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Beautifully designed high capacity charger with built-in retractable cords that will power an iPad, iPhone, Android & more
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And We're Back...

Posted by James Siminoff (Creator)

As you know on Thursday we sent you an update that because of Apple’s rules around Lightning we would be canceling POP. The story got A LOT of news and reactions, way more than we could have ever imagined. In fact it became such big news that 24 hours after we posted Apple changed their guidelines for Lightning.

It was an incredible turn of events for us. We never could have imagined that we would be able to change Apple’s rules.

Based on Apple's change we can make POP the way we had promised and the project is back on. We will not be processing refunds and are going full speed ahead to produce and deliver the product to you ASAP.

We hope to do another update in the next 7-10 days to give you a new estimated delivery date.  

Happy Holidays and thank you to everyone that has stood by us and helped us through this process. We are thrilled to finally be able to bring this great product to you. 


PS. We have been receiving a lot of requests from new customers that want to buy POP which can be done at


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    1. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Adam and @Sergio: (Adam – I replied earlier to your message, but just to reiterate...) We will be releasing a big update in the next week, however, in the meantime if either of you would like a full refund, please let me know and I'll issue it asap. Thanks.

    2. Adam Thomas on

      Any update on this? If it's a no-go, I'll take the refund you offered a few months ago. If it is moving forward, please advise.

    3. Sergio Morel on

      Haven't heard anything in more then 2 months, a update would be great right about now....

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam Grace on

      update on ship date please

    5. Chris Conner on

      Ended up buying one from the website. Really looking forward to it!

    6. Daren Han on

      any updates to the estimated delivery date?

    7. Missing avatar

      Anthony Garcia on

      Congrats on the turn of events! This is going to be real cool if I can bring to SXSW *fingers crossed*

    8. James Siminoff Creator on

      Just wanted to thank everyone for the support we've received. You have all been awesome in helping us get to this point. It's tough to answer particular questions or concerns will this format, so if you'd like to send me a message I'd be more than happy to talk.

    9. Jaber Mohammad on

      Great news! You have tripled your credibility in the last few days!

      Good Luck guys. Looking forward to getting my Pop charger.


    10. David Gaipa

      Sounds like a power to the people moment! Glad to see we can change apple to the reasonable side of things. Can't wait to get a POP now.

    11. Missing avatar

      David on

      I laughed out loud when I heard apple changed their policy. That's a truly amazing feat you just pulled off, congrats. And people need to stop bitching about the 30 pin connectors, it's not difficult to slap on either the adapters or the whole cables. There are plenty of people who will still have old apple products and changing to all lightning would screw them over. If you have 4 + new iPhones and iPads, you can afford a $25 adapter.

    12. Sciurvilla on

      This a really appreciate Christmas news!!! Had some problems but now we're on the way again! Well done!!!

      @Peter Murmak @Maxim Mrozov maybe you have money to thrown out of window but not everybody want/need to change their device every 6 month. I still have old ipod (5th/6th gen) that are working well. Why I have to change? I prefer iPhone 4S to the new remote control that is the iPhone 5! Also my iPad and iTouch of the "old generation" are working Only speeches of fanboy...

    13. Michelle Hermark on

      But Apple lifting the ban on multi-charger items and trying to play it off as a comparability thing that's been fixed is good too. :D

    14. Michelle Hermark on

      If I'm honest, I was looking forward to the refund. :P :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian T on

      People need to stop trying to change the design, now that they have approval. 2x30-pin and 2xLightning is fine. If you really think you need more Lightning connections, then use the **2** free USB ports on the bottom. I don't know why people are acting like they don't already have their own cables. You may need to think about managing your usage, if you somehow have all these iDevices needing to be charged at the same time. There is no reason to ditch the 30-pin connection just to appease the few that won't be needing it.

      Personally, and I'm sure there are others that agree, having a version that strictly had USB ports would have sufficed to satisfy all desired configurations. However, given the following statement by James, if I am interpreting it correctly, it feels like this product is less directed at consumers, and more toward businesses (including hotels):

      "We had a lot of interest from major retailers on POP when it was a iPhone/Android/Blackberry/mini-USB charger, as a stand alone USB battery charger that interest was not as strong."

      I would assume the integrated cables would mean that there is less of an issue in terms of theft of cables. In any case, it definitely made the product certification much more [needlessly] complicated.

    16. Vince Averello on

      By "the way we had promised", I'm hoping that means the POP will have four micro-USB cables.

    17. Ryan Born on

      Amazing turn of events. Woohoo!

    18. Maxim Morozov

      I think Petr is right and POP need only Lightning connectors. In next September 100 % I'll change both 4s on 5 (g/s/...) and two 30pins connectors will be useless.

    19. Missing avatar

      Petr Murmak on

      Hmmm, I would really love to have just Lightning connectors. Yes, now I have some devices with 30pin, but in a year or two having just two Lightnings would be really bad...

    20. Eb Appeti on

      Fantastic, is it gonna have 2 Lightning and 2 30 pin?

    21. Missing avatar

      Marsalek Family on

      In the words of Timmy Terwelp & Lanny...

      "Best Christmas Ever!"

    22. Joanna Chia on

      YES! I am awake and you are making me even wide awake at 2.13am... Can't wait to get POP!

    23. Wang Jun Lem on

      Wonderful. You, sir, have just gotten me all excited at 2am. I'm still not sure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing.

    24. MOKU on

      That's really good news.....