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An Open World RPG where you're three inches tall.
An Open World RPG where you're three inches tall.
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An Insignificantly Better Looking Game

Posted by Significant Games (Creator)

Hello everyone, thank you for waiting a few extra days for this update, it's relatively large so I made a short tl;dr video you may gaze upon, showing some of the visual updates in motion.

If a video sounds too long, I shall offer this even shorter tl;dr: 

game look better, demo next update.

Now lets get into a little more detail about how the game supposedly looks better, and what you have to look forward to in this update and in the future.

New Shaders

Not really knowing much about shader code in Unity (as this is generally one of the things a game engine provides), I learned enough to cobble together a few new ones from shaders I was previously using and considering using. They have a few kinks I need to work out still, but I'd say they're getting the job done.

It goes for a sort of cell-shading style along with an animated sketchy effect for shading. 

New Textures

Many of the redone textures have these new shaders in mind, with larger and simpler details rather than muddy tiny details which are hard to make out. When these powers combine, I feel that they evoke the kind of childlike arts-and-crafts look that Insignificant is going for without going 100% papercraft akin to And Yet It Moves.

And Yet It Moves, a very cool platformer you should check out
And Yet It Moves, a very cool platformer you should check out

This papercraft look is beautiful for sure, but this look would be problematic in a 3D game which is why I am relegating most of the actual paper objects to the UI and particles, things which are already 2D in nature.


The grass problem which caused some incredible amounts of stress over the past few months has been officially fixed, and grass can now be found anywhere its meant to be. In addition, the grass has been re-textured and reduced in height in certain areas, helping the little Outsiders peek their heads over the grass when in first person.

Alpha Version 0.27

Early Access backers will be messaged with a download link for the new version by tomorrow the latest, where you may explore and find all the new things I was unable to show in the update! Patch notes can be found below. 

Patch Notes:


I've been getting a lot of requests for people who really want to get their hands on the game, and I think that I've kept people waiting for long enough so I want to do what I can to meet these requests in the middle. For the next update I'll be releasing a publicly available demo version of Insignificant that anyone can download and play.

Keep in mind that not only will this be a lightweight version of the game, the story in the demo will also be an entirely new section of the game, so even current early access players will have something new to explore.

This is something I have been wanting to do for people who have been waiting patiently for the finished version of the game to show my gratitude to everyone who has continued to support us!

Also in the interest of being fully disclosed to everyone, I'm planning to make a visual progress-report showing the release schedule in greater detail, unfortunately I simply did not get the chance to make it for this update. Next time!

I hope you enjoy the visual improvements I have made and will continue to make over time. Let me know if you like the new look, because it took a long time and I enjoy affirmation.

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    1. Significant Games Creator on

      @Tina: I think the image may be a little dark actually. It can be a little bit hard to tell sometimes how much light to put in a scene, and the amount of light needed can change whenever major changes are made to the visual elements in a scene. Aka, I need to go fix that probably.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tina W on

      An update---WHOOO! Loving it! The first image looks a little dark? Is it just me? Dunno, maybe it is just hard to see if you have *cough* crappy *cough* Graphics *cough* card. (Yes I know, I need to buy a new one. Or one. Or...)

      Seriously Excited about this! One of the first kickstarters I backed and I'm so excited to see the continued improvements! Thanks for keeping at it :)

    3. Justin Shands on

      Digging the new look, can't wait to check this out with the Oculus Rift!

    4. Alexandre MANGIN on

      I really like the new artistic direction of the game. It's definitely more original. Nice job, gentlemen!