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Produced and bottled in Scotland, SIA SCOTCH WHISKY is an exciting, new and modern spirit, ready for distribution in the U.S.
YOUR award-winning, product of Scotland, SIA SCOTCH WHISKY, is now available for purchase. Click the green button to buy your bottle today. Thanks!
YOUR award-winning, product of Scotland, SIA SCOTCH WHISKY, is now available for purchase. Click the green button to buy your bottle today. Thanks!
245 backers pledged $45,784 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Carin Castillo Creator on

      Hi Hilary- still working out distributor details- hopefully will have some news for you all very soon. Thanks for checking in!

    2. Hilary Wyckoff

      Hey Carin - sounds great! Thank you so much :-)

    3. Carin Castillo Creator on

      Hi Hillary! I'm still in the process of awaiting my production date- the latest I've heard is end of January- and from there 6-8 weeks to get the bottles in hand. So the best I can say right now with a definite answer is "sometime in March". I'll draw a definite line in the sand as soon as I can- promise! I want to celebrate with you as soon as possible! Carin

    4. Carin Castillo Creator on

      Hi Cory- Sorry for the delayed response on this! First of all- thank you for your amazing support and pledge- much appreciated. And for your question. My plan is to launch in San Francisco and Northern California to start, since it's my backyard. Once I find a retail location with an online store to carry my product- they will be able to ship it around the country- and some can ship to other countries. I hope to have this locked in very soon after I launch in late Feb/early March. trust me- working very hard on this, especially as I've gotten so many global inquiries from the success of the KS campaign! :) Best, Carin

    5. Hilary Wyckoff

      Hey Carin! Aw shucks, I ruined the surprise! lol. Thanks for the info though. Do you have a date set for the San Francisco launch party? Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! Go SIA!

    6. Carin Castillo Creator on

      Hi Hilary! Happy New Year and thanks for your sweet note and your support!

      Everyone at and above the $100 level has been invite d to launch party, where SIA will be served straight as well as in a few different cocktails. There will be a goodie bag at the party to take home (containing the Flask - it was a surprise ;). Exclusive updates and thank you on video and site are also included at this reward level as well. For folks who can't make the party, items will be mailed.

      Feel free to contact me with any other questions and thanks again for your support, couldn't have done it without you! Best, Carin

    7. Hilary Wyckoff

      Hi Carin! First of all congratulations on the amazing 100% funding of SIA. That's great! Just a quick question, for those who pledged higher amounts, will we receive all of the "rewards" from each level that come before that? Thanks! Can't wait for the launch party.

    8. Missing avatar

      kate luna on

      hey honey...I would like to forgo the tshirt and put the cost back into Sia.

    9. Dawn Barnhart on

      Congrats Carin! How appropriate that you would succeed on Dec 21, 2012! You are certainly entering a new phase in life and I wish you all the best! Dawn

    10. ashlee casserly on

      Congratulations!! So delighted for you! I didn't realize your project was up until just now! I am so happy you have already met your goal, can't wait to sample SIA!

    11. Cory Kittyman on

      How could someone outside the USA get a hold of some SIA once it has launched? (Since the only way I see to get a bottle through kickstarter is the private tasting, which does sound immensely fun)

    12. Missing avatar

      Lindsey Kugel on

      Congratulations on reaching your goal!!!! and 10 days to spare! :-D You are such a rockstar... congratulations on this big step toward realizing your dream. *hug*

    13. Missing avatar

      Anurag Malik on

      Congratulations!!! Really happy to back this up.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeny Smith on

      You go chica! Almost there!!!

    15. Jena Chambers on

      I'm so excited to see how well your campaign is doing. Your bottles are simply elegant gorgeous, and I can't wait to see them in stores! Cheering for you!

    16. Missing avatar

      Bjorn Kirchdorfer on


      Really liked your video pitch. Having seen a couple of other local beverage success stories roll by (most notably Tito's Vodka in Austin as well as (organic) Republic Tequila in Austin -- i wish you luck. Look forward to seeing updates as you make more progress. Cheers.

    17. Missing avatar

      Virginia Matos on

      Joey and I are behind you 100%! Love love love!

    18. Missing avatar

      Adrian Castillo on

      Fellow backers, you are the backbone in helping this to become a reality. Tell your friends, your family, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, pets and everyone else you know to kick in a dollar. Then, tell them to spread the word. Every dollar counts!

    19. Shannon Grant on

      Congrats on the launch and good luck!