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This is Madness!

via: DesignTaxi

To find out which ‘Star Wars’ character fans adore the most, Lucasfilm will be launching a new character tournament.

Titled ‘This is Madness’, it features a bracket-style tournament where fans get to vote on daily match-ups between characters from the ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ side of the Force.

Whether it is Jedi against Jedi, Sith against Sith, or Bounty Hunter against Bounty Hunter, fans will have to pick their favorite character from each matchup to advance in the tournament—ultimately leaving two finalist to face-off in the final round.

Fans can cast their votes here starting from 18 March 2013.

The result of the tournament will be announced on 9 April 2013

The tournament matchups can be found below:

The first Light Side matchup is Han vs. Lando. Hmmm, sorry Lando, but I'll take a Corellian smuggler over the corrupt former Administrator of Cloud City any day!

Get ready to cast YOUR vote!


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    1. Your average joe shmoe on March 20, 2013

      I'm hoping Wedge gets at least 20%. He's a real pilot. He can't rely on any mystical superpowers to help fly his fighter.
      And Luke. He mopes around lusting after his sister. Yeuch!

    2. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on March 20, 2013

      Day 2 Results:
      - Light Side: Obi-Wan 74%, Qui-Gon 36%
      - Dark Side: Darth Maul 84%, Asajj Ventress 16%

      Also not surprising. I mean, come on, Obi-Wan made it through 4 films intact and 2 as a bloody ghost! As for Ventress, sorry, but not nearly as bad-ass as Darth Maul, and besides, she didn't appear in any of the feature films.

      Today's pairings are Luke vs Wedge and Jabba vs Salacious Crumb. Seriously? The laughing rat sidekick?

    3. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on March 19, 2013

      Day 1 Results:
      - Light Side: Han 93%, Lando 7%
      - Dark Side: Vader 90%, Grievous 10%

      Not a surprising first round. Gets more interesting from here :-)

    4. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on March 18, 2013

      LMAO, nice one joe :-)

    5. Your average joe shmoe on March 18, 2013

      Admiral Ackbar probably wanted to join the competition but ended up trapped somewhere.

    6. Your average joe shmoe on March 17, 2013

      No Jar Jar Binks? That's a bit of an oversight. Even if he were to do well due to mischievous voting, LucasArts could splash out the headline "Not so hated after all".

      I've got to root for Wedge Antilles. He's a bit of a Local Hero around my parts. And I've got to say, pitting Dooku against Tarkin was a stroke of genius.