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Here's a new way to think about driving. Plug Lynk into your car and wirelessly sync your mobile device to monitor your driving profile

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How it works

Lynk is a Bluetooth low energy device that plugs into your vehicle and wirelessly transmits data to your iOS or Android device.  As you drive, Lynk is constantly reading information from your car's engine computer and sending it to the Lynk App for tracking and analysis. At the end of each trip, your data can be published to your account at for further review or to share with other community members.



Lynk stays plugged into the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port usually located under the steering column or slightly to the left of it.  Currently, we support the following countries and year of manufacture:

  • United States (Gas) 1996+
  • United States (Diesel) 2004+
  • Canada (Gas) 1998+
  • Europe + UK (Gas) 2001+
  • Europe + UK (Diesel) 2004+
  • Australia + NZ (Gas/Diesel) 2006+

Vehicles made prior to the dates above may still be OBDII certified. To check,  open your hood and find the sticker that looks like this:

Mobile Devices

Lynk uses Bluetooth 4.0 low energy to communicate and works with the following devices:

  • iPhone 4S, 5
  • iPad 3, 4
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch 5
  • NEW! Android w/ Bluetooth 4.0

The App

The Lynk App (free on iTunes and Google Play) creates a new profile for every car you plug Lynk into.  When a new car is detected, Lynk will automatically configure a profile with the make, model, and year.  You're then ready to track your first trip and monitor your data.  Lynk uses Bluetooth low energy technology, which preserves battery life and can run even when the App is minimized.

You can customize the look and feel of Lynk by creating custom dashboards or using any of the standard templates.

The Community

When you log a trip with Lynk , the data can be automatically published to  Here, you can easily track trends and costs and share data with others.  The website makes it easy to see your fuel usage over time, log overall miles, or determine the most economic way to drive to work.  You can even compare your driving style or vehicle with other users to help improve your savings.

Being Green

Reducing greenhouse gases should be on everyone's mind.  The data collected by Lynk lets you easily understand how your driving is impacting the environment and can suggest ways to improve your profile.


Build your custom Dashboards the way you want to see data.  Needles, charts and gauges will update live as you drive, allowing you to see what's really going on inside your car.  You can even drag a Green-Meter to track current driving behavior and show your driving "sweet spot" for best fuel economy.

Fuel Tracking

Lynk keeps track of every gallon put into your tank, allowing you to keep accurate logs for all your fuel expenses.  When a trip is logged, its cost is determined based on fuel tank levels. Splitting costs with passengers is easy on  You can even set limits to notify you when you're reaching your monthly gas allowance.  


Besides saving money at the pump, Lynk has the ability to detect problems even before your check engine light comes on. On, you can talk with others who may have had a similar problem.  Troubleshooting is faster, easier and cheaper with Lynk .


LynkCam is awesome. Use a suction cup mount to hold your phone on your dashboard or windshield and record a video with trip and engine details overlaid on top.  You can upload these videos to youtube and share them with friends.

Test Driver

We understand drivers want to get their hands on Lynk as soon as possible, so we've opened up 75 spots to become a beta tester for Lynk.  This will include an early edition working prototype and account on  Your data will be used to help development and squash any bugs in our web interface. In the end, you'll also receive a brand spankin' new Lynk, and you can keep them both.  Test Driver spots are limited.

Technical Details

Here's some more information for all you tech-types

  • Bluetooth 4.0 low energy (Smart)
  • Powered from vehicle
  • Supports all 5 OBD protocols 
  • Over-the-Air firmware updates from your phone!
  • Facebook & Twitter integration
  • 3 Prototype Revisions so far
  • Machine assembled by this guy 
  • Enclosures 3D printed by
  • Dome stickers by
  • Over 200k lines of code, and growing fast!

The Team

Jonathan Cohn - CEO / Founder of Lynk.  Initial prototypes and App and web development.

Jon Magnussen - Electrical Design.  Schematic and Board Layout. (Not pictured)

Dominic Paratore - Manufacturing. Specializing in plastics and injection molding. Extensive experience in growing companies. (Not pictured)

Dan Murphy - Software Design. Web Development and database architecture.

Ross Benjamin - Financial analysis. Project Management.

Jennifer Connors - Marketing / Customer Support. Feeding the monkeys.

Evan Glaser - Photo/Video Production. Multimedia design.

Kevin Gaertner & Kyle Nunes - Marketing / Social Media @ Cyclone Strategies

The Lynk team is a passionate group of individuals excited about delivering the best user experience to our customers. We're ready for the journey ahead and look forward to others joining us along the way. If you're interested, drop us a line at

Where are we today?

Working Lynk prototypes have been running in vehicles for months, gathering data and pushing it to our servers.  Industrial design firms and contract manufacturers are lined up, ready to start finalizing the design and begin production. Read more about what the funds will be used for in the Risks and Challenges section.

Special Thanks

  • Jeff T.
  • Grant G.
  • Shaun H.
  • Eric G.
  • David K.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


The technology behind Lynk has already been proven and has been running in test vehicles for months. Bringing Lynk to Kickstarter will help us meet several goals: FCC & Bluetooth Certifications, Injection Molding, App & Web development, manufacturing test, and part procurement. We are working with an Industrial Design firm to finalize the mechanical components to ensure they'll stand up to years of use. We're consulting with a wireless firm to help facilitate the certification process. We'll also be hiring more developers to help meet our deadlines. But more importantly, the Kickstarter funding will help us build an automotive network. See below.


We like to think of Lynk as a Platform, not an accessory. It's composed of multiple pieces all working together including the hardware, app, website, and users. If only one of those pieces is missing, the entire user experience can crumble.

This network isn't going to be easy to build from scratch and we understand $750k is a large goal for a project like this. We hope that with a large initial investment and a dedicated group of developers and backers, we will be able to accomplish our goal of building a reliable platform for car drivers, enthusiasts, tech-nuts, green energy activists, and more to share in their experiences.


We think a 6 month delivery time is appropriate for this project's scale. Obviously, the sooner, the better, but we can absolutely guarantee that we will not ship something unless we are 100% confident in its design and reliability. We promise to post updates as often as possible so you can share in our journey.


  • Lynk works with iOS and Android devices that support Bluetooth 4.0. This means iPhone 4S and 5, iPad 3, 4 and mini, iPod Touch 5 and newer Android phones and tablets.

    Last updated:
  • Lynk is powered off the cars battery, so there's no worry about recharging it. When your car is turned off, Lynk goes into a sleep mode, and wakes up when your car is started.

    Last updated:
  • We have officially announced our support for Android. The Lynk App will be available in the Google Play store when the product is shipped.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, originally this project was called Dash. Kickstarter pulled the project because of another group claiming they own a trademark on the name. Instead of fighting this out, we have decided to change the name in order to get the project back online.

    Last updated:
  • We have officially announced compatibility with the following countries: US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

    Last updated:
  • Take a look at the compatibility section at the top of the campaign to see whether your car is compatible with Lynk.

    That being said, the newer your car, the more features it will support.

    If your car is older than the dates specified above, we can't guarantee it will work with Dash, so you're on your own.

    Last updated:
  • Diesel OBD standards came a little later than gasoline. In the US, diesels that are 2004 or newer are fully compatible, while 1996 to 2003 are mostly compatible. You should consult your vehicle's owners manual to determine if it's OBDII ready.

    Last updated:
  • Of course. Lynk can decipher any engine codes that may appear and clear them for you if you want them reset. Most mechanics will charge at least $70 for this service. Lynk does it for free.

    Last updated:
  • Lynk can read any parameters that your vehicle supports. All cars are required to support a specific set of parameters, such as emissions data that is read when you get your car inspected. Depending on your make and model, your car will most likely support other information as well such as Turbo temperature and RPM, Hybrid battery status, regenerative breaking, and more. Lynk can read all of this and can display it in your custom Dashboards.

    Last updated:
  • Lynk will work in conjunction with other Bluetooth Devices. We've tested it in vehicles that are equipped with Sync, Bluetooth Speakerphone, Bluetooth Headsets, and even other Bluetooth 4.0 Devices. We'll post a video soon to prove it to you.

    Last updated:
  • Definitely.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, the online section will be free for anyone. We plan on having a premium membership that will allow power users to play around and make a mess, similar to how Strava or Runkeeper do things.

    Last updated:
  • The problem here isn't necessarily about whether your car will work, we can pretty much guarantee it will. The more important issue is about wireless regulations in other countries. Every wireless product needs to be certified by the government. For the US, it's FCC. These certifications take time and money. We will be expanding to different countries as funding increases and we can be sure we can afford to go through the certification process. So the closer we get to 750k, the faster we can determine what countries Lynk will spread to.

    Last updated:
  • We can't say for certain. We're working on size reduction right now, so things may change.

    Last updated:
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