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Beautifully designed high capacity charger with built-in retractable cords that will power an iPad, iPhone, Android & more
1,000 backers pledged $139,170 to help bring this project to life.

POP Update #11

Posted by James Siminoff (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Today we made the difficult decision to refund everyone’s POP pledge. You will see the refund come through on your credit card statement in the next few days. If you do not see the refund please contact us at

Here are some facts around our decision:

1. The reason we are doing the refund is that we are being contacted by numerous backers every week asking for refunds for different circumstances. At this point our delay has been long enough that we agree with these backers and therefore felt it was best to do a full refund.

2. We are still working on the product and hope to have something out by the end of summer, or early fall. We are still convinced that there is an unmet need for the POP product – in fact just this week my wife was asking what we can do about all of the cords on the table next to our couch. We strongly believe that there is a need for a retractable cord reel, multi-device charger.

3. We apologize for not sending out an update sooner. We have been working with Amazon in order to do this refund and while they have been extremely helpful, the process is not one that can be done overnight. Our aim was to issue these last month.

4. Amazon has decided to reimburse us for the credit card fees (approximately 3%, or $4,000). Kickstarter will not be refunding our fees (5%, or $7,000). We understand Kickstarter’s position on this, considering they opened up their platform to us and the refund was ultimately our decision. Regardless, we will be refunding everyone 100% of their pledge, meaning we will cover the Kickstarter fee.

While many of you are going to be disappointed by this message, we do believe this is the best course of action. We will still be working on the product, and once we have factory made prototypes that are MFI approved, we will send out an update and allow everyone who backed this Kickstarter campaign to buy the product at a steep discount.

If the credit/debit card you used to pay has since changed, been canceled, or is no longer active, you can sign in to your Amazon Payments account and they will provide detailed instructions on how to receive your refund.

If you have any questions/comments please feel free to contact me anytime.




Mobile: 917-412-4747


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    1. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Stephen – thank you.

      @Alexender – it was definitely a combination of factors, the Lightning being one of them.

      @Adam – thanks

      @Chris and Justin – we agree, we would have loved to be able to deliver POP instead of refunds.

      @Michelle – can you please email us and we'll get this resolved? thanks

      @William – we'll be sure to notify you.

      @Vince – it was a change we didn't want to make but was necessary in order for POP to have any long term success.

      @Neil – we appreciate your kind words.

      @Aaron – I love your enthusiasm. You will definitely be added to the list.

      @Isaac – thanks. We will be sure to save your contact information.

    2. Steven Soch on

      Like many in this thread, its sad to hear that for the time being, POP is not going to be coming out. But you guys have a great idea, a great design, and a market to sell it to. I'll be waiting for when the new POP comes to us consumers.

    3. Simon on

      I still want mine, and I wanted to know if I would get the same price as my pledge?

    4. Isaac Alvarez on

      This sucks, i really would want to have a POP and it did not matter if i had to wait because it is an awesome product. Still i get why you take this decision. Please be sure to send a mail when you are launching again the pop, i sure will be one of the first to buy it. Best of luck.

    5. Missing avatar

      aaron Churchill on

      I am saddened by this greatly. You have an amazing product and you are truly an innovative, moral and sincere person. I would have gladly waited til the end of summer. So many other projects have made us wait much longer. Please ensure i end up on your list of people that get notified when you are back up and running. I would say "good luck on the future", but that seems unnecessary as your future is already written and will be very successful. Sincerely, apc. A proud contributor.

    6. Neil Dorset on

      Although it's a disappointing decision you have made the correct call and this only adds to the professional manner in which you have conducted yourselves throughout this project. I wish you well in getting the prototype up and running and making it available to us.

    7. Vince Averello on

      Once again done in by a post-closing change. No one, technically, backed a POP with Lightning connectors but the project team changed the product anyway.

    8. Sonvar on

      Sad to hear this I was looking forward to this. I'm still definitely interested in buying a POP once it's complete

    9. Michelle Hermark on

      An understandable decision, a bit disappointing. However, my credit card number has changed, I did go to Amazon Payments and found no information at all on how to resolve this and get my refund. Please be more specific.

    10. MOKU on

      Not good news at all....

    11. Justin Shawley on

      This ruined my day. Hopefully better news will come directly.

    12. JoshyKyll on

      To bad to hear that, I was yay an update they are making it after all and the have progress, i didn't mind that the project would be delay, i really want that project was done, but your decision is full supported. I was wishing to have those in my house so in a emergency there is POP, and POP would save the day. Please don't let these project die or any other in the future I wish to see it in the market or in other place.
      Wish you well.

    13. Adam Thomas on

      Very sad, but I totally understand. I look forward to hearing from you late this year. Big props.

    14. Alexander Baron Lash on

      I'm saddened by this - I feel like you guys got nailed by the change to Lightning and Apple's failure to meet demand for Lightning parts. I see a bunch of OEM cables tying up resources and almost nothing useful or innovative - let alone anything as awesome as POP.

      Looking forward to buying POP again once you get the prototype approved!

    15. Stephen Warren on

      A very respectable decision. Please keep us informed of how it goes!