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Beautifully designed high capacity charger with built-in retractable cords that will power an iPad, iPhone, Android & more
1,000 backers pledged $139,170 to help bring this project to life.

POP Update

Posted by James Siminoff (Creator)

To all of our loyal backers–

I’ll never forget the moment when our campaign passed the $50,000 goal and our dream of powering dying batteries became tangible. Our promise was simple: provide a portable charger that was capable of powering ALL of your devices including the anticipated iPhone 5, which at the time, had not been released.

When Apple officially announced the move to Lightning we determined the best course of action was to incorporate two Lightning chargers, and two 30-pins (along with the four micro-USB’s). After applying to Apple (which is now required for Lightning), we learned that they are no longer willing to approve a product that uses the Lightning charger alongside any other charger (including their own 30-pin – seriously). Just like that, POP could no longer fulfill its true promise.

As we struggled with Apple we realized that Kickstarter did not have a mechanism for refunding everyone their money. Since we are not willing to compromise and build a crappy product, refunding the money is the only acceptable thing to do.

This sparked the idea that crowdfunding of physical products needed a place that was built around the intricacies they present; so a few weeks ago we launched our own crowdfunding site, Christie Street. Built from the ground up around product, Christie Street is designed to handle needs that can arise from products – such as refunds – in order to prevent compromised products from being delivered.

In order to process refunds efficiently we are going to set you all up with Christie Street accounts, and there, you will be able to process your refund. Since payment processing has little to no room for error, we still have some final testing to do before we can send out the instructions, so the plan is set for mid-January. Conversely, had we manually sent out the refunds to all 1,000 backers the process would probably have gone even longer.

Providing full refunds means we will have to absorb a hit for both credit card (3%) and Kickstarter fees (5%) totaling over $11,000. Today we asked Kickstarter for the 5% fee they collected based on the circumstances, however regardless of their decision YOU WILL RECEIVE 100% OF YOUR MONEY BACK.

We don’t believe in selling a substandard, compromised product that only satisfies the needs of a few backers, as that was not our promise. So we can’t thank you enough for your incredible support and awesome feedback – we hope to collaborate again with you soon. If you have any issues please email or call my cell (917)412-4747.

All the best,

P.S. If you know anyone at Apple please send them coal for their stockings, on behalf of us :)


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    1. Hans Verhoeven on

      Hi James. First heard the Bad news. No POP. I was really disappointed. I saw a lot of buzz on Dutch and Swiss Apple sites about this, what was a good sign. Now Apple changed their policy and i'm happy again. Please, please go on with this Project as intended.

    2. Vince Averello on

      I'm going to be a bit peeved if it doesn't have the four micro-USB cables that were in the design I backed.. That is a major change to the design that was given at funding time. I backed a product with Apple support only because it was part of a product with EQUAL microUSB support. Yes, it still has the USB ports but that's not on par with the built-in cables.

    3. James Siminoff Creator on

      @John POP will have 2-4 x micro-USB's, 2 x Apple 30 PIN, 2 x Apple Lightning and 2 regular USB's underneath to plug into. We are figuring out the exacts on the micro's based on how we can attach lighting. Give us a few days to figure everything out but we will not forget about the USB people for Apple or vice versa.

    4. John Michael Guerrero on

      So what happens to the supporters of POP who backed the product just for the USB charger of this? :T

    5. James Siminoff Creator on

      Well Apple might have changed their guidelines. We are checking with our manufacturer (that is how the process with Apple works) and if it is true then we will be making POP! Hopefully we will know for sure in the next 7-10 days (the holidays might impact this). As soon as we do we will tell everyone. I will also be writing up a update and sending to everyone in the next 24 hours.
      And @Sciurvilla I think I am going to hand deliver your POP:)

    6. Luis Gasco on

      I'm interested in the only USB version. My Nexus 7, HTC One V and my Kindle will be happy with it :P

    7. YiJazz Chew on

      Why not just create the POP with just 2 micro usb and the rest just with usb port if Apple doesn't allow. We should make an unforgettable product and show that Apple missed such a great chance to cooperate with POP. Show them that without Apple, POP is still successful, no matter what !

    8. Dmitri Zdorov on

      Apple has a tiny adapter that goes from micro USB to lightning. All you have to do is to create the station with either old apple-style 30 pin connector, mini-USB (for Android phones) and micro-USB for kindle and to use with Apple branded adapter. It all will work just fine.

    9. Steven Soch on

      The moment you do another project for a Micro USB / USB style POP, I'll be backing it. As others have said, I was in it mainly for my android devices, the Apple connections were for my friends if they needed to use it. The design was great, the capacity was stellar, and I think it is still viable as a product.

    10. Morten Nyrup on

      I backed the project for the Usb/micro-USB alone. T
      he Apple connections would never be used.
      I think that the lack of question´s for usb, was because they were already mentioned.
      if there were any kind of usb connection we could make it work.
      Only apple products are so locked.
      Release it as intended, let apple users solve it, should not be that big of a deal for them.

    11. Daren Han on

      I think the pop has two available usb slots for usb cables. Backers can easily get lightning cables from apple store no problem.

      If there is another project for usb version, I will be willing to back it.

    12. Brad Dancer

      So much drama, do a survey monkey or similar free survey and you'll find out how many people care. Sounds like you want to back out regardless, but why not do it with some facts? Not hard to do.

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Nielsen on

      Dear god, this is ridicules.
      Apple still making messed up decisions thinking they are the best company in the world is one thing, James Siminoff not realizing on a world wide basis more android phones are being sold than iPhones.
      Not to mention other phones and other devices such as ebook readers, music players and so on.
      I really don't get why the lightning adapters is such a big problem, it wasn't even part of the original product.
      I pledged to this product because of the USB adapters only, tbh I were properly going to snap the apple adapters off when I got it.
      I personally would be more than happy just getting the Micro-USB or even a modded one with only USB plugs.

    14. Sciurvilla on

      Thanks @Kippy for your post. Very interesting article and comments.

    15. Kippy on

      As I have already posted the below at the comment section of this project. I feel I should post here as well to get feed back from my fellow backers. Everyone might call me crazy.

      I have commented regularly here, so I have a lot of bottled up frustrations.
      After reading through a lot of the comments, especially James' responses, it seems like he has no intention of bring the POP to us, especially when he will redesign and try to get our pledges again.
      Why redesign? Just ship what was originally designed and nearly everyone will be happy. Without a doubt, the next version of POP will be hosted by his own crowd funding site, which is something I will not go to. At this point, James is just using Apple as an excuse to not produce the POP to us.
      Excuses such as (paraphrasing): "I promised to bring the POP with lightning and I will keep my promise." This seems like taking the high/ honorable route, but it seems like an excuse since there are so many people are willing to forgo lighting compatibility. Instead of producing the original design, he will redesign and ask us to "re-vote with your dollars" most likely at his own site.
      Take a look at this Verge article.
      The comments there are quite interesting. I believe some of the commenters' concerns that there are underlying reasons James will not give us the POP.
      If James gives up so EASILY with one minor obstacle of Apple not allowing this to happen, I have reservations about backing his future endeavors.
      I am not sure how transferring us over to his own crowdfunding site will expedite the refund process since ALL of our information will have to transfer over to his site. Additionally, most of us will have to create accounts at his site to boost membership/ viewership/ or just spamming us. Then again, that's probably what James wants, to increase his own site's visibility.
      I will be happy to get my refund. I will spend it on other external batteries, such as Anker and New Trent which can be easily found at Amazon.

    16. James Siminoff Creator on

      Hear you all loud and clear. Honestly we are figuring out what to do next. We really thought today was the end of POP and maybe that was a mistake.

      Thanks for all of your comments (even the less flattering ones) as they do help.


    17. Wang Jun Lem on

      @Sciurvilla I am as equally disappointed in the lack of POP as you are, as are many others. I suppose what you said makes sense, and I'm glad James got the message. heh. Power to you.

      @James We're pretty much dying to know what your future plans are, so don't keep us waiting. :p

    18. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Sciurvilla Understand your points and sorry that we did not live up to your expectations. Happy to chat anytime in more depth about this if you want to.

    19. Sciurvilla on

      Dear James,

      Maybe I am badly explained, I'm not talking about the refund (obviously appreciated) but what you have given to justify not implementing the project. YOU have written:

      "-Doing a USB only would have satisfied some of you but would have lowered our volume to a point where it would be much more expensive to make the product.
      -Kickstarter and crowd funding should be the start of a product not the end. We had a lot of interest from major retailers on POP when it was a iPhone/Android/Blackberry/mini-USB charger, as a stand alone USB battery charger that interest was not as strong."

      I have not pledged to open a company or future markets, but to have a product, and this will no happen, hence my disappointment. It is the Pop what interesting, doesn't matter for the cables, we have as many as we want and this is not a problem even if he had taken a USB or Micro-USB (the world does not revolve around only to Apple, we all have other devices can use).

      That said, it is still your decision but, of course, you can not expect us to feel satisfied (even if I were to repeat the project, how many months take? Already we have waited so long ...)

    20. Joel Stickney on

      Don't be silly, you have an amazing product. I was interested in buying this with strictly lightning in mind to charge all of the devices that Apple has planned for the future. A four lightning port version is not crazy. Nor is a four micro-USB port version (we can simply buy lightning adapters for those two micro-USB ports and then BAM, we have the original product you promised).

      I think it's insane to scrap the idea completely; you had a lot going for you with the poppy product. Granted, I was most excited about a future solar panel expansion; I still think the original idea could work and be quite successful.

      So, here's my two cents, make a poll. You obviously have options (you labeled them as "crappy" options, but a lot of us probably don't think so). So, add those options to the poll and let us, the backers, tell you what we think. We could want our money back, or we could want you to keep this going. Find out.

    21. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Sciurvilla I appreciate everyone's comments but on yours I am going to have to aks how does the math work. We will eat $11,000 in refunding the money and give back in total $139,000. How does that make us more money in the future?

      We are honestly shocked by how many people want just the USB version. During the campaign the most frequent question we had was around iPhone 5 support, which made us think that was a very important thing for everyone.

      We will look at doing a USB only and if we do it will be a new campaign and we will allow people to revote with their dollars for what in our opinion is a different product then the POP that is currently presented.

      We will send out another update in a few days once we have time to process all of this info.

      Also I have been very active on my email and phone, both of which are published above. Fell free to ping me and if you want challenge me on the decision. We are learning also through this process.

    22. Sciurvilla on

      +Wang Jun Lem since you're talking about what I wrote (and I wrote it to give a strong signal, I know is not real possible), I've a question for you: help or encourage to do what? A failure? A renege on their promises? Run away, in my honest opinion, is just an easy way to escape their responsibility. What is not correct is that the failure is based on expectations of higher earnings in the future (as the project is still viable) without respect for those who believed in him and his ideas.

      But perhaps you see it in a different way , stay well...

    23. Wang Jun Lem on

      Nicely put, Ben. Personally as much as I would like to see this design come to fruition, I'm not too disappointed with what has transpired. The decision to send out the email to tell everyone this project has completely collapsed must have been quite a tough move for James himself. So I say, be supportive of whatever James has done and will do in the future. Threats of a class-action lawsuit or demanding double of what was originally pledged is, in my honest opinion, not going to help or encourage James and his team of people.

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Blasco on

      I agree with much of what has already been said - make POP with both USB and microUSB ports and let us supply the cables we need for our devices. I'd still support that.

    25. Simon on

      I am with everyone else who still wants the POP without Lightening built into it. I would like to remind you that there are after market options for lightening cables, and if you would not like to go that route you can always make 4 30 pin connectors and (try to get a bulk business discount from apple for their 30pin-lightening adapters) or I don't mind having to but the adapter myself, I actually have two already for my speakers docks and i can use those. Please don't give up on something great just because of one road bump " What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"...

    26. Missing avatar

      Bryan Laseter on

      Very disappointed that I will not be getting my POP. Between my wife and I we have 2 blackberry phones, a kindle fire, galaxy nexus, and a handful of older iPods. I would still love to get one of these. Also, the original product wasn't advertised as having lightening chargers so I would love to get what I paid for in the first place.

    27. Robert Erlick

      I have given up on Apple and their elitist attitude since the original iPad. They will just not let you do what you want to do...only what they want you to do. I hope you reconsider, and deliver without ANY apple connectors! By the way, anyone considering a new iPad vs the Nexus 10, you can play any HD format (videos) on the Nexus, and only Apple's format on the iPad. Par for the Apple course.

    28. Joanna Chia on

      21/12..... this is end of the world? No... I am still alive! Saw this post and I was rather disappointed with the outcome. It is not the end of the world yet, at least not yet! I have been waiting for this for a while and will be willing to wait longer for it - e it with or without the lightening cables whatsoever... give it the usb or micro-usb, as I have the cables, adapters etc. Since the product is already in production, dun kill it! Bring life to it! (p.s. I was thinking to sell off my Android till I remember that I have 'invested' in POP Station... and held on to it!)

    29. Neil Dorset on

      Highly disappointing news. As per most on here I don't care about Lightning adapters (if I need that I'll use the 2 USB ports underneaith) but I was really looking forward to this for my (old) Apple phone and (new) Android phone and tablets.

      Please reconsider and make the original design without shitty Apple stuff so the rest of the world can give the "bird" to those that want to control everything.

    30. Ben Thomson on

      Sigh, not being able to edit comments... should read "Allowing refunds and changing the product mid-stride will NOT allow for any realistic budgeting to occur"

    31. Ben Thomson on

      One thing people have to remember is that the product was advertised as having certain features. This is not a decision I imagine they have made lightly (they are offering a refund at a loss). They are thinking about the future of their company. You were not backing for just a product, but for a company to get a start. If they make the product you would be happy with, not only are they breaking faith with people who backed under the assurance that it would have "Feature X", but they are potentially limiting future sales.

      For my part, I would be happy for it to simply come with USB / Micro USB. However my opinion is meaningless when compared to commercial realities. I think the best way forward would probably be to process all the refunds, and start a second Kickstarter for the modified version. It wouldn't be fair on some existing backers to arbitrarily remove the iPhone connectors. You also can't just refund those people and commit to the rest to continue as you need a certain minimum guaranteed amount to commence manufacturing. Allowing refunds and changing the product mid-stride will allow for any realistic budgeting to occur.

      Yes it sucks that it has to be this way, but as a company with a reputation to consider (and not just the reputation to backers but in the wider industry) this is probably the way it would have to be.

    32. David Berglund on

      I agree with many of the other commenters entirely.. Make it microUSB only! I want my POP! :D
      I'll taken a refund for now but I really to see this product on the market soon!


    33. Sciurvilla on

      Eh no!!! We want the Pop you promise us. The cables are not a problem, just come out with USB port (also with 4 retractable if want/possible) but realize the project (and don't worry, I'm sure that we can replace the cables after-market with some non-official chinese cables)!!! Is too easy to escape just saying "there is no market for the product in the future!!!". We didn't trust in you to build your Company (we are not members) but for have what you promise us!!!! I'm really upset, I thought you were a serious person but I have to think again, we've supported you and you thought only of yourself (In fact, it seemed strange that your insistence on lightiningh). Ok for the refund if you decide to failure BUT I WANT TO BE REFUNDED FOR THE DOUBLE OF MY PLEDGE FOR THE DISAPPOINTMENT AND DECEPTION THAT I HAD TO SUFFER! Maybe a class action will be the right way to finish this story!!!!! And finally, if you're going to propose other projects, do not do more with your name from here on out ... do you no longer believe (with your ideas better than try to do the shark on Wall Street).


      No, regards....

    34. Missing avatar

      Paul Watson

      I too want you to continue making the POP in its original form. I will even buy 2 more at pledge pricing to help make up lost orders

    35. Kirpa Singh Gulati

      I think you need to listen to your customers. Yes, I understand your disappointment, but every market is created and served based on what the people expect. Ideally, you should and need to send out a simple backer survey and gauge the responses. If pretty much everyone is on board for the POP minus the lightning connectors (which u get when u buy an iProduct anyhow), then you should still stick to your commitment. And not out of obligation, but rather to honor your word and the trust/faith we had in you. Taking this decision without really listening to us.....? I think THAT would be a major mistake. Just my $0.02.

    36. Derek van Vliet

      I'm very disappointed to hear this product will not be shipping. I appreciate the refund gesture, but I would much prefer a version of POP that only has USB ports. I'm an iPhone 5 user.

    37. Brian

      Almost all battery backup/recharging batteries don't have specific adapters, so the fact POP won't have an adapter shouldn't kill this project. Your project has more output then its competition which is the defining aspect for your POP and brand. Adapters aren't required, just USB ports. Grant it, it would be nice to have them, but that shouldn't be enough to kill this. Please reconsider. I was really looking forward to my 2 pops (since I'm a $275 backer). I assure you this product would still have a market to cater too if you did reconsider.

    38. James Nguyen

      Like many of the comments below, I too don't require a lightning plug. MicroUSB and USB are industry standards so their inclusion makes complete sense rather than a connection that has just been superseded or another that has yet to be as mass adopted as the previous (and at the moment, only applicable to ONE product). And its not like iPhone users wouldn't be able to use this; almost everything can be charge via a USB cable these days (which makes the top storage even more useful!). I hope you reconsider - a lot of people are interested in this product beyond simply charging a iThing.

    39. Missing avatar

      jcip on

      i don't care about the lightning cables
      just the microusb is fine

    40. Carl Hancock on

      This is a massive bummer. I have no need for 30 pin connectors as we've switched over entirely to the lightning connectors as we upgraded our iPhones and iPads to the latest models. I hate having to have multiple cable types. A POP with 4 lightning cables would have been perfect for me. Why not just make POP without ANY cables and just USB ports? BRING YOUR OWN CABLE. I could easily plugin 4 lightning cables of my own if it provided the USB ports. Please don't kill the POP idea entirely. It's clear from these comments that there is a market.

    41. Justin Shawley on

      I'm upset as well to hear that the project is being killed. I think you'd be quite surprised to find out how many people would be interested without the Lightning connector. I was interested with micro-USB and 30-pin. I think the few people who need/want Lightning would be willing to shell out for an adapter to make it work. There are plenty of people with Android and iPhone 4S and below. iPhone 5 doesn't hold the bulk of the market share.

    42. Kent Martin on

      Also quite disappointed. I too only want micro-usb, and do feel a bit screwed by Apple even though I didn't want a product that needed to do anything with them or their kit.

      James, when considering the 'optional refund', I do ask you to remember that the EU has now mandated that all phones must charge by micro-usb - in part to avoid absurd situations like this (the other part afaik is environmental) - this is why Apple include a bundled adapter, to circumvent this law. I know know of any other supplier that does a bundled adapter - they take a much simpler approach and just put micro usb ports in their devices.

      I resent the wait for Apple. I resent that Apple refuses to allow completely reasonable uses of their standards.

      The thrust of all this is that I expect most of your EU backers wouldn't care less about apple connectors.

      I feel sad, and, I hope you change your mind.

      I too am a $450 backer.

      Doing a very quick count below, I found > 20 devices requested for just micro-usb.

      That's $3k, or 6% of your goal in less than an hour, without even asking anyone!

    43. Joseph De Santis on

      I woulf be happy with usb ports and a normal 2/3 prong adapter for tablets or other parts

    44. Missing avatar

      Michael Schuh on

      I too would love to get a POP just with USB/30-pin Connectors. If I really need the new Lightning Port I would rather buy a lightning adapter than relinquish the amazing POP.

      (Sorry 4 errors; my native language is german)

    45. Sonvar on

      I would be happy to get the product as it was originally thought up as without the Lightning adapter rather than get a refund

    46. Wang Jun Lem on

      (sidenote: hell, you can even patent the exchangeable tops idea, I think. haven't seen a product like this before.)

    47. Wang Jun Lem on

      Thank you for your response James. Just to share with you my reasons for pledging, I was very impressed with the mAh-per-volume capacity of POP, as well as the expandable top. Having an iPhone charger is of course a plus, but I think it would hardly deter me (or for many people in the comments, for that matter) from buying the charger. Even though you have lost that one selling point, you can also expand the idea of having different tops - solar panel charging, laptop charging (!), wireless charging even.

      To me, the project was more than just a portable charger. It was the amalgamation of such different concepts that when combined gives off a feeling of Apple's "why-have-I-not-thought-of-this-before" bedazzling. I pledged (albeit only $1for the future discount) because I believed this was so much more than your run-of-the-mill charger that you could get off the street. I think many of us share the same sentiments, and I hope it was more than that to you, too! If I didn't sound desperate enough already: please reconsider! D:

    48. James Siminoff Creator on

      Also based on the feedback we might re-release POP for say USB only but we need to figure out if that is a big enough market before we do that.

    49. James Siminoff Creator on

      Ok going to try and give some quick adds of info.

      - We could not do Lighting USB cables or adapters as Apple controls both of those and even wholesale they sell above $25 a piece.

      -Doing a USB only would have satisfied some of you but would have lowered our volume to a point where it would be much more expensive to make the product.

      -Kickstarter and crowd funding should be the start of a product not the end. We had a lot of interest from major retailers on POP when it was a iPhone/Android/Blackberry/mini-USB charger, as a stand alone USB battery charger that interest was not as strong.

      -Please contact me at or my cell 917-412-4747 if you are upset or feel we should have done things differently. I am happy to chat with anyone.

    50. Pascal Reintjens on

      As I am an android user, I only need Micro-USB adapters. Couldn't you make the refunding optional and offer instead a Micro-USB only version? It seems like I'm not the only android user, please reconsider your decision ;)