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A steampunk-styled adventure set in the retro future of an alternate America.
A steampunk-styled adventure set in the retro future of an alternate America.
317 backers pledged $12,542 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mathieu Doublet on March 6

      i think everyone should send Steve a message through Twitter.

    2. Mathieu Doublet on August 2, 2017

      I'm wondering if American backers can go legal against this project's creator.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kevin Captiva on April 30, 2017

      Haven't received anything and Kickstarter doesn't do refunds Basically got screwed and told to take it.

    4. Mathieu Doublet on April 10, 2017

      Has anyone received anything or a refund ?

    5. Mathieu Doublet on December 15, 2016

      Oh the creator just lost his phone in the sea near Costa Rica. I don't think we'll hear more from him.

      (See his FB page, link just under ...)

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin Captiva on August 1, 2016

      So fucking ridiculous

    7. Mathieu Doublet on July 23, 2016

      Here's Steven's FB page:
      And he's at SDCC. If anyone passes by his booth ...

    8. Bill Norris on July 5, 2016

      where the heck is our stuff??????????????????????????????????????? no really an update a year would be nice!

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin Captiva on May 8, 2016

      Time to send another message to kickstarter

    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin Captiva on January 22, 2016

      Different year same shit.

    11. Alex Johnson on December 17, 2015

      I noticed that Walt Simonson's posted at least one of the sketches that he was to do. Maybe it will ship someday.

    12. Mathieu Doublet on November 4, 2015

      Sent another message on his FB page. But if it reaches his "other" message board, I don't think he will read it soon ...

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin Captiva on November 1, 2015

      Good Job Kickstarter for doing nothing.

    14. Missing avatar

      Gerry Turnbull on October 5, 2015

      I posted another question on his FB page . . .I encourage everyone to do the same

    15. Mathieu Doublet on September 17, 2015

      Sent a message on FB and on his Twitter account. We'll see how it goes ...

    16. Missing avatar

      Kevin Captiva on August 14, 2015

      Pretty much and Kickstarter not doing anything about it either other then filling out more surveys.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jarrod Currie on August 6, 2015

      So i take it we're never receiving this??

    18. Niels Braakman on July 28, 2015

      Pretty much the same reply I got.

      What I ment to say was see if the other artists/writers etc are reachable. Maybe they can get Steve to say/do something. At least one additional creator is listed on their kickstarter profile page.

      I tried sending a message to Steven through Facebook, but he didn't respond to that. Maybe if all disgruntled backers tried contacting him there we'd get something.

      But seeing how we're still waiting for some sign from him since February 2014, I don't expect too much.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kevin Captiva on July 28, 2015

      I contacted them as well. Got this back:

      Thanks for updating me about this situation, and I’m sorry to hear that this has not been a better experience for you and other backers of The Steamworld Chronicles project. I do see that we've reached out to this creator in the past to remind them of their obligations, as well as our expectations regarding communication. I'm sorry they haven't yet responded to you and other members of their backer community.

      Also asked me to fill out a form.

    20. Niels Braakman on July 26, 2015


      That's pretty much what I asked via their website, Kickstarter messages and FB private message.
      Maybe if we all sent him a FB message (his page is linked from his KS profile), we could get some sort of reply.

      Unfortunately my messages haven't resulted in anything yet.

      Alternatively you might try contacting the other creators involved with this kickstarter project, see if they can get some movement.

      I doubt anything'll help though, at this point ...

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Captiva on July 16, 2015

      Last login Jul 11 2015

      He can't just come in and say he's not shipping anything out?

    22. Niels Braakman on July 10, 2015

      I filed a complaint with Kickstarter. They did attempt to contact him as well, it seems, without success.

      We could go the route of Brett Schenker I guess... For me that's a step too far, I think I'm going to just accept my loss and move on.

      Not backing any further projects by this guy though.

    23. Brett Schenker
      on June 11, 2015

      Against Steven Hoveke I meant. Copied that from another project.

    24. Brett Schenker
      on June 11, 2015

      Everyone please visit: and file a complaint against CST. Select Internet services, online shopping, or computers then Online shopping

    25. Michael Howard on May 26, 2015

      Any word on the physical book?

    26. Bill Norris on May 3, 2015

      sorry to bug you, but will the books be sent soon?

    27. Missing avatar

      Kevin Captiva on April 24, 2015

      Love how it says be respectful and considerate when you posting yet it has been almost two years since I filled out the survey and still have not received anything nor has a update been posted since Feb 2014 which is complete BS.

    28. Alex Johnson on April 21, 2015

      No news is not good news.

    29. John White on February 21, 2015

      I contacted him on Facebook and he even accepted a friend request. But he never even responded to my messages. Not even to say F-off. It seems like life as normal for him. Makes me wonder if the whole thing wasn't a scam from the beginning. Must feel great to be able to take advantage of so many people who put their faith and support behind you.

    30. Alex Johnson on February 19, 2015

      Pretty disgusting behavior.

    31. Niels Braakman on February 7, 2015

      He's active on Facebook and twitter as well. I het the feeling that they mag have given up on this project.

      I haven't tried contacting the creators through Facebook or Twitter, but have attempted all other means through their steamworld website and kickstarter.

      No replies ever. I informed kickstarter about the issue, but there is little they can (or will?) do about this "radio silence" by the creators.

      I won't be backing any sequels by these folks. This is among the worst (customer) service I've had anywhere. Ever.

    32. Adrian on January 26, 2015

      Here's the upsetting factor. Kickstarter shows the creators last login. Which shows January 15th, 2015. So Steven has definitely seen our comments just begging for an update. If he just said "Oh I won't be shipping till April, 2022 at the earliest." That would be good enough for me.

      Here is proof he's logged in recently =/

    33. Alex Johnson on January 13, 2015

      An update - even to say you are never going to ship would be nice.

      -queue sound of crickets chirpping

    34. Niels Braakman on November 14, 2014

      I contacted kickstarter regarding the no rewards, no update situation. Not expecting too much, but we'll see what happens.

    35. Thorsten Becker on November 13, 2014

      Chiming in as well, never received anything. Still waiting on book and original page art. Funded December 2012. At this point it's a grab and run.

    36. Niels Braakman on November 11, 2014

      nothing here either, 17 months since filling out the survey.
      one update in february and that's it...

      I've tried contacting them through kickstarter and through the steamworld chronicles website "contact us" option.

      Kickstarter projects can take time - it warns backers in their code of conduct that it may take longer than one would expect or like.

      However, the least one should expect is some form of update regarding the shipping status. Even if it were only "Oops, sorry folks, totally miscalculated the amount of time, will be another xxx months. We've not forgotten you, but please be patient a little longer. Sincere apologies" or whatever.

      That way they can finish their thing and get us our promised stuff, without people getting wound up (too much).

    37. Missing avatar

      Kevin Captiva on November 1, 2014

      Filled out my survey in June of 2013 lol

    38. Aimee Hudson on October 11, 2014

      Yeah, nothing here either. What really ticks me off is I met these guys at NYCC last year, and they were all 'oh yeah shipping any time now" - lied to my face.

    39. Colin Lloyd on October 7, 2014

      I haven't received anything at all from this.... its October 2014, I responded to the survey over a year ago.

    40. Missing avatar

      Tore Hatlen on September 22, 2014

      I also never received my hard copy. Would like to be able to be able to hold a copy in my hands. Please update.

    41. John White on September 16, 2014

      I just realized I never got my hard copy or my original pages. Sadly it looks like I am not the only one. Any updates at all? I know things can get busy but you signed a binding contract to fulfill your rewards. Time to either step up or start offering refunds. This is especially bad since your last update said you were ready to ship. Come on. A lot of people put their money and faith in you. Stand up and do the right thing.

    42. Jeremy The Jinx on September 3, 2014

      So are these still coming? Has anyone got a copy? Can We get an update?

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