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PodKit Watch transforms iPod Nano into a modern retro pocket watch. ClipClok is a quartz timepiece that fits all Nano watch kits.

PodKit Watch transforms iPod Nano into a modern retro pocket watch. ClipClok is a quartz timepiece that fits all Nano watch kits. Read More
pledged of $65,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on September 3, 2012.

About this project

Cancel, Regroup, Relaunch:

First and Foremost: I want to THANK my Backers, family, friends, and other supporters who have been so generous and steadfast in their support of me and PodKit Watch + ClipClok.

It has been a humbling and educational month as I experienced a roller coaster of emotions during my first ever Kickstarter campaign. I launched with relief of finally getting my idea out into the world, and with hope and nervous anticipation of receiving pledges. The pledges started coming in slowly, but 'they're going to increase' I thought to myself, only slightly panicked. That panic increased when I realized that no one comes if you just build it. You have to talk about it. You have to get others to talk about it! In a rush, I started getting active on social media. I sent out press releases. I reached out to blogs and websites. I paid for Facebook ads. Most of my efforts resulted in very little in the way of returns on investment. It was clear that I had misjudged a number of critical factors. I had a brief period of depression and self flagellation. Then I got over it, picked my butt off the floor, and went to work on figuring out what went wrong and how to make it right.

So, having been rightly humbled, I am canceling this crowdfunding campaign so that I can do a thorough post-mortem, reorganize and redesign my project, and relaunch PodKit Watch in the future.

If you're stumbling onto PodKit Watch for the first time, please read Project Update #4 for further details.

PodKit Watch + ClipClok in the news:

On Design You Trust

Pocketables says, "...I quite like the PodKit concept... It makes more sense... and it looks good..."

Ernie Romers featured us on WatchUSeek Forums

Waikit Chung featured us on ChinaDesignHub

Waikit's posting was also published on China Fashion Bloggers and China News 24

PodKit Watch + ClipClok are Shanghai based fashion blog, CitiJ's "favorite SMART iPod Nano Watch Accessories"

WND (formerly World Net Daily) picked up our story from PR Log

Yahoo! News picked up our PRWeb press release!

PodKit Watch™ + ClipClok™ are out to beautify the world of iPod nano® accessories.

Since the introduction of Apple's 6th & 7th generation iPod nano, people have enjoyed wearing the nano as a touch screen watch. There are a number of available wristwatch band kits designed especially for this reason. If you've worn them, however, or considered getting one, you may have noticed that:

  • Even though it's called a nano, it's a little bulky to wear as a wristwatch
  • You have to press the nano's power button to check the time because the display powers off to save energy
  • Having the nano on your wrist is awkward when your earbuds are plugged in to use your nano as a music player
  • Some watch kits require tools to install or remove your nano... and those screws are so easy to lose!


PodKit Watch encloses the iPod nano in a solid, yet lightweight anodized aluminum case that protects the nano's touch screen and ports. It's the same aerospace grade metal alloy that Apple uses for its products.


Before there were wristwatches, there were pocket watches. There's something wonderfully tactile about holding one in your hands. Pocket watches are classically sophisticated. Pocket watches are cooler than ever, evidenced by some fantastic examples of modern pocket watches from the world's premiere luxury watch brands. A pocket watch represents a more intimate and purposefulrelationship with time.

PodKit Watch looks and feels more like jewelry than a tech gadget accessory. While most of the wristwatch style kits for nano are industrial minimalist or geeky, PodKit Watch is an elegant and luxurious, modern retro update of the classic pocket watch.

It's easy to insert or remove iPod nano from PodKit Watch without the need for tools.

Pressing the spring-loaded cover release button automatically wakes the nano's display.

PodKit Watch can be worn as a traditional pocket watch, clipped to your jeans, or clipped around your bag.

You can also wear PodKit Watch as a Pendant (every PodKit Watch will come with both a clip chain and a necklace chain)...

...which is a more natural place for it than on your wrist when your headphones are plugged-in through the headphone port, which is protected by a magnetically secured cover.

There are also volume control buttons on the PodKit watch.

And, because the back of the PodKit Watch is open, you can still use the iPod nano's spring clip and clip it on you.

While the PodKit Watch is an elegant and versatile solution as an iPod nano timepiece, nano may not always be the best choice to use as a timepiece, such as:

  • On rainy days, because the iPod Nano isn't waterproof
  • When nano is recharging
  • If Apple changes the shape and size of the next generation nano, and you (me, and everyone else) upgrade to it

For those times, there's ClipClok...


ClipClok is a premium analog timepiece module in the size and shape of the iPod nano. It fits perfectly with PodKit Watch but is also compatible with all other nano watch kits, whether it's a clip-on or insert-into-case type. You can use ClipClok with PodKit Watch, as well as all of the iPod nano watch kits that are already out there, and that you may already own.

ClipClok is waterproof to 3ATM (3 atmospheres / 30 meters / 98 feet), and has a hardened glass (not cheap plastic) crystal. The precision Japanese watch movement is from Miyota, which has been referred to as the 'Lexus' of watch movements. It has a 5 year battery life, and is accurate to within +/- 20 seconds per month.


PodKit Watch + ClipClok are made from aerospace grade aluminum alloy, using similar manufacturing methods as Apple uses for its products. Molten metal is forced into precision machined steel molds in a process called die-casting.

After casting, each part is then machined with computer controlled precision in order to ensure that dimensional tolerances are held to within fractions of a millimeter.

Components are then hand polished or blasted with micro ceramic beads to a matte finish before being either color anodized or plated using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition).

Finally, everything is carefully hand assembled

In the case of ClipClok, each unit is subjected to a pressurized water chamber test to ensure that it's properly sealed and waterproof to the required depth / pressure.

REWARDS (in other words, what do you get for your PLEDGE?)

Become a Backer at the $67 level to pre-order a ClipClok in your choice of available colors, designed to complement the PodKit Watch color palette. You save over 30% compared to the estimated retail price!

Pledging $69 or more means you will be amongst the first people in the world to receive a PodKit Watch, in either the DJ Skull or IndiFleur motifs, in your choice of available colors. All PodKit Watches come with both a pocket watch clip chain and a necklace chain. You save over 30% compared to the estimated retail price! 

There are additional Reward Tiers that combine Rewards for even better discounts!

$168 Kickstarter Limited Edition Special Set: To commemorate the Kickstart of PodKit Watch + ClipClok, and in tribute to my Boston / Quincy roots, I'm offering Backers a chance to get a very limited edition Celtic Shamrock motif PodKit Watch + ClipClok combo set. This set is available exclusively to Kickstarter backers. These will be limited in production to only 288 sets. Each piece will be laser engraved with a unique serial number. Each set will include a Certificate of Authenticity, hand signed by your's truly. Act quickly, because after these 288 collectors edition sets are spoken for, this reward level will be locked out. These will never again be produced, and unavailable to the general public at retail.

As a fun reward at the $12 or higher pledge level, allow me to introduce CyClipz. He's a minimalist pendant clip and necklace for the iPod nano. It's a great way to wear Nano by the pool. *Note: backers pledging at the $123 or higher  levels will get CyClipz free as an added bonus.

Pledging $1 or more gets you my sincere gratitude, and a spot on the Backer Wall of Fame after the campaign successfully completes. As a backer, you also get notified about project updates and can participate in the community discussions on the Comments page.

I'm also working on some SECRET REWARDS (did someone say Austrian crystals?) that I will reveal ONLY IF we can QUICKLY reach our FUNDING GOAL!


Excellent question! Kickstarter's answer is: "To pledge to a project, just click the green “Back This Project” button on any project page. You will be asked to enter your pledge amount and select a reward. From there, you will go through the Amazon checkout process. Note that you must finish the Amazon checkout process for your pledge to be recorded." You can get more useful information about pledging and other stuff here. Please remember to add to your Pledge Amount the specified additional funds at your selected Rewards Tier to cover Canadian or International Shipping. Free US Shipping is included at all Reward Tiers.


Crowdfunding directly connects artists and designers with their fans and customers. This new model of financing for creative projects helps maintain the works’ integrity and lets fans participate in and influence the outcome of projects. This is democratic capitalism, and it gives power back to consumers and creators.


In order to get a manufacturer to commit to production, I need to order enough units to satisfy their MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). That's a fancy way of saying that they won't get out of bed for less than, say, a 1000 units. If the Funding Goal of $65,000 is reached, that means I'll be able to order the required MOQ, and pay for the expensive tooling and fixtures required to produce and assemble all of these awesome products. 

Any amount pledged above and beyond the Funding Goal will go into:

  • Even higher grades of materials and components for better products
  • Additional designs and colors


please forgive the mess... creativity can be chaotic!
please forgive the mess... creativity can be chaotic!


If you're a serial backer like me, you'll already know... but if you're new to Kickstarter, the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to know is this: Kickstarter is an ALL OR NOTHING funding platform. That means that if the project is even $1 short of the $65,000 Funding Goal, this project will not get funded, and no one gets any of this cool stuff :-( ! So...


If you like this project, please BECOME A BACKER! Show your love by Liking PodKit Watch on Facebook and talking about the project in your social network. Please allow me to thank you, thank you, thank you! for your patronage and support!

Special Thanks To:

  • Mom & Dad for being my moral and ethical role models.
  • My little big love for your support and belief in me.
  • Florian Ritter for the sexy product photography.

*Important Notes*

Apple iPod nano is NOT INCLUDED with pre-order of PodKit Watch, ClipClok, or CyClipz. Renderings, photos, and videos showing use of Apple iPod nano are for illustration and demonstration purposes only.

Apple logo and iPod nano are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. No affiliation or endorsement is implied.

Images of other products shown above are for illustration purposes only. No affiliation or endorsement is implied.

PodKit Watch + ClipClok have patents pending.


  • After the campaign successfully completes, I will send everyone a survey that will allow you to select your PodKit Watch style (DJ Skull or IndiFleur) and color combination.

    Last updated:
  • Two reasons: 1) Kickstarter only allows specific reward tiers, with no option boxes. It would have made for a very long and confusing Rewards Tier list to add each style and color option as its own unique reward option. 2) If the project is funded well beyond the funding goal, I will be able to offer additional styles and color combinations. I will update backers whenever new options become available.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, you can manually change your pledge amount. This allows you to manually add in extra funds to cover shipping outside of the USA. You can also increase your pledge amount if you wish to give a little extra support to the project.

    Last updated:
  • Absolutely! All you need is a name, email address, and credit card or PayPal account. You will have to register as a new user on both Kickstarter and Amazon, but registration takes 2 minutes and it's all done from the Pledge page. You don't have to leave Kickstarter to set up on Amazon. It's all done smoothly as part of the pledging process, and Kickstarter will walk you through it step by step.

    Last updated:
  • Unfortunately not. Kickstarter limits each Backer to one Reward Tier. You can, however, change your pledge and reward selection at any time before the campaign ends. For example, if you pledged $1 just to follow all the action, but later on decide you want a physical reward, you can increase your pledge amount to cover the reward value you wish to select. Don't forget to manually add shipping costs to your pledge if you live outside the USA.

    Last updated:
  • After the successful completion of the campaign, I'll be sending all backers a request for your mailing addresses.

    Last updated:
  • Absolutely not! I actually like the Antik, and was considering to buy one. After I did a little product research about it, however, I learned that Antik is designed to really only fit into LunaTik's own collection of iPod nano watch kits. Antik has a number of design features that I have issues with:

    1) Antik’s rear is not a working clip but rather an aluminum plate held in place w/ machine screws. Some nano watch kits, like the iWatchz line, use the nano’s spring clip to secure the nano to the band. ClipClok has a working spring clip, just like iPod nano.
    2) Antik has an exposed, protruding crown (the knob used to adjust and set the time). This prevents Antik from fitting into watch kits like the Hex, Linq, Paradox, or the Griffin slap bands. ClipClok’s crown is discreet and hidden.

    3) Antik’s glass crystal / window is thick, and rises above the Antik’s body by a millimeter or more. This results in a total stack up height taller than the 5.9 – 6.0 millimeter height of the nano’s body. This extra height prevents Antik from working with the Deckster.
    One more thing that ClipClok has that Antik doesn’t: a calendar function. I haven’t revealed it yet, but ClipClok has another trick up it’s sleeve: the round watch movement is self-contained and completely removable. In the future, it would be able to snap into various other watch bodies. I’ll post an update on that soon.

    Last updated:

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    Every dollar counts! You're helping to bring to life a product that, without you, just couldn't happen. For that, you get my sincere and humble thanks, as well as the honor of being listed on the Backer Wall of Fame (you can also stay anonymous, if you're the shy type). You also get inside scoops on the project's development, and can participate in the community conversation.

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    Pledge $12 or more About $12 USD

    If you prefer to go really minimal with your iPod wearing habits, I'll send you a CyClipz pendant with steel ball necklace chain. He's a friendly little dude who just likes to hang (get it?). He's made from the same aerospace grade aluminum alloy as the PodKit Watch. --- Free shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $7, International add $10 to pledge amount) --- *Please Note: CyClipz is included as a bonus with the $123 and higher reward levels.

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    Pledge $67 or more About $67 USD

    You like to wear your watches in the rain. No worries, because you'll be receiving one (1) waterproof-to-3ATM ClipClok, in your choice of available colors. ClipClok is a quartz analog timepiece module that is compatible with the PodKit Watch and ALL other iPod Nano compatible watch kits. --- If successfully funded, ClipClok will retail at around $100 and higher. --- Free shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $7, International add $10 to pledge amount)

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    Pledge $69 or more About $69 USD

    By pledging at this level, you are pre-ordering and will be one of the first people in the world to receive one (1) PodKit Watch case for iPod Nano, in your choice of EITHER the DJ Skull OR the IndiFleur motif, in your choice of available colors (shown on the left). --- The DJ Skull PodKit Watch comes with both a bold beveled twist link chain and a ball link necklace. --- The IndiFleur PodKit Watch comes with both a sexy snake chain and a fine link necklace. --- If successfully funded, PodKit Watch will retail at around $100 and higher. --- Free shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $7, International add $10 to pledge amount)

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    Pledge $123 or more About $123 USD

    Get an even better deal when you pre-order PodKit Watch + ClipClok together. You will receive one (1) PodKit Watch in your choice of motif and available color AND one (1) ClipClok in your choice of available color. As an added bonus, you will also receive a CyClipz. --- Free shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $7, International add $10 to pledge amount)

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    Pledge $125 or more About $125 USD

    Double Down: Two (2) PodKit Watches in your choices of motifs and available colors. As an added bonus, you will also receive one (1) CyClipz. --- Free shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $7, International add $10 to pledge amount)

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    Pledge $168 or more About $168 USD

    PodKit Watch + ClipClok Kickstarter Edition Special Set: Limited production of only 288 sets. A special design motif and color combination that will never be produced again after this Kickstarter campaign. Each one is laser engraved with a unique serial number. Each set of one (1) PodKit Watch and one (1) ClipClok also comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, hand signed by the designer. Free CyClipz included as well.
    --- Free shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $10, International add $15 to pledge amount) --- *Please Note: The Kickstarter Limited Edition versions of PodKit Watch + ClipClok are exclusive to this pledge level ONLY, and are not included as available motif or color options at other reward levels.

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    Pledge $222 or more About $222 USD

    The Dynamic Duo Pack: you and your favorite sidekick will receive a total of two (2) PodKit Watch cases in your choices of motifs and available colors, as well as two (2) ClipCloks in your choice of available colors. You'll also receive two (2) CyClipz as bonuses. --- Free shipping within the USA. (Shipping to Canada add $10, International add $15 to pledge amount)

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