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Sometimes, you can run away into your imagination... but what happens when your imagination runs away into you?

Imaginary Friend is a short film about an Australian woman named Rebecca who, as a young girl, creates an imaginary friend to deal with abandonment issues.  Left by her father and then curiously ignored by childhood friends, Frank enters Rebecca's psyche as a mental and emotional security blanket.

Over the years, however, Frank never goes away, and Rebecca becomes caught between her relationship with Frank and her potential relationships with lovers.  Things become so confusing for Rebecca, that even Frank begins to wonder if it would be best for him to fade away.

The lovely Rebecca... played by Melanie Lyons
The lovely Rebecca... played by Melanie Lyons

The film is budgeted for $8500, but we have set a goal to raise $5000 here on Kickstarter in order to get "Imaginary Friend" into production on time.

What's the rush?

"Imaginary Friend" is the brainchild of one of its writers, Jeffrey K. Golden, who wanted to create something specifically for Australia's Tropfest Short Film Festival.  So he did.  And with a submission deadline of January 3rd, the challenge is to get the film shot and edited in less than two months.

Sounds easy enough, right?  Not exactly.

With a high-caliber international cast, many people involved with "Imaginary Friend" have prior travel and work arrangements, which - combined with the American holiday season - makes the logistics behind the film akin to an insane asylum.

Simply put: Even though we will actually need $8500 to shoot "Imaginary Friend," we can't afford to wait the entire fundraising period to start shooting.

Please help us out.  Contribute what you can, share us via email or on Facebook, "Like" our Facebook page, and tell everyone you know about a bunch of quirky filmmakers trying to win an Australian film festival with a quirky little film.

Rebecca's "friend," Frank
Rebecca's "friend," Frank

Cast & Crew

  • Line Producer - Richard King
  • 1st Assistant Director - Benjamin Rotast
  • 2nd Assistant Director - A.M. Reck
  • Production Sound Mixer - Jae Kim
  • Script Supervisor - Molly Hans
  • 1st Assistant Camera - Brian Weed
  • 2nd Assistant Camera - Ted Distel
  • Digital Imaging Technician - Caroline Miller
  • Still Photographer - Ernesto Matamoros
  • Wardrobe - Hillary Janvrin
  • Hair/Makeup - Terese Heddon
  • Gaffer - John Kearns, Jr.
  • Key Grip - Joe Ristaino
  • Grip/Electric - Ryan Pratt

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The absolute deadline for "Imaginary Friend" to be shot, edited, and submitted is January 3rd, 2013. Given the holiday schedule coming upon us quickly, getting "Imaginary Friend" scheduled is a logistical nightmare, especially since we're still wrapping up "Dog" and fulfilling that film's backer rewards.

But... we can do it.

After all, we've shot "Dog," and it's rolling through post-production. We've shot "The Animals," and we've begun its marketing process. We can do anything, and your help will make it easier.


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