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$2,982 pledged of $18,000 goal
$2,982 pledged of $18,000 goal

Sigil and Pinnacle join forces for Strange Arcana


Hello Strange backers!  

We've got great news to share! The stars were indeed right. Our frequent partners at Pinnacle Entertainment Group want to bring Strange Arcana into the fold as an official Savage Worlds setting! We're friends, partners, and fans, and couldn't be happier about the news. Joining forces allows us to put Strange Arcana in many more hands and do a few things with it we hadn't even dreamed of before.  

Pinnacle owner Shane Hensley had this to say: "From the moment we saw Strange Arcana we wanted in. The trick is that our schedule is SUPER full. It's going to delay Sigil's awesome setting a while as we finish up such huge projects as the upcoming Rifts, Flash Gordon, Fear Agent, The Goon, and so much more...but we've got an idea for something cool we haven't done in a long time that should more than make up for the delay. More on that when the stars are right!"  

Of course to incorporate this new direction, we're going to cancel this Kickstarter and reboot under the official Pinnacle banner once the game is closer to completion.  

We greatly appreciate all of your support. If you sign up for the Pinnacle's Weekly Newsletter, we'll get you all the info about the kickstarter relaunch, the game, and much more.  

Game On!



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    1. Malkira

      This is really cool news. I will be keeping my eyes and otherweirldly senses open for your return!

    2. Preston DuBose on

      This is a super-cool concept that I know you would have executed beautifully, but good things will come from this pivot. Best of luck as you move forward!

    3. Michael Parker (The Closet Gamer)

      Ah, well - a little disappointed the funding for this project was a bit lackluster. However, I am super excited to hear of PEG's involvement for a future launch with a Setting incorporated. Just let us know when the time comes and I'll be there!

    4. Aaron Acevedo 3-time creator on

      Thanks! We're stoked to give Strange Arcana a Pinnacle supercharge.

    5. Jeffrey Gordon on

      That's a shame as far as the Kickstarter goes, but totally awesome news for everyone! The wisdom and experience you'll get from Pinnacle will make this product and setting *shine*.