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Update #4

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Update #3

We have reached our goal!

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Thank you all so much for donating to Ecapture, VCU Dance Spring Senior Projects! We have sent our surveys in order for you all to receive your rewards, thank you all again. We look forward to our tech week to begin next weekend and for the opening night of the show, just a little over a week away!

Update #2

And tech begins!


As we near the end of our kickstarter campaign our posters and postcards have come in from the printers and the dancers and choreographers are finally in the theater! Through this wee choreographers hold spacing rehearsals and finally see their pieces on stage, the week of spacings culminate in run-thru on Friday afternoon, which is when we see the show come together in its entirety for the first time. We are all nervously excited to begin the tech process and thank you for your support!

Update #1

Final Showings

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Last week the dancers had to endure the stressful process of final showings. Over the period of two days, the choreographers show their finished works to a panel of faculty members that then give spoken feedback which, at times, can be hard to hear. After showing our projects, the agonizing wait begins to find out if the work passes or fails. If the project fails the choreographer will not be able to graduate and will need to complete a new project in the next semester, if the project passes it is expected that the choreographer take into account all the faculty feedback to create a more thoroughly developed piece of art. Final showings can be a very stressful time for the choreographers and dancers involved.

Well, the process is over and ALL ELEVEN OF US HAVE PASSED! So keep donating so we can make this the best senior project concert around!

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