$81,060 pledged of $750,000 goal
By Jonathan Cohn
$81,060 pledged of $750,000 goal

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Dash/Lynk Project Status

Hello Backers,

Over the past month a lot as happened to the Drive With Dash/Lynk campaign…I'll try to explain it as best as I can:

In early March, we began creating the Kickstarter page to showcase the Dash project which had been in development for over a year. A few days later, unbeknownst to our team, another company in NYC filed a trademark application for the term 'Dash'. On the day that our project was showcased on Engaget, TechCrunch, Mashable, TechnologyTell, etc, this other company contacted Kickstarter and demanded Drive With Dash be taken down due to trademark infringement.

Although this other company has merely filed an application to the USPTO and does not currently own a trademark on Dash, nor is it guaranteed that they ever receive it in the future, our campaign was shutdown by Kickstarter on April 1st. 

As a result, we faced backers dropping their pledges and the publicity from major blogs quickly began to dwindle. We had no choice but to scramble and change our product’s name as fast as possible, but reshooting a new promo video was out of the question in the time frame we were given. 

After weeks of silence from Kickstarter, we were finally put back online, but unfortunately the damage to our campaign was already done. 

We have had plenty of emails suggesting that we cancel the campaign, reshoot the video, and relaunch our product on indiegogo.com with a lower goal. However, simply relaunching the project is not a valid remedy as the publicity punch from major blogs has already passed at this point. Additionally, lowering our goal is not an option since our funding target had been carefully calculated to ensure we could deliver an exceptional product. Lowering our goal would mean sacrificing quality to ensure we move the product…and this we would not be comfortable with. 

This will be the last update for our project - unfortunately due to uncontrollable circumstances this campaign could not/will not be successful via a crowdfunding platform. 

I would like to thank everyone again for supporting this project. Your pledges will be returned to you in full.


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Dash now supports Android and International Backers!

We have two exciting updates to share with you today...

After plenty of feedback from the Dash community, we are excited to announce that Dash will support Android (Bluetooth 4.0) devices. The Android App will also be available at time of shipment.

Dash is also ready to expand to the following countries:

United States (Gas) 1996+
United States (Diesel) 2004+
Canada (Gas) 1998+
Europe + UK (Gas) 2001+
Europe + UK (Diesel) 2004+
Australia + NZ (Gas/Diesel) 2006+

Vehicles made prior to the dates above may still be OBDII certified. To check, open your hood and find the sticker that looks like this:

We hope these announcements help welcome more drivers to the Dash community. If you know someone who has been waiting for Dash to be available for their device or country, please spread the word.

Dash would like to thank everyone who has submitted comments and feature requests since we started our campaign. We value input from our backers when considering changes to the product design and your messages continue to go a long way. Please keep in mind that while we may not respond immediately, we are certainly reading every message and will answer any questions as soon as possible.

- The Dash Team

Test Driver rewards are Sold Out!

Well... that's exciting! In less than 5 days we've completely sold out of our Test Driver prototypes. Many of you have requested that we extend this option, but unfortunately we are limited to the number of Test Driver spots available. This is due to how Apple handles their App provisioning.

Those who pledged the Test Driver option will be receiving more information in the upcoming weeks. We are extremely excited by the responses we’ve seen so far and are grateful for those of you who opted to give the product a test drive.

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few days, we have a lot more coming...

-The Dash Team

Hello Canadians!

Since our release earlier this week, we've been getting a ton of feedback from international backers wanting to get Dash in their countries.  We're working hard to accommodate everyone, and today we're able to announce that Dash is officially available in Canada!  

A new set of rewards have been released for Canada backers. The price difference is to cover shipping and customs.  

Don't worry Europe, we hear you too.  Check for updates before the campaign is over.

We hope you stick with us!

-The Dash Team