my case yesterday. First of all, it was looking nice, but the moment i got my hands on it, the case was screaming of cheap materials, unfinished corners and tacky. The Kickstarter color also looks cheap and the moment i put it on my phone, the ugliness went up. I expected a lot from how it was shown and how Simon was all excited about it. It fits well, that's the ONLY plus point. Also, the slot where you have the SIM removal pin, is not cut precisely, the pin keeps falling off. After, Rhino shield, this is another highly disappointing Kickstarter pledge for me. I am really pissed off, but the comments section says, be respectful and considerate, that is the reason I am holding back words. Come one guys, you are accountable here, we are pledging money cause we believe in you. Hope you get it right the second time.

    24. Missing avatar

      Shankar on

      Got my white case about a week ago. Looks good and fits well and I love showing it off to friends and family. Good job.

    25. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Hi Armitexnology - we shipped the cases three weeks ago so if you don't have it by now you should receive it any day. If you want us to look into it specifically just drop us an email to our backers [at] lgcldesins [dot] com email

    26. Armitexnology S.l. on

      Hello, can i know then i will recive mys???

    27. David Oxley on

      Just got my case. Looks great, fits perfectly and well worth the wait.

      Good job.


    28. Karl Hedstrom

      Just received my black regular SimpLcase here in San Diego, CA. I haven't opened it because I am going to use it as gift.

    29. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Hi Joe and Thi,

      I just posted an update that addresses many of your comments. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

      - Simon

    30. Missing avatar

      Joe Lu on

      Got my limited ed. today and thank you. I will take the time to share with you my impressions:

      -I am not impressed by the quality of the edges of the case, I expected edges to be cleanly finished and they are not. Most evident around the volume, mute, and camera openings.
      -I'm glad the case is grey, from a distance, abrasions and marring aren't as apparent than say if it was black. I was somewhat disappointed to find the case already was visibly scratched before unboxing.
      -I see where you spent more effort is the holder, it is better finished and color seemed uniformed given the somewhat translucency of the material.
      -I also tossed the ejector tool; falls out of the holder more easily than Apple's original ejector.
      -I remain unconvinced of the lack of bevel and edge protection for the iPhone 5. My iPhone spends a lot of time in my pocket along with other items. Keys, loose change in the pocket does damage and a case that doesn't prevent that does not suit my needs. The primary purpose why I slap on a case is to protect. That's just my own needs (due to my usage pattern) and I know you have designed for broader appeal and a slim-snap is easier to take on/off than a full-wrap.

      For only $18 however, what I got is acceptable and I will be using it as I fly off. And as you eluded before, it does offer more functionality than other slim cases. Thank you for creating this product.

    31. Missing avatar

      Thi Sithivong on

      Got my reward in the mail this morning. Awesome job on the project! Fits well in the hand and comfortable to hold. Plastic is a little slippery than I like and the left edge near the volume button clicks a little. Overall , AWESOME. Look forward to your next project.

    32. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Mine arrived today out if the blue. I'm really impressed. The case and packaging are excellent quality, and the letter inside is a nice touch to backers. For only $12 or whatever it was, this project has been handled really professionally. Congratulations!

    33. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      If you need to send us and address update, simply send us a message and we'll change your address on our backer list.

    34. Adriaan Jacobs on

      I completed the survey but my shipping address changed, how can I update it before you ship?

    35. Missing avatar

      Gregory R on

      I don't recall getting a survey. Maybe I already filled it out and don't remember or maybe I just didn't get one... What should I do?

    36. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Hi Casey,

      Apologies for our slight delay in getting out the rewards. It's taking a little longer than expected to perfect the details of the tools. Basically, they're done and technically we could have produced the rewards already, but they wouldn't be to the level of quality that I'd be happy to send to you and our other backers. We are still confident in a June rewards shipment, but obviously in the latter half rather than early half of the month.

      One good bit of news about the next iPhone (5S) from the rumor mills is that it seems it'll follow the paradigm of the iPhone 4/4S, in that the chassis will remain the same but internals and hardware will be upgraded. There may also be a plastic bodied, cheaper iPhone and perhaps a larger iPhone on the horizon as well, but if the demand and market opportunities are there, we may expand the SIMPLcase line to those iPhone models as well.

      I plan on posting a detailed production and reward fulfillment plan in this week's update. Thanks for your comment and again, sorry for the delay. Rewards are just around the corner now...!



    37. Casey Triplett on

      What is the status of shipments? On your plan you had shown that delivery would be the 1st 15 days of June.

      I would love more information And to be able to use this case for at least a few months before a new iPhone comes out...

    38. Missing avatar

      Nasiet Othsman on

      I wonder I didn't see any survey sending to me.

    39. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Only the survey for the $180 rewards has been sent out, since those backers receive their custom fabricated cases in May. The general survey for the $12, $14, and $18 rewards has not been sent out. We will send those surveys prior to production of the rewards.

    40. Missing avatar

      Bobby Lee on

      Has the survey been sent out yet? I do not remember receiving one to choose color.

    41. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Color selections, shipping info, and quantities confirmations will be collected when we send out the backer survey, which we're holding off until we're just about ready to produce the rewards. That way, we get your most up to date information :-)

    42. Armitexnology S.l. on

      Hi guys. I have one question. About color? How can i know what color i will recive?


    43. Casey Triplett on

      Guys. I CAN'T WAIT to get the cases! The design and colors are as if I picked them out myself. I want to see and touch the finish of the case. I hope it will have the "soft touch" feel of an incipio feather case.

      Bravo for design. Pumped to get the first run!

    44. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Thanks Jack :-) And speaking of smart designs, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a Flaxus! Love your video that really does a great job demonstrating how easy and convenient it is to have a wearable stylus.

    45. AEGLO™ on

      I can't wait to get rid of the eject pin showing thru my current transparent case and replace it with the SIMPLcase! And having the ability to use any credit card size card as kickstand, now that's what I'd call a smart design! Totally excited about this project and great work done Simon and Ed!

    46. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Hi Fayez,

      That's not exactly how it works. Amazon payments manages all of the money collection. This is safer for you backers because we, the project creators, never get to see your credit card or payment information. In roughly 14 days, after Amazon has finished collecting payments from all of the backers, Amazon will release the collected funds to us, so we can start using the money to start production of the cases.

      We will also send out a survey to you and all of our backers to collect your shipping addresses and confirm your color choices for your rewards. Please be patient with this process, as it takes a little more time compared with a typical product purchase.

      Thanks for your support!

      Simon & Ed

    47. Missing avatar

      Fayez Abdullah Almalki on

      Transaction ID: 21364545Z612652KLONODRUUO2K93FU9IUN

    48. Missing avatar

      Fayez Abdullah Almalki on

      Now you can withdraw the amount of credit card, Fayez

    49. Missing avatar

      Nasiet Othsman on

      Yeah, that's it. Finally funded. Couldn't wait to receive my Cases ^^

    50. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Yay! Indeed! Thanks for your, and all of our awesome backers' support!

      Now taking a deep breath and long exhale :-)

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