$721,036 pledged of $11,000,000 goal
$721,036 pledged of $11,000,000 goal

That Was Fun :-)

Hiya Rebels,

Glad to see your comments in response to my little April Fool's Joke :-) Hope no one pooped their flight suits! It's been a lot of fun running the X-Wing campaign. Thank you all for being a part of the fun, and for adding to the silliness.

Now that it's all over, I'm putting my focus back onto my non-joke Kickstarter campaigns. The iPhone 5 version of SIMPLcase was successfully funded, so now comes the hard work of getting the tooling made and producing the rewards. 

At the same time, because we had a lot of requests for it, we also launched a separate Kickstarter campaign for the iPhone 4/4S version of SIMPLcase

So what's a SIMPLcase? It's an iPhone case that:

  • stores multiple SIM cards and the iPhone SIM eject tool so world travelers can easily swap out and keep safe SIM cards to avoid huge roaming fees
  • has a slot in the back that can use any standard credit or membership card as a hands-free stand

Please have a look and I'd really appreciate it if you would help me spread the word about SIMPLcase :-)

Cheers all, and May the Force Be With You. Always!



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