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A long graphic novel about robots in a religious war with angels; at the center a half-breed girl who must save them all.
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Silver Cord

720 backers pledged $42,723 to help bring this project to life.

Free PDF now available!

A free web version of the first book of The Silver Cord is pretty cool, but not everyone likes to read comics on the web. Shocking! But I can sympathize. The web is not really optimized for reading.

So readers have been asking for a PDF version. We now have one, compressed so that you can download its full 214 pages. This, too, is free to download.  Please share this PDF link with your friends and followers.

There is also a specialized comic book format for reading e-comics and digital graphic novels, called a CBZ file. We are also giving away that file as well. Click here.

We are really stoked that we have raised $10,000 so far, but the truth is the trend line says we will not reach our needed goal of $40,000 at this rate. 

We need more folks like you. If you are backing this project, encourage your friends and followers to also check out The Silver Cord in web form, or now in PDF or CBZ, and join in the campaign.


    1. Creator Jeff on June 30, 2012

      @Rupert Thanks for the easy fix!

    2. Creator Rupert Rawnsley on June 30, 2012

      There seems to be stray %20 chars in the CBZ URL, which are stopping it download.

      Unrelated: Awesome!