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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, April 1 2013 3:59 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $11,000,000pledged of $11,000,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, April 1 2013 3:59 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Glen Cooper on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. Your average joe shmoe on

      I now know why these things are called pishing attacks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Marc Sheldon on

      Agree. Very funny.

    4. Victor Pinto on

      @SHR Really? If you really bellieved for more than two seconds this was a phising attack, you should't be pledging in KS "just for fun" projects. This was by far the best April Fools prank I've seen in years :D Almost die from a heart attack before realizing the truth

    5. Roman - Jagged Weresheep of Sin on

      Should've named project Veronica mars crowd funding rebel etc.

    6. SammyH on

      When you "hover" over the link it looks like https://p.ayments.amazon.com which would be an excellent way to create a fake/phishing address.

      Guess I don't take possible identity theft as funny...

    7. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Oh goodness, it's not a phishing attack... it's an April fool's joke :-P

    8. SammyH on

      BE CAREFUL!!! It looks like he is sending out a PHISHING attack with this kickstarter information!!! DO NOT attempt to login to the project update with a phony payment!!

    9. Glen Cooper on

      please please please let the competition winner be us! Bad luck BTW.... soooo close to the target! lol.

    10. Glen Cooper on

      pleasepleaseplease let the video link be mine :D

      Sorry you guys couldn't raise the last little bit to get your project into KS's record books....

    11. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      So now there's no Death Star what's the cost to get my proton torpedo delivered?

    12. Missing avatar

      Rino Designs on

      Lets contact the White House get this funded. I will start a petition.

    13. Thomas 'Chewie' Ladwig on

      Come on, let's break $1 million before this thing ends!

    14. Your average joe shmoe on

      I have checked the plans of my chocolate Easter egg and I have found a weakness. If carefully exploited I could burst open the egg in shower of chocolate.

      Happy Easter everyone!

    15. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Ahem... pleased, that is :-P

    16. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Hi SilverKnight, welcome to the party! Better late than never, eh? Thanks for your awesome pledge. Please, Master Yoda is!

    17. SilverKnight on

      Hmm, I'm not sure how I missed this considering I backed the Death Star project, but I'm glad I caught it in time before it ended. $10,000, I better get that training session with Yoda. lol. I love that you guys did this in response to the Death Star project. XD

    18. Your average joe shmoe on

      This project has an unintended benefit. It provides a countdown to 1st April. I'm hoping that this means I'm less likely to be caught out. I've a small prank lined up for my boss. I'm going to show him that NVidia Face demo and tell him that Nvida released it on the 1st April as a joke, and that it's actually live actor.

    19. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      Hi James, good question with an easy answer: Kickstarter allows a maximum pledge amount of $10,000. That's why we chose that number for our highest pledge level of Jedi Training Camp on Dagobah. To get to the funding goal, there would need to be an additional 1041 backers all pledging at the maximum $10K amount to reach the goal. And no, neither we nor Kickstarter would allow that goal to be reached. The plug would be pulled if it got even close!

    20. James Floyd Kelly

      Just a quick question -- would it be possible for some prankster to post a $11M pledge minutes before the deadline, therefore forcing charges to be made? Is there a limit to pledge amounts? Might this not be a good time for those $5000 and $10000 backers to start considering managing their pledges to a lesser amount... just in case?

    21. Your average joe shmoe on

      We're falling a little bit behind target now. Does anyone have any small children we can exploit for those Susan Wilson backers?

    22. David Simmons on

      With the half million do we at least have plans for a landing strip?

    23. Thomas 'Chewie' Ladwig on

      Come on people how have we stalled out at just over $500k? This is the fate of a galaxy far, far away we're talking about. We should at least be able to reach $1mil.

    24. Tim Black on

      You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take them away!

    25. Thomas 'Chewie' Ladwig on

      @ Asif. I find your lack of faith disturbing.

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    27. Kyle

      I would like to throw my hat into the ring for Y-Wing pilot, should that stretch goal be made.

    28. hullbreachthegame on

      As huge Star Wars fans we at Hull Breach (Sci-Fi card game) love this competition. Keep it up guys and if you haven't seen their other project by Simon Kwan it's a cool concept and worth a look. Cheers!

    29. RoT Daysofdawn + Deathfire on

      i anyone has some spare time in the last hours of the week, feel free to toune in in this skype event :)

      information @ http://aliveandkicking.bumblebee-games.com/

      it´s an event with a great linieup!

    30. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      We have fewer total backers, but much higher impact because of our more creative rewards. Better strategery ;-)

    31. Leetcat on

      We should really look at the number of backers as a good measure.

    32. Leetcat on

      I think there is better funding because people will put $10k funding, and know they will never have to pay for it.

    33. RoT Daysofdawn + Deathfire on

      so who´s gonna be Backer number 300??

    34. Glen Cooper on

      @ Simon and Erin. Yeah cool. I guess midi-chlorians is the difference between being Jedi Bantha fodder or a Jedi Master like Windu or Yoda. Good luck and may the 'luck' be with you!

    35. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      @ Erin Hartwell, we're with you on that whole midi-chlorians fiasco. I mean, seriously, the Force is all around us and flows through all living things. We don't need some microscopic thingimawhatsits inside us to know the Force is with us. While the swamps of Dagobah are lovely, in a swampy kind of way. Yoda's kind of a drill sergeant though, so I'm not sure how much time you'll get to sketch and take photos. Oh, and he's a bit testy about people messing about with his recipes. Teach you, he may. Change the ingredients, you must not.

    36. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      @ Wayne Pettit, damn, that was dope! The Force is strong with that DJ, despite his preference for the Dark Side of John Williams ;-)

    37. Missing avatar

      Wayne Pettit on

      Simon, this will help with productivity during the build. Music to motivate.

    38. Corporea on

      @ Glen: The Force will be with us, even if we don't have midi-chlorians. Besides, even if the whole Jedi training doesn't go well, I still get to enjoy a pristine swamp wilderness. I plan to do some sketching and wildlife photography while on Dagobah, time permitting. And I know Yoda will just have some fantastic recipes to share! ;)

    39. Your average joe shmoe on

      I would hope that any pilot would be willing to sacrifice themselves to save the lives of countless billions. Of course I would do it myself, but my aim is terrible. I've never managed to hit a womp rat in my life.

    40. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      @Your average joe shmoe, we'll need the extra speed when we're escaping from the blast radius of the exploding Death Star. I'm sure our pilots want as much performance as possible!

    41. Your average joe shmoe on

      I'm glad to see that there are some people out there with the backbone to stand against the Evil Empire. One small point though, purely to cut costs... Is there any need to make the fighter variable geometry? The new Death Star shall be built fairly locally. There's no need for the extra speed from closing the wing.

    42. Glen Cooper on

      I so wanted to train with you as a Jedi. But bottled making the phantom payment on Amazon when $10k popped up on my radar. Guess I'm ever going to be Jedi material :( On the plus side - I get to watch as some of you wanna=be Jedis try duelling with Sith Lords without so much as a snifter of midi-chlorian juice in you. I'd pay lots to watch that on YouTube! Eeeooow ZZap pitzzz ARGHHhh! Golden.

    43. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      You know what would be ludicrously cool? If JJ Abrams became a backer. One can only dream...

    44. Brian Cole

      Posted to my bloggy, http://mobys.ws/….

    45. Joshua Lapan on

      You know, if you guys want help building a squadron of kick-ass spaceships, you should totally get the guys at Hull Breach! to give you a hand( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hullbreach/hull-breach-corporate-wars )!

    46. RoT Daysofdawn + Deathfire on

      wow, we really made some Bucks the last hours :)

    47. Casey A. on

      If it were up to me I wouldn't pull the plug if you got close to your funding goal. I would take the money and then invest in the Disney/JJ Abrams Films as a producer and then let them give us all credits..


    48. Simon Kwan 4-time creator on

      @MJTH Y-Wings are definitely part of the plan - we would never underestimate their effectiveness - mainly because they look damn cool!

    49. Missing avatar

      Wayne Pettit on

      To true and Darth was also good once, is he a double agent to? Really?

    50. Magbar on

      I urge all backers to post this to Facebook:

      "Help us (your name), you're our only hope"

      *Persuasive Jedi hand gesture*
      You will donate $1 to this Kickstarter project, then retweet this message.

      May the force be with you
      (project URL)

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