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By Siddharth Jain
pledged of $75,813 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

George's "How to create an Avertigos poster in 13 easy steps!"


Preface: So, I've been pestering George to write about his process. Here's George being his usual laconic self:

How to create an Avertigos poster in 13 easy steps!

"Why does every ship have their own poster except the Frigate?" They asked. Well, I've been working on it, and today, I will show to how to paint an Avertigos ship poster in 13 very simple steps!

Step.1) Decide what you want to paint and how you want to best portray it. I wanted to paint a top-down, foreshortened view of the Frigate to showcase the deck and the ship's unique shape. Once decided, it's time to sketch out some perspective lines!

Step.2) Once you have laid down your guides, it's time to get sketchy!

 Step.3) Decide where you main light is, and shart painting in the shades to create volume.

Step.4) Now the fun part. Start painting in the details! but before that, make sure everything is rendered according to scale!

 Step.5) Getting the hang of it yet? It's so EASY!

Step.6) And here we are! The B&W render is complete! 

 Step.7) Surely, the job isn't done yet. We need colour!

 Step.8) TaDA!~~ Fully coloured. Like Magic

Step.9) Now that the focus of the poster is mostly finished, create a simple background for it. Here, I've googled for a simple photograph of an ocean surface and did some simple editing to get the effect I wanted.

 Step.10) Paint in some clouds... yada yada...

 Step.11) Paint some smoke... or is it... steam? #Smokepunk anyone?

Step.12) Let's pull back and see this!

Step.13) We are almost there! But no poster is complete without a fancy logo, so let's go ahead and slap it in!

Cue drumroll WE ARE DONE! So this is how you paint an Avertigos poster in 13 super easy steps! Try it and let us know your progress in the comments!


I hope you enjoyed this demonstration. Now, share it with the world with this link: http://kck.st/2gm6Spz/

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    1. Missing avatar

      方伟 7 days ago

      @Robert Lewis TBH, the only easy part about this was slapping on the logo! Lol~

    2. Robert Lewis
      on August 31

      "super easy", for an artist like George lol!

      Maybe a challenge to artists out there to post a picture on your Facebook page? Offer a small prize and I might try something myself :)