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Beautifully designed high capacity charger with built-in retractable cords that will power an iPad, iPhone, Android & more
Beautifully designed high capacity charger with built-in retractable cords that will power an iPad, iPhone, Android & more
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    1. Kent Martin on

      @James ah, that's unfortunate. Can you offer any hints or ball park ideas now?

    2. James Siminoff Creator on

      We will be sending out a update to all backers with the updated delivery date on Monday the 21st.

    3. Kent Martin on

      It is January 11th, and I am itching for more news!

    4. James Siminoff Creator on

      @william we hope to release the new estimated delivery date by January 11th. We are just confirming all of the delivery times for all of our parts like the lightning adapters.

    5. Missing avatar

      William Hartmann on

      Any word on the estimated delivery date yet?

    6. MOKU on

      I sure needed a POP this week with a 48 hr blackout after our ice storm.

    7. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Frank – will do

    8. Frank Kelly

      That is fine. Please keep me posted on all new developments with accessories for the POP and new products as well. I am interested in the possibility of attaching a solar charging panel to the POP.

    9. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Frank – we're happy as well. We will have the POP Dock for those of you that ordered it, however the Solar top is not a feature that we will have ready for launch. That will take considerably more time to develop. For now, our main focus is getting POP as it was originally designed out our backers in a timely manner.

    10. Frank Kelly

      Glad to here that the Pop is back on the product line with Apples approval of the design. I will be waiting for your next update including a new delivery schedule update. Am I correct in understanding that future accessories for the Pop are now back on the drawing board.

    11. James Siminoff Creator on

      @abdalah – Yes, we will be manufacturing POP. We're aiming to post an updated estimated delivery date in the next 7-10 days.

    12. Abdalah Mrayati on

      I am a little confused ? Are we going to receive our POP chargers or will I get a refund ? And if so when will I get a refund ?

    13. James Siminoff Creator on

      @sciurvilla ok that is a deal. Looking forward to it!

    14. Sciurvilla on

      @Jamies Eheheh...In this case you will be my guest for a great lunch by the lake (I live near Como) with a selection of our best wines while our devices will recharge with Pop you brought me! :)))))

    15. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Kippy Ok fair enough. You are always welcome to come and visit the lab anytime as well. I will hand deliver yours now for sure:)

    16. Kippy on

      @ James Not sure about regaining my trust but I live in Pasadena, CA (not far from Santa Monica), so I will welcome the hand delivery of the POP from you.

    17. James Siminoff Creator on

      Typed to fast, with corrections:

      @Kippy, I understand why you have lost confidence and that is not something that we will get back until we deliver you a POP. What I said at the bottom of the article is true, that if Apple is still not allowing us to do a combo product (Apple and Android charges living on the same device) then we will not make it as it is not what we set out to do.

      However since the ARS article came out Apple PR has confirmed that Lightning can be alongside any variant of USB. So now it is just a few days for us to confirm that this is true. If it is we will make the device and I will now also want to hand deliver it you. Hope that would regain your trust.

    18. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Kippy, I understadn why you have lost confidence and that is not something that we will get back until we deliver you a POP. What I said at the bottom of the article is true, that if Apple is still not allowing us to do a combo product then we will not make it as it is not what we set out to do.

      However since the ARS article came out Apple PR has confirmed that Lightning can be alongside any variant of USB. So not it is just a few days for us to confirm that this is true. If it is we will make the device and I will now also want to hand deliver it you. Hope that would regain your trust.

    19. Kippy on

      Guys. Did you read the Ars article? At the bottom of the article..

      "If it has to be an Apple-only product, and Lightning can't be next to, say, an Android charger, then it's still not something we want to make, Siminoff said after hearing the news about Apple's updated guidelines. "I hope they become customer friendly. Maybe we will be able to do [the POP charger] after all."

      It seems there is "hope" this might continue but James also left a lot of wiggle room for himself. If it is an "Apple-only product" can't be next to an Android charger, he STILL won't make it.

      At the article, there was talk of what he/ his team "believe in." That is extremely arbitrary and can be anything he/ his team wants to "believe in."

      I am gonna guess that in 7-10 days, James will have some other explanation why he cannot produce the POP. Like Sciurvilla, I have lost confidence in the creators.

    20. Brian

      That's fantastic news. I'm glad to see the people still have influence with Apple.

    21. James Siminoff Creator on

      Well Apple might have changed their guidelines. We are checking with our manufacturer (that is how the process with Apple works) and if it is true then we will be making POP! Hopefully we will know for sure in the next 7-10 days (the holidays might impact this). As soon as we do we will tell everyone. I will also be writing up a update and sending to everyone in the next 24 hours.

      And @Sciurvilla I think I am going to hand deliver your POP:)

    22. Sciurvilla on

      @Eb Appeti Don't know, depending on the last decision of Jamie. I really hope so. I want the POP. Also if I don't have any Lightning product. ;oP

    23. Eb Appeti on

      Yeo just saw that, does this mean we are back on?

    24. Sciurvilla on

      @Charles Nicolosi Thanks for your news. ;o)
      Now let's see if there will be other excuses to scupper the project (I'll be cynical, but unfortunately I lost confidence in the creators).

    25. Brian

      Well if POP won't become a reality with this kickstarter project and you will be refunding us, then just send us each a check in the mail. You have all of our info already ....... don't make us jump through any hoops to get our money back, like signing up for another site. If we would like to join your other site, we will separately. Our refunds should be done in a direct manner to insure we are each taken care of. Forcing us to sign up to another site will just cause more confusion, hassle, and take time away from people's already busy schedules. Mail each check with USPS registered mail and you can guarantee everyone gets their check and there is accountability for your company, which will also save a lot of hassle for everyone.

    26. BTO

      I'd vote for two of the original connectors with two more USB spaces so that we can just buy lightning connectors from Apple. Would it be possible to buy them in bulk and loading them into the retractible parts of the device?

    27. Vince Averello on

      I think there was 'so much interest' in Lightning because it was new and in the news. Also, it was announced after your funding date so everyone that pledged money, pledged based on the design as originally presented. So adding Lightning was a change to that. Why didn't you cancel the project based on that change?

    28. Sciurvilla on


      Last thing, why I have to register to your new site to have my money back? Why I have to loose time to register and then cancel my registration when I will have my money back for a your decision? (and hope no spam after this!) You already have our details so, just refund if you want to do. Can you explain us this? And, please, don't ask to send you a personal email or phone call, this is a public discussion that interested all the bakers.

      Thank you for your kindly reply on what above

    29. Kippy on

      @ James Sorry you won't be producing the POP for us. I actually don't think it is all profit driven. I also think it is about increasing members to you new site and getting attention.

      But, like I said, I will be happy to get my money back to invest in other portable battery packs such as:…

      Almost as good as the POP in terms of price/ mAh (I pledged $149). For me, bonus is I can use whatever cable I want to charge my iPhone 4s or Galaxy S3. Additionally, that battery can be recharged with another USB cable instead of a power adapter. That makes it even more portable.

    30. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Kippy Sorry you feel that way. It is/was clear what we promised in the campaign and we would rather refund then deliver a product not as promised. It has nothing to do with profit, making POP would have been much more profitable for us then doing a refund.

    31. Kippy on

      I have commented regularly here, so I have a lot of bottled up frustrations.

      After reading through a lot of the comments, especially James' responses, it seems like he has no intention of bring the POP to us, especially when he will redesign and try to get our pledges again.

      Why redesign? Just ship what was originally designed and nearly everyone will be happy. Without a doubt, the next version of POP will be hosted by his own crowd funding site, which is something I will not go to. At this point, James is just using Apple as an excuse to not produce the POP to us.
      Excuses such as (paraphrasing): "I promised to bring the POP with lightning and I will keep my promise." This seems like taking the high/ honorable route, but it seems like an excuse since there are so many people are willing to forgo lighting compatibility. Instead of producing the original design, he will redesign and ask us to "re-vote with your dollars" most likely at his own site.

      Take a look at this Verge article.
      The comments there are quite interesting. I believe some of the commenters' concerns that there are underlying reasons James will not give us the POP.

      If James gives up so EASILY with one minor obstacle of Apple not allowing this to happen, I have reservations about backing his future endeavors.

      I am not sure how transferring us over to his own crowdfunding site will expedite the refund process since ALL of our information will have to transfer over to his site. Additionally, most of us will have to create accounts at his site to boost membership/ viewership/ or just spamming us. Then again, that's probably what James wants, to increase his own site's visibility.

      I will be happy to get my refund. I will spend it on other external batteries, such as Anker and New Trent which can be easily found at Amazon.

    32. James Siminoff Creator on

      I just want to say that I feel very humbled today from the reaction. I can say that myself and the rest of the Edison Junior team really underestimated two things.

      The first is how much people really liked the POP design and the second is how many of our backers did not care about full Apple support. During the campaign one of the more frequent questions was around iPhone 5 support, so we thought this was something that everyone felt was important.

      Based on all of this feedback we will being looking at doing a new design for POP to release in the next few months. This does not change our decision to refund. We still feel that since the design has changed materially that we want to make sure that everyone gets there money back.

      If we do launch another version of POP we will let you re-vote with your dollars and based on the response I would not be surprised if we raise more money or a USB only product then we did for the current version of POP.

      Thanks again for all of the support and for all of you that are upset we are not shipping we understand your frustration and appreciate your desire for a product that we very much believed in.

    33. Joseph De Santis on

      What makes me laugh is that he has failed to ship the pop and yet he thinks people are going to trust him with Christie street.

    34. Austyn Whittenburg

      If we already have a Christie Street account can you use that one to refund?

    35. Missing avatar

      David Martinich on

      Hi James, I would just like to echo the sentiment of many of the comments posted so far. I am not phased by the lack of a lighting cable for newer apple products. People can either buy a 30 pin adapter or use one of the spare usb ports. I don't think that every backer should be penalised for a small percentage of devices that can still be used with the POP. We backed your project because of the amazing design and utility it can offer, please don't let down the people who have gone out on a limb to support your project.

    36. Kjell Erden on

      the original description did not include a lightning connector, and you have two usb-outlets on the bottom, where one could connect the original Apple lightning cable, if needed.
      So, I can only but agree with the comments below by Nuggen, LBalk ...
      You got the backing, please make the product as presented originaly.

    37. Abdalah Mrayati on

      why don't you ship the POP only with the 30 pin adapter and micro USB models and for the iPhone 5 uses like myself you could include 2-4 apple 30 pin to lightning adapters that would make everyone happy

    38. Eb Appeti on

      Hi James, like many this is frustrating and must be really bad for you guys.

      Is there not an option to produce two models one as originally planned with Micro USB and 30 pin and one with Micro USB and Lightning or just Lightning if that is what Apple require! I'm sure for many backers like myself this would enable individuals to choose the right option for them.

      I know this may present problems initially but eventually and of course incur costs but Lightning will be the standard for all Apple users in time like most changes in standards and Micro USB is already established for many other manufacturers.

      I personally don't want to get a refund but instead wait for a solution to your fantastic product!

      Thanks and good luck.

    39. Missing avatar

      Nuggen on

      This is completey frustrating and confusing at the same time. Why would you not listen to your many backers that are willing to take a product with micro usb and 30-pin support as originally portrayed? Why are you hiding behind the "not OK with shipping a product that is not to the specifications that we promised" when you had absolutely no control of? So what you're saying to all of us is all or nothing? Gee, thaks so much for making the decision for me! I believe there is an underlying issue that you are not willing to discuss, at least if there were I would be more understanding to the decision you are making.

    40. Missing avatar

      jeroen thomas on

      I'm sorry, but I don't get it. OK, so no lightning-connectors, big deal huh? I have an iPhone 5 and I would sure like one, but I can live without. There are other solutions as LBalk already noted. I find this utterly disappointing, to cancel the whole project because of a minor fallback. It's a bit easy to blame only Apple here.

    41. Missing avatar

      LBalk on

      This is a little confusing to me as well, the original POP I signed up for did no have lighting connectors, I have plenty of legacy 30 pin products and others Micro usb products. Apple sells micro USB to lighting and 30 pin to lighting, I don't care if I have to place a connector on the end of the cable. With all that said I assume 4 months have gone by with no commitments to factories, no molds, no sourcing which means it could be May to June before we would possibly see a product for that reason, yes let the refunds begin. Hopefully someone else will take on the project, even if they deliver it with all Micro USB and include a few adapters it would work.

    42. Missing avatar

      Morten Hedegaard on

      Oh no. I was really looking forward to this. I don't care about apple and their shitty policies. I just want a charger for my android phone. And this was perfect. I'm really frustrated now :(

    43. Maxim Morozov

      Bad news. Maybe next time. But I'll wait POP with Solar Top.

    44. Stephen Altemus on

      I am a little confused... Sorry to hear Apple has been a difficult customer however instead of getting permission for a way to make a cable part of the solution you may just offer a way to add a USB connector and you can supply your own cable for the lighting devices. I guess i jut dont completely understand the design. Just wondering really.

    45. Maxim Morozov

      @James: Delay is not important since doomsday was canceled. But maybe be in 2021 ... I'm more interested in POP Solar TOP information. Any news?

    46. Sciurvilla on

      Ok, everything said is ok but, now, we like to have an idea on when we can have the Pop in our hands (with or without the lighthning).

    47. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Daren and @Kippy Still waiting on Apple. We are supposed to have a call with all of the parties involved early next week and should have a major update then.

      Again sorry for the delay and I can say that the only people more frustrated then our backers is myself and the rest of my team.

    48. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Joseph The problem is not just a legacy device but delivering what we said we would. We told every backer that POP would support both the 30 pin and the new iPhone 5. While some people are OK with it not doing both we are not OK with shipping a product that is not to the specifications that we promised.

    49. Daren Han on

      Hi James,

      any updates on when will the manufacturing start for the Pop? the last update on the blog was 11/28 and now there is no update so far.

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