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Learn to understand your toddler better // Raise a curious yet responsible human being // And bring back some calm to your home
Miss out on the Kickstarter? The book is now available to purchase, ready for immediate shipment. The book costs €25 + €10 shipping anywhere in the world.
Miss out on the Kickstarter? The book is now available to purchase, ready for immediate shipment. The book costs €25 + €10 shipping anywhere in the world.
912 backers pledged €37,846 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Simone Davies Creator on

      @crazyanageek Plus the files sizes for the audio book meant I had to break it into chapters to upload it and to access easily where you are up to.

    2. Simone Davies Creator on

      @CrazyAnaGeek - I'm so sorry. There is no download option available at this time. Hosting it on the website was the best way I could find where it will be available indefinitely rather than hosting on a paid service like SoundCloud. I hope you are able to find a way to play it by chapter as you drive :).

    3. CrazyAnaGeek on

      Great audio book ! But is it possible to download it (to be played in the car while commuting) ? I cannot see where :/

    4. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Till Schäfer - And thank you for being the very first backer for this project. Your support means a lot. Enjoy!

    5. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Ben Stanton - I'm so excited that the books are landing in Australia. Thanks for your note. I'm glad you like it.

    6. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Silly Grammie - I'm so happy that your daughter could take it with her. I hope it will be super useful and help to apply the Montessori principles at home. Thanks for your kind words. Best wishes from Amsterdam!

    7. Missing avatar

      Till Schäfer on

      Thanks so much Simone. Very cool book and thanks for the warm words.

    8. Ben Stanton on

      received book today. Perth Australia. Looks great.

    9. Silly Grammie

      I was so happy that the book arrived when my daughter was in town. I had a chance to skim through it and I love the readability of it. It's very easy to find a topic that you are interested in without reading the entire book. I sent it home with my daughter who is raising her children with Montessori principals. It's a beautiful book!! I love the feel of the book. You have given us a book that is all around well done.

    10. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Rocky Beck - I am delighted at your feedback. I'm so pleased you are learning about the Montessori approach in the home. Enjoy!

    11. Rocky Beck on

      The book is printed so well, it's wonderful to the touch! I am about 50 pages in and I love learning about Montessori principals! Thank you!

    12. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Adam Preljevic - Yes, even though we checked and checked again, I found some typos too. Always learning and something we can fix in our next print run. But I am so happy that you are satisfied and it is far more than you were expecting. Enjoy!

    13. Simone Davies Creator on

      @S Y Khoo - thank you for your generous words. I hope you will learn a lot and that it makes it easy to put the Montessori principles into practice.

    14. Missing avatar

      Adam Preljevic on

      Our copy arrived today. Aside from a few minor typos, it's fantastic! Beautifully presented & far more in depth than we had even hoped for! Looking very forward to incorporating it into the raising of our daughter.

    15. S Y Khoo on

      Received my copy yesterday. Amazing book — you can feel the immese amount of care and love put into it. Although I'm familiar with the Montessori concept, I've already learned something new, just a few chapters in. Congrats, Simone and team

    16. Simone Davies Creator on

      Jeff Low - my pleasure! Thank you for the kind words. I'm so happy to hear you and your wife are reading together. You will make a fine team :).

    17. Simone Davies Creator on

      Preston Bolton - thank you for the lovely feedback. I am very touched. Enjoy your lovely girl!

    18. Simone Davies Creator on

      CrazyAnaGeek - super exciting. So happy to spread some peace and positivity around the globe. Enjoy!

    19. Jeff Low

      The book arrived safely in our letter box yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful! My wife and I have started and are finding the content tremendously helpful! The points are crystal clear and most elegantly presented!

      Thank you, Simone and team!

      With affection,

    20. Preston Bolton

      Received my book today! Great quality and well written. I can’t stop reading it. Can’t wait to implement the rules and lessons with my 2 year old daughter. Great job! Congratulations. I wish you much success.

    21. CrazyAnaGeek on

      Just got my copy. Thank a lot it's an impressive quality book. Cannot wait to read it. Cheers

    22. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Jeremy - It's so fun to hear the books are arriving all around the globe. It has been my pleasure to create this for you...and deliver a little early ;). So fun! I hope the book will be very useful for you. Warmest wishes, Simone

    23. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Robert Stevens - so happy to hear. It would indeed be a great resource working with young children. Enjoy!

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      Book arrived today! Blown away by how efficiently this campaign has operated compared to another one I'm being burned by.

      Thank you, Simone!

    25. Missing avatar

      Robert Stevens

      Got the book today as well and I am very impressed with the feel and quality of the book started reading and looking forward to dive Into it as I have been working in daycare with children for almost 9 years now

    26. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Raymond Broersen - Enjoy the book. I hope it is very useful. Thank you so much for supporting the project.

    27. Missing avatar

      Raymond Broersen on

      Today I have received the book. Looks and feels good.

    28. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Robert Stevens - I'm not sure if you received the update with the information about delivery. We are on schedule. The books should be shipped in January so some backers may receive them as early as late January or early February.

    29. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Martina - I'm glad we worked it out!

    30. Missing avatar

      Robert Stevens

      And how are we according the delivery schedual? Will it be early or late in the month?

    31. Missing avatar

      Martina on

      I am backer #19 and have pledged 25€
      I now think this is not enough because I cannot finalize my survey with shipping address and see in my section no rewards. Anyone can help? Thank you

    32. Missing avatar

      Robert Stevens

      I believe a physical copy is best as well, but wear and tear means I would love to have a pdf as backup

    33. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Robert Stevens - I believe that you will get the most out of a physical (eco-printed) book. So, I'm sorry that no pdf or e-book is currently available. Enjoy the book! Not long now...

    34. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Amit - thanks for your patience. The book is at the printers. Hopefully you received an update tonight. We are all on schedule and looking forward to shipping the books in the new year.

    35. Missing avatar

      Robert Stevens

      Is there a possibility of getting a pdf of the book as well?

    36. Missing avatar

      Amit on

      Hi creator, any updates since the last one at the end of October?

    37. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Robert Stevens - thanks for your message. Yes, you'll be hearing from me this week! Exciting. I'm just coming out of book editing mode and will be delivering the bonuses + collecting shipping information in the coming week. Thanks for your patience. Watch this space!

    38. Missing avatar

      Robert Stevens

      Any updates? October is. Ear to an end and haven’t heard anything about the free pdf or anything.

    39. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Wyatt Ward - could you message me your email and I'll arrange a Paypal invoice instead :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Wyatt Ward on

      Having issues on my end with making my payment. Have backed multiple Kickstarters before but since this one is collected out if the US my credit card keeps rejecting it. Any ideas for a work around?

    41. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Shirlene Ling Yes, a Montessori Baby one would be fun too. So happy to share about Montessori for Toddlers - I love working with this age group and their parents!

    42. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Emily Draper How lovely! It will be perfect timing for you. Thanks so much. Enjoy!

    43. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Rob Warner Thanks so much for supporting this project. And so happy to share my experience of Montessori at home. Can't wait to post it to you in February.

    44. Missing avatar

      Shirlene Ling on

      Congratulations Simone! I've been anticipating to read your book and hope there will be a second one "The Montessori Baby" in the future as not much detailed information I can find elsewhere except from Tim Seldin's "How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way". Thank you for giving us the mothers on how to start guiding our toddlers the Montessori way. With blessings.

    45. Missing avatar

      Emily Draper on

      Congrats Simone! I am so excited for the book to come out! I am a teacher in Canada and I have always had a passion for Maria Montessori's system and philosophies. Now that I just had my first baby 5 months ago, I can finally start implementing her methods into the upbringing of my son. I love how your book is aimed at toddlers cause this is exactly what we need and it's the perfect age to start introducing Montessori to children. Thank you for creating this!

    46. Rob Warner on

      Congratulations Simone! Our daughter attends a Montessori nursery, so we're excited to be able to continue the same style of learning for her at home.

    47. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Till Schäfer There is a great book called Montessori Madness written by a Montessori parent. This may give you a better idea of what happens in a Montessori preschool, although there are less concrete examples as to how to implement at home. I think you would get value out of both - maybe buy The Montessori Toddler and read the bits that apply, then pass onto a friend with a toddler who might need help with toileting and sleeping :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Till Schäfer on

      Interesting someone brings this up. My daughter just turned four. Will this book still help me in dealing with everyday problems? I understand that the principles are valid throughout the childhood, but will the book help now?
      My daughter already attends a Montessori Kindergarten in germany and I was hoping to better understand their methods.
      Greetings from germany.

    49. Simone Davies Creator on

      @Stephen Dahlheimer Thanks for your message Stephen! Yes, I think there is still a lot of the book (probably around 70%) that would still be useful for a 3.5 year old.

      All the principles still apply regardless of age - I'm still using the same approach with my teenagers - but the examples in the book are toddler aged ;)

      Thanks for backing the project. I hope you enjoy it. And perhaps can then pass it on to someone with a toddler.

    50. Stephen Dahlheimer on

      I have a 3 1/2 year old. Is there still something to get out of your book with older kids?

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