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Beautifully designed high capacity charger with built-in retractable cords that will power an iPad, iPhone, Android & more
Beautifully designed high capacity charger with built-in retractable cords that will power an iPad, iPhone, Android & more
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    1. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Kent – I understand, however we've needed approval/confirmations from other third-parties that we have been working with in order to release this update. I apologize for the delay, but you can expect the update to come soon.

    2. Kent Martin on


      I don't understand the delays in updates. On April 4th you said 1 - 2 weeks (ie, today at latest) for an update that was already looooong overdue. Now you say another week.

      Why not tell us where you are now, then, give more information if and when you have it in another week. Nobody will complain if you do 2 updates instead of 1.

    3. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Mark – expect an update in the next week. We appreciate your enthusiasm :)

    4. Mark Bisignano on


      How's the big update coming? Next week, maybe? Can't wait to get my POP!!

    5. Vaughan Braddon on

      Hi James. Thanks for the reply. No worries there, I'm not looking for a refund at all. After all, I backed your project because I really liked the idea so I definitely want my POP. ;)

      Just a few more updates to keep us informed of the progress is all I'm looking for. Even if it takes you guys another year to sort out everything I'll be happy as long as I'm properly informed of the progress so I know what is happening.

    6. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Vaughan – You bring up a lot of good points. We will be releasing a big update in the next 1-2 weeks. I know that you specifically said that you wanted a more detailed update/status so I apologize for not being able to deliver that. In the meanwhile, I can always issue you a full refund if that's what you would prefer. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

    7. Vaughan Braddon on

      Hi James. I appreciate that you guys are busy and don't want to flood us with updates, but you've been pretty much saying the same thing since the whole lightning connector debacle. Basically I haven't seen an actual progress update since December.

      While I still want my POP, I have to admit that even I am starting to lose confidence in this project. All I ask is that you give us some idea of what is actually being done with this project. Something to at least restore mine and I'm sure a few other backers confidence in you and your product and that you will actually produce what you promised.

      I've had a look at your blog posts as well and there's nothing new there either. The last update was over 2 months ago and basically tells us the same thing about the lightning connectors.

      I think myself and most of your backers would be far happier if you just let us know what is happening. All I can see is that you guys are more focused on other projects and this one has fallen to the wayside, which really upsets me.

      Please update soonest. I'd prefer not to see another post telling me you will update me in 2 weeks and 2 weeks roll by with no updates.

    8. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Erik I totally understand. The plan is still to have 4 micro-USB cords – that part hasn't changed.

    9. Erik Schwartz on

      I do hope we have choices in cord configuration. Those of us who are not part of the Apple cult are pretty annoyed that we've had to wait for you to figure out lightening (which we will never use). It will be even more annoying if we end up stuck with useless, expensive proprietary cords.

    10. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Gerald and Vaughan – I apologize for not sending out updates more frequently. We will send one out in the next 1-2 weeks explaining where we're at with everything. Thanks for being patient.

    11. Vaughan Braddon on

      Agreed, could we have an update please. How far along is the production, have you even started doing anything yet? Please keep us informed on the progress.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gerald Snodgrass on

      Just craving an update...Hope that all is well. Need this at my house so bad. June still the targeted date?

    13. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Austyn – possibly. We'll update everyone when we know for sure what your options are.

    14. Austyn Whittenburg

      @James will we have Flexibility to determine which combo of cords we want?

    15. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Eb That delivery date would be to us. Depending on where you are we do still plan on having the units delivered in June to our end buyers.

    16. Eb Appeti on

      Hi James, is that delivery to you in June or to us?

    17. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Lindsay – that is correct. Our estimated delivery at this point is June so we'll send out the survey when it gets a little closer to the date.

    18. Lindsay Vaiceliunas on

      There haven't been any shipping surveys sent out, correct? I'm trying to go back through projects I've backed because my address has changed..

    19. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Vince – yes, you are correct.

    20. Vince Averello on

      Just to be sure of what I'm currently backing... does the current design include four microUSB connectors at the end of the retractable cables?

    21. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Rune We sent out a few updates detailing the delay. If you want a refund we are happy to give you one or for that matter to any of our backers at this point as we understand the frustration.

      We are still on schedule of June right now. We are not sending out updates for 2 reasons, we want to respect people's email inboxes and we do not have any news that is worth reporting at this time.

      We will get more active on the blog for those of you that want more frequent updates.

    22. Rune Sovndahl on

      I ordered 3 and thought delivery was December ? :( I think it's time to invent a new word kickfail... #kickfail

    23. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Arnaud and @Kippy sorry for the delayed response. As of right now we are still on schedule for the late June early July delivery.

      We have definitely not given up on POP but there is really nothing to post at this point. If anything changes on delivery date or design we will immediately tell everyone.

    24. Kippy on

      Agree with Arnaud. Any additional info/news? Plans on regular updates or progress? How is the certification process going? How long is it suppose to be? How much longer is the wait for certification. I am seeing more and more cheap lightning adapters on the market, so it seems like other companies got the ball rolling long ago.
      Or are you still busy with your other site and product? It seems like you post information there several times a day vs several times a month here.
      Or did you give up on the Pop again?

    25. Arnaud FARINE on

      do you have any news ?

    26. Austyn Whittenburg

      Is it possible to have all lightning/microusb cables? Or all,lighting for that matter? I can't remember what the combinations are anymore.


    27. Kent Martin on

      Looking forward to it :-)

    28. James Siminoff Creator on

      We will be sending out the update around 6-7 pm PST. We have a meeting with the manufacture and rest of team that should be getting out around 5pm today. We will be setting the delivery date in that meeting.

    29. Kent Martin on

      I don't know how the Americans get any work done... they all get out of bed so late!!! ;)

    30. Kent Martin on

      Today's the day.. tra la la la la....

    31. Daren Han on

      Looking forward to 21st Jan for the updates. Been waiting for the POP for quite a while.

    32. Vince Averello on

      I really need the POP for a convention I'm working in early June. Hope to have it by then.

    33. Kent Martin on

      @James, as they say in these parts - Tack!

    34. James Siminoff Creator on

      Looks like April or May but we want to give everyone a exact date that we 100% can stand behind and in order to do that need to wait for a few more pieces of info that are coming in next week.

    35. Kent Martin on

      @James ah, that's unfortunate. Can you offer any hints or ball park ideas now?

    36. James Siminoff Creator on

      We will be sending out a update to all backers with the updated delivery date on Monday the 21st.

    37. Kent Martin on

      It is January 11th, and I am itching for more news!

    38. James Siminoff Creator on

      @william we hope to release the new estimated delivery date by January 11th. We are just confirming all of the delivery times for all of our parts like the lightning adapters.

    39. Missing avatar

      William Hartmann on

      Any word on the estimated delivery date yet?

    40. MOKU on

      I sure needed a POP this week with a 48 hr blackout after our ice storm.

    41. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Frank – will do

    42. Frank Kelly

      That is fine. Please keep me posted on all new developments with accessories for the POP and new products as well. I am interested in the possibility of attaching a solar charging panel to the POP.

    43. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Frank – we're happy as well. We will have the POP Dock for those of you that ordered it, however the Solar top is not a feature that we will have ready for launch. That will take considerably more time to develop. For now, our main focus is getting POP as it was originally designed out our backers in a timely manner.

    44. Frank Kelly

      Glad to here that the Pop is back on the product line with Apples approval of the design. I will be waiting for your next update including a new delivery schedule update. Am I correct in understanding that future accessories for the Pop are now back on the drawing board.

    45. James Siminoff Creator on

      @abdalah – Yes, we will be manufacturing POP. We're aiming to post an updated estimated delivery date in the next 7-10 days.

    46. Abdalah Mrayati on

      I am a little confused ? Are we going to receive our POP chargers or will I get a refund ? And if so when will I get a refund ?

    47. James Siminoff Creator on

      @sciurvilla ok that is a deal. Looking forward to it!

    48. Sciurvilla on

      @Jamies Eheheh...In this case you will be my guest for a great lunch by the lake (I live near Como) with a selection of our best wines while our devices will recharge with Pop you brought me! :)))))

    49. James Siminoff Creator on

      @Kippy Ok fair enough. You are always welcome to come and visit the lab anytime as well. I will hand deliver yours now for sure:)

    50. Kippy on

      @ James Not sure about regaining my trust but I live in Pasadena, CA (not far from Santa Monica), so I will welcome the hand delivery of the POP from you.

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