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VCU Dance Spring Senior Projects: Encapture.'s video poster

The Seniors of VCU Dance need your help to fund costumes for their capstone choreography experience. Donate today! Read more

Richmond, VA Dance
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The Seniors of VCU Dance need your help to fund costumes for their capstone choreography experience. Donate today!

Richmond, VA Dance
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About this project

For students in the Department of Dance and Choreography at Virginia Commonwealth University there is a culminating capstone project to be completed in their senior year in order to graduate. This final capstone process begins in our junior year with a written proposal describing our choreographic concept. These inspirations range from works about Capoeira to Picasso to Dr. Seuss. From these proposals we are to create well-crafted works of choreography to be presented in a fully student-produced concert. This requires gaining music rights, fundraising and marketing, publicizing, designing lights and costumes, and finally choreographing the works to be shown. The Spring Senior Project Concert will take place April 24 through 27, 2013 at The Grace Street Theater in Richmond, VA.

Many of our choreographers are working with designers and other artists in the area to bring their works to life. Unfortunately, VCU Dance's budget only covers the costs to rent the theater and print posters and postcards for advertisement. There is an expectation that each choreographer present work with a thoroughly designed and polished costume concept. It is up to the choreographer's discretion whether they create costumes themselves or use a designer to fulfill their concept. It puts a great strain on the seniors to personally pay for the materials and services needed. The money raised through this kickstarter will go towards costuming the dancers and paying other artists involved in this process.

This semester, there are eleven students choreographing their senior projects each with a cast ranging from six to nine dancers. This leaves us with 64 performers to costume! Additionally, there are 25 collaborating artists involved in this concert that will benefit from your generous donations.

Spring Senior Class Choreographers: Taylor Burrows, Charles Goodall, Quincie Hydock, Rachel Landrum, Daniyah Menna, Nastasia Nelson, Adrianna Oden, Pace Short, Maeve Talbot, Hannah M Weber, Kimara Wood

Taylor Burrows is originally from Chesapeake, Virginia. She danced for 15 years at Academie de Ballet, before attending Virginia Commonwealth University as a dance and choreography major. When nurturing her human side, she enjoys doing needlework and swimming.

Charles Goodall is originally from Washington, DC and began his dance training at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. He was then given a full scholarship to study at the Washington School of Ballet for two seasons before attending Virginia Commonwealth University as a dance & choreography major. Charles is currently a senior at VCU and will be receiving his BFA this coming May. Aside from dancing and choreographing, Charles has a passion for bartending and DJing!

Quincie Hydock was born and raised in Virginia Beach and moved to Richmond to start her college career as a Dance & Choreography major at VCU. She was also a trainee with the Richmond Ballet during her freshman and sophomore years before continuing on to the more intensive choreography track at VCU. Other than dancing, Quincie likes to makes pancakes, read autobiographies, go outside, and be around fluffy animals.

Rachel Landrum, a Richmond, Virginia local, has trained under Annette Holt of Richmond City Dance Theatre, at the Richmond Ballet, and is now a Senior at VCU, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography. During her 4 years at VCU, Rachel has had the privilege of performing in new works by Judith Steel, Autumn Proctor, and Christian von Howard. Outside of her life as a dance major, Rachel enjoys theater, opera, hot tea, vietnamese food, murder mysteries, and hanging out with her family and fiance.

Daniyah Menna was born and raised in Long Island, New York. She started dancing at a young age, and as a result it turned into her life long passion. When she reached the age of 16 she decided to continue this journey as a career. She graduated from Long Island High School for the Arts in 2009 as a dance major having studied under Janice Aguilera, Shirlene Blake, Susan Dodge, and Jennifer Sudol. While also being a part of her home towns High School Varsity Kickline team for four years. Amongst the time spent at VCU she was a part of the Universities Gold Rush Dance Team for three years, performing at all the home basketball games. Daniyah has performed in various student works as well as faulty member Judith Steel, also having the honor of taking the role of understudy with this years guest artist, Kate Weare. She also had the opportunity of performing in the work at the VCU Dance Now Concert. In May 2013, upon completion of the dance degree track of VCU, Daniyah will graduate with a BFA in Dance & Choreography.

Nastasia Nelson was born and raised on Long Island, New York where she attended the Long Island High School for the Arts until moving to Richmond, Virginia upon entering the VCU School of the Arts as a dance and choreography major. In 2011, Nastasia traveled to Arezzo, Italy for six weeks to train under Scott Putman at the Academia del’ Arte. Paramount Pictures hired her as an Official Captain America Girl in May of 2011. Besides dancing, Nastasia is a member of Phi Mu Fraternity where she holds the position of Special Events Director.

Adrianna Oden began dancing at the age of 11 and trained in tap and jazz. At the age of 13 she also began dancing for the Jr. Redskin All-Stars Dance Team. There she was trained by Stephanie Jojokian, Redskins Cheerleaders choreographer, in both jazz and hip hop. At the age of 15 she also began dancing with the Capitol Movement Inc., a non-profit organization in Washington, D.C. Through Capitol Movement she has trained with many artists such as Andre Fuentes, Laura Edwards, Tim Roberts, Luam Keflezgy, Kelley Payne, Chio Yamada, Tony Czar, and many others. Recently, while attending Virginia Commonwealth University, she has performed in numerous works by Martha Curtis, Autumn Proctor, and guest artist Stephanie Martinez. Aside from dancing, Adrianna enjoys watching movies and taking road trips to beaches and through mountains.

Though currently a senior Dance and Choreography Major at Virginia Commonwealth University, Pace Short was born and raised in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania before making the move south to Richmond. After envying her mom taking dance classes while she was young, Pace began her dance training at age 8 under the guidance of several inspiring teachers, such as E. Laura Hausmann and Trinette Singleton. Pace graduated from the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts in 2009, receiving the honor of distinguished dancer of her graduating class. During her time at VCU, Pace has had the pleasure of working with several faculty and guest choreographers including Martha Curtis, Dr. James Frazier, Autumn Proctor, Judith Steel, and Kate Weare. She is also a certified Elemental Body Alignment System instructor. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her cat and dog, looking up recipes that may never be cooked, and watching too many tv series at once. Pace looks forward to beginning a professional career in dance and graduating in May 2013.

Psycho-neurologist Oliver Sacks' book "Awakenings" served as the inspiration for Maeve Talbot's senior work. These case studies investigate the unique impact of encephalitis lethargica on this select group of patients. In Maeve's limited spare time she enjoys reading Harry Potter, watching Top Gear, or playing with her black lab Ninja.

Hannah M Weber. Aspired dance videographer who also loves to bake treats and make a mean cup of coffee. Grew up outside of Baltimore and moved to Richmond, Virginia to attend VCU majoring in the Dance and Choreography program. After college, Hannah plans to work in video media as a career path.

Kimara Wood started his dance career at the age of 10. He is now a 22 year old, Dance & Choreography major at Virginia Commonwealth University. Kimara has performed at the historical Warner Theatre in Washington DC, where he won a dance scholarship through the Washington Post’s Music and Dance Scholarship Awards, in 2007, hosted by Jim Vance and Jazmine Guy. He appeared on the hit TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance.” He making it all the way to Las Vegas in 2009. He has recently studied Brazilian Martial Arts, Capoeira, under Meistre Panao. His future aspirations, are to perform with Cirque de Soliel, open a studio in Japan, and to create genre of dance combining modern and Hip-hop.

Your donations will help make the VCU Spring Senior Project Concert: Encapture a possibility and allow our dancers to be fully clothed in amazing costumes. Please donate today!

Risks and challenges

-High level of expectation from our faculty. The faculty in charge of deciding whether we pass or fail expect excellence from us in every arena. Tank tops and yoga pants won't cut it! Failure to create pieces with a well crafted concept that are worthy of passing will cause us to not be able to graduate!

-There are such a large number of artists involved in this process that it would be a shame to not be able to reward them for their work in the most appropriate way possible.

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