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A feature-length doc with unprecedented access to today's top TV creators & writers, also known as "Showrunners"
A feature-length doc with unprecedented access to today's top TV creators & writers, also known as "Showrunners"
A feature-length doc with unprecedented access to today's top TV creators & writers, also known as "Showrunners"
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    1. Damien Smith on

      I haven't seen a DVD either. Any love?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jessalyn on

      I might have missed an update, but are we meant to have received the DVD's yet?

    3. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      @ Rikki Burns: Hi Rikki we are emailing you out a new link for the film - pls let us know that this works for you. As per the last backers update CDs have not gone out yet but if you are happy with just your digital copy of the soundtrack and do not want a physical CD please let us know.
      Thanks for backing us!

    4. BURNS on

      Hey dudebros, I'm admittedly a little late to the party, but clicking on my backer 'Watch it now' email link just takes me to this page
      Did my movie-watching time expire? Didn't see anything saying that would happen :/

      I've also just realised that I didn't receive the promised signed CD in the mail... but not too worried about that one because I don't remember how to play CDs. More of an FYI really.

    5. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      @ Gina Harris: Thank you Gina delighted you liked it and thanks again for backing us!!

    6. Gina Harris on

      I really liked the movie. Good job.

    7. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      @Mel DuPont:

      Hi Mel
      We are hoping to get these out in December - we are currently inundated with stuff going on in terms of promoting the film on 2 different continents with only 2 of us to deal with KS rewards - but we do want to fulfill this tier as soon as we can. Thanks for backing us and for your patience.

    8. Mel DuPont on

      When are the USB sticks expected to ship?

    9. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      @Matt Large:

      Hi Matt we're still working out with our distributors whether its possible to issue the Blu-Rays before Xmas or whether it will be early 2015 - we will try and update on this as soon as we have confirmed information.
      Thanks for backing us and hope you enjoyed the film.

    10. Missing avatar

      Matt Large on

      What is the plan regarding the Blu-Ray rewards?

    11. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      @Seth Burke:

      Thanks Seth - hope you will enjoy the film!

    12. Seth Burke on

      It's interesting that while this film will probably give all of us some major insight to the ever elusive world of TV, just from following you guys through Kickstarter alone, I have learned so much. From the campaign, to how to run a successful Kickstarter, to dealing with rights issues. It's enough to make a documentary about the making of the documentary! Looking forward to seeing this.

    13. Missing avatar

      Matt Large on

      Sorry to bother people but another documentary project I backed here on Kickstarter, "Being George Clooney", is less than 10% of its goal short with only 5 days left. I'm not involved with it at all other than being a backer and thinking it sounded really cool and that backers of Show Runners might like it too like me. Thanks

    14. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Danielle
      Some of the rewards in your tier have been fulfilled such as the digital posters, newsletter signup and Instagram access. The Original Score will available from mid-March for you, the video podcast we're hoping to have out in April. Obviously the USB stick with the film itself will still be a little way down the line as it will be concurrent with the film's later video release.
      Thanks for your support!

    15. Danielle Reynolds on

      Have rewards been sent out for this yet?

    16. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Christopher - as you may have read in some of our updates we had a long delay in actually receiving our Kickstarter money. As we explained this has had quite a knock on effect to some of our hoped for delivery times. We are currently working on designs for the shirt and the mug and we're hoping to be sending out a survey for the shirts next month. Thanks for backing and bearing with us!

    17. Christopher Kao on

      Hey what's the deal with the Showrunners shirts and mugs? Just curious, because the reward tier says estimated in May.

    18. Catherine Boerner on

      Hooray! We will look forward to seeing you there. Just let me know if you need any volunteer assistance with set up or tear down if you are using a facility in the Gaslamp!

    19. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Catherine,
      We are still having a launch event at SDCC and that's not the only thing happening there this year! Stay tuned for a rather lengthy update coming this week!!

    20. Catherine Boerner on

      Hi guys! For those of us who pledged at the SDCC level are you still going to have a launch event? If not, is there a Plan B?

    21. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Oded
      We're still in post on the film and working our way through clearances which is a mammoth task due to the number of shows we're dealing with. As a result of this we're hesitant to say anything definitive at this stage but we are hoping to have news on this for Comic Con. Thanks for backing us!

    22. Oded Sharon on

      when is the film going to be available?

    23. Missing avatar

      Jennfer Feldman on

      Hey guys this is just to say I'm totally looking forward to more updates. I'm glad to hear that things are still in the works and it's only after a kickstarter gets funded that the real work begins isn't it. :D As long as you can keep updating here and there and make sure to follow through as planned, I won't have to annoy the pants of of Ryan by emailing him and FB messaging him every two seconds. :P But seriously, I am so happy to have been a backer of this project! Good luck with it all from here on out. :D

    24. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Brad,
      Thanks for the comment and we're sorry you feel that we're disrespecting you. At the moment alongside editing, composing, creating graphics and dealing with every studio and network for multiple clearances we have also been finalising the artwork that's going out with the 1st major email update to all our backers.

      Also due to some problems with Amazon payments we will actually only receive our Kickstarter money this week. There are only 3 of us trying to get everything done and as such we have had to prioritize somethings and perhaps we have done that incorrectly. Again our apologies if that is the case but we are trying to do our best under very challenging circumstances.

      Thank you for backing us.
      Des Doyle

    25. Brad Dancer

      Hey guys, we want you to deliver the best film as well - but its also not too much to ask to periodically update and let us know how its going You won't convince me you don't have 15 minutes to send a brief update out - we'll be respectful of your time but respect the pledgers by keeping us informed.

    26. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Christopher
      Thanks for backing us and for posting - if you can bear with us a little longer we will be sending out an update with the Personal thank you e-mails in early February. Right now there is a huge amount of work going on to get the film into the post production timeline we want and that is taking all our focus for the moment. We want to deliver the best film we can.

    27. Christopher Kao on

      Looking forward to the movie. Any updates? Been a little quiet since it got funded.

    28. Missing avatar

      Samson Clan on

      This is great! Congratulations and we're looking forward to the finished product.

    29. Aubrey Tate on

      Congratulations on meeting the goal!! I am so happy to support such a documentary and very much look forward to its release!

    30. Gavin on

      @Andreas; 90 minutes i think. It says about condensing hours of footage into that on the main page.

    31. Andreas Kuehn on

      Sweet! In the last few days/hours it really picked up pace and luckily got funded. Looking forward to see the finished product. Do you already have an estimation for the running time of the documentary?

    32. Theresa Smith on

      YIPPEE!!!1!!1!1!!! :-D

    33. Gavin on

      CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait to see it.

    34. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Liam
      Thank you for backing us and helping get us here. Merry Xmas to you too and hope you'll enjoy the film!

    35. Liam Garvo

      Congrats on making it guys and gals. Really looking forward to seeing it! Have a happy holiday season and a great new year.

    36. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Emma
      Thank you for the congrats and thanks for backing us - it's an amazing Xmas present!

    37. Missing avatar

      Emma on

      Yay! You made it, I'm so glad! Congratulations.

    38. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Jenny,
      Thank you so much for the support and for the kind words - really appreciate it. Fingers crossed we get there and we really hope you'll enjoy the finished film. Merry Christmas and a Happy & Showrunnery New Year!!

    39. Jenny Wine on

      So proud to support this documentary, I upped my pledge. So close to the deadline and this needs to be made!!

    40. Gavin on

      Yes I am plus 99% of the showrunners shown I watch or used to watch their shows on a weekly basis so I'm very excited to see behind the scenes. Good luck guys!

    41. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Gavin
      Thank you for the kind words and for backing us - Im guessing if the first few seconds sold you your a Shawen Ryan fan?? Fingers crossed for the goal - it's within touching distance!
      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    42. Gavin on

      I'm in for $75 as I think the world NEEDS to see a documentary like this..... plus the trailer had me sold in the first few seconds. Looks great! Hope you make the goal. Merry Xmas everyone!

    43. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Matthew
      Thank you for the pledge and for helping us spread the word - we greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately we are competing with Christmas but fingers crossed we will get there in the time remaining. Happy Christmas to you!

    44. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Andrew
      Thank you for backing us and we think you will indeed find the film quite insightful. Happy Christmas to you!

    45. Marius Riley on

      I see it's 16 hours left, and it hasn't cleared $80K. That's boggling to me. I upped my pleadge to $50 and reposted the link and a blurb to, well, everywhere I could think of. I hope you guys make it!

    46. Andrew Purvis on

      Just backed this. Hope you guys succeed. This looks like an amazing insight into the industry

    47. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Ivey
      Sorry for the delay in replying - please contact us directly via our email address which is and many thanks for backing us!

    48. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Dylan
      Thanks for backing us and for the feedback - a good look inside is exactly what we're trying do with the film - we hope you'll enjoy it!

    49. Showrunners Documentary Creator on

      Hi Nils
      Thanks for backing us. As you can probably see our Kickstarter has been going quite strongly for the last 36 hours - we're hoping this continues to a successful end on Monday nite. Please spread the word!

    50. Ivey West on

      Like Romy, we'd like to feature Showrunners on our website. Can we touch base?

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