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Our goal is to install a large kinetic sculpture at Gallery Row in Oakhurst CA, created by Chris Sorensen, Fresno's Man of Steel.
41 backers pledged $5,710 to help bring this project to life.

Sorensen Sculpture Project Dedication Celebration!

Hello Sorensen Sculpture Project backers, artists and friends,

The dedication celebration for the Chris Sorensen Sculpture will take place at Gallery Row in Oakhurst on Saturday August 24th from Noon to 4 PM.

The commemorative plaque, designed and constructed by Edward Gillum and Michael  Hagopian, will be unveiled by major donor Maggi Butterfield-Brown, and the Man of Steel himself, Chris Sorensen.

 From beginning to end, the construction and installation of the sculpture took over a year, with many stages from conception to completion. It has been an exciting project, and a learning experience as well. 

Thank you everyone! The support we have received inspires us to forge ahead, and come up with other innovative projects that support the arts and benefit our communities. 

If you are a contributor, an art advocate, or just care about the arts, please join us to celebrate! Jon Bock, Sierra Art Trails,

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Update #19 - The Sculpture is In Place!

The Sierra Art Trails Sorensen Public Art Project is almost complete. The sculpture was installed at Gallery Row in Oakhurst today!

It was an exciting, energetic and emotional day. It has been a year since our project was conceived. It is clear to me now how it “takes a village” to complete any important task. While the job may seem simple at first, there are many concerns involved in the creation of any public art project. 

At the end of the day, watching the moon rise over the Sierra Foothills, I am very pleased to simply view the piece in place.   There is too much to tell at the moment, but... An outdoor work of art should integrate with its environment... and ours seems to be settling in nicely! 

Many folks stopped by during the installation. Photographers Ann and Jeff Grandy, Norma Rogers, Gloria Garland, Brian Wilkinson, and many others were on site. I am sure there are some great images to share. 

 Look for a comprehensive article in the Sierra Star next week! 

The final step in the process is the casting and installation of the commemorative plaque at the base of the sculpture. The Dedication Ceremony will be announced soon. If you are a contributor, an art advocate, or just care about the arts, please join us! 

Thank you everyone. It has been a long, hard, and enjoyable ride!  

Jon Bock, Sierra Art Trails,

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Update #18 Happy New Year!


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Sorensen Sculpture Project - Holiday Update


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Update #16 - Progress Report!

Hello Sorensen Sculpture Backers,

I apologize for the short lapse posting recent updates on the project.  The Sierra Art Trails Open Studio Tour weekend was a wild ride!  Thank you to everyone who participated.  It is our most important event of the year.  The smoke is clearing, and we can focus again on other things. Thank you for your patience.

The Kickstarter Campaign has ended. We are VERY pleased with the results.  It is our first one, and we are proud to have met our goal.

The sculpture is currently on display at Sorensen Gallery in Fresno, until the base platform is complete in Oakhurst.  We will schedule the unveiling as soon as the concrete has set, and the County has approved the installation of the piece.

We will be sending out a donor survey shortly to verify your reward selection.

For donors that will be included on The Edward Gillum commemorative plaque, we will contact you soon to verify the wording you would like included.

Thank you All!  Jon Bock,

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