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The Inferno is a packable lightweight insulation system designed to Winter-Proof your hammock & keep you toasty warm on any adventure.
The Inferno is a packable lightweight insulation system designed to Winter-Proof your hammock & keep you toasty warm on any adventure.
195 backers pledged $69,652 to help bring this project to life.

Inferno & Ninox??? --- made for each other!

Posted by Sierra Madre Research (Creator)

Good Morning Inferno Backers! - hope you've had a phenomenal week!

Just dropping in to share a 1 minute video I made just for Inferno owners! You brought Inferno to life and we're super excited about how well it integrates with our Ninox FlatLay Hammock --- check out the video below! 

The Ninox is our latest Kickstarter launch, it's our first integrated mesh hammock and after 36+ prototypes we're incredibly excited at how it's turned out! It's also the flattest laying symmetric hammock we've ever built - which is pretty amazing for stomach sleepers! The Inferno was the first of it's kind insulator for you in a hammock and we've taken it's unique characteristics and increased their value with Ninox - for example the corner attachment points allow the Inferno to get SUPER diagonal, meaning it fits Ninox like a glove! 

We're a 1/3 of the way through the campaign and we just passed $100K / 400% of our goal - I'd love it if you could check it out and let me know your thoughts! Juli and I will be doing a Live Q&A today at 3:30pm ET so come join us with your questions! (more thoughts below! + a game)

These campaigns are incredibly fun for us - and really help us connect with our customers. They also give us the capital to launch into new products without huge debt load and really help us stay focused on what's important - which is solving your outdoor gear problems, so you can Brave the Unknown!

If you think Ninox can meet your needs as a lightweight super comfy sleeping option, I'd be honored to serve you. You really will love how it integrates with the Inferno! (BACK THE PROJECT) if you can't back the project I get it - but we'd so appreciate your support if you could give us a share! We have this cool share game that actually gives you a 10% referral commission for sharing Ninox with your friends!

Our Share Game that's Super Easy

  • Go here and sign up 
  • Find your favorite Image in our Media Kit 
  • Share it with your cool friends! 
  • Log back in at any time to see your commission :) 

We wouldn't be here if it weren't for our amazing Backers - so thank you, it's my honor to serve you and your wild adventurous needs!

Cheers, Richard


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