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Beautifully designed high capacity charger with built-in retractable cords that will power an iPad, iPhone, Android & more
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Update from our manufacturer

Posted by James Siminoff (Creator)

First, to all of our backers – thank you for being so understanding with the delay caused by the new Apple Lightning adapters.  We have spoken to a lot of you over the last month or so and your positive comments and support has been appreciated.

Just some background for everyone's information...

As we have said previously, Apple has changed the process for using their new Lightning adapter and because of that we are not just able to assume that we can use it in the way we had intended with POP.  You need to be in a MFI (Made for iPhone) factory, which we are, and you need to have every product that uses Lightning approved by Apple.

We just got off the phone with the factory and while our project has not been approved yet, the factory has had a few other projects that are very similar to ours approved in the last few days.  That is great news as we now feel that we should hear back from Apple soon and that the news should be good.

In terms of how this delays us.  As soon as we hear back from Apple we will begin the manufacturing process for POP.  Sadly we can not start before as they may demand a slight change in the design which would be very costly if our tooling has to change.  So when we get the green light it should be no more then 2-3 months from start till delivery.

So based on that we are hoping to deliver in February/March.  We know this is after the deadline that we set and we apologize for the delay.  However, we felt that since we promised a product that would be Lightning compatible that was more important than rushing an inferior product to everyone.

Also we are still doing weekly updates on our blog at


Jamie, John and the rest of the Edison Junior team


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    1. Kent Martin on

      Oh - also, when/how do we submit our images?

    2. Kent Martin on

      Hi James,

      Enthusiastically following progress.

      As I've ordered the 3 x custom pops, I'm wondering if they'll be delayed compared to the rest due to the need to customise/provide pop docks?



    3. James Siminoff Creator on

      Based on our last update there was some confusion on how many lightning and 30 PIN would be on POP. As long as Apple approves what we have submitted we will be doing 2 Lightning adapters and 2 30 PIN adapters on each POP. Those adapters will be mounted onto micro-USB's. So every POP will have 4 retractable cables each one with a micro-USB at the end of it and then the Apple adapters will go onto those.

      We are going to try to manufacture in a way where we can customize the adapters on each POP, meaning if you want all 30 PIN we can do that. However we are not sure yet if that will work or be approved by Apple.

    4. Frank Kelly

      Jim I have no issues with the delays. I completely understand the reason for the delays and the production issues that you are dealing with.