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$8,602 pledged of $75,000 goal
$8,602 pledged of $75,000 goal

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Come check out our other project, Spectraball

Hey everyone,

We wanted to let you all know about a fun action arcade/puzzler project we've been working on for the past few months called Spectraball.

The game is about a month away from being finished, but we are currently running a small kickstarter campaign in order to help us cover some licensing costs. You can view our kickstarter page for Spectraball here:

If this looks like a project that interests you, please consider pledging to help us out. Thanks for your consideration, and thanks again for your support during the Shadow Remnants campaign.

Have a great day!

Thanks for your support

Hey everyone. As our kickstarter run is coming to a close, we just wanted to thank everyone that supported us along the way. Even though we didn't make our goal this time around, we  wanted to let you all know that we will continue to work on Shadow Remnants in our free time. As we mentioned, we will be focusing on coming out with something playable relatively soon here, so once we have something more solid we will once again try to raise the needed funds for this project. 

Until then, to stay up-to-date with Shadow Remnants and what we are working on, please follow us on twitter at and please consider registering on our forums at

Thanks again!

Early Editor release

We've been considering doing an even earlier Editor release so people can start familiarizing themselves with it and start on some pretty sweet maps. We've also discussed the possibility of adding script driven events/quests and AI to the editor so instead of making your own maps, you can also design your own story, enemies and other things. We are extremely excited about this as it will support the modding community and we really want to see what people can come up with. This will not effect the single player game as these custom scenarios are accessed in the "Custom Game" section of the menu. What do you guys think about this scenario editing feature? What do you think it will do for our community?

We are scheduled to have a meeting before this is made official but I wanted to share the good news because I am personally very excited to begin working on this feature.


Future Plans

You have probably noticed by now that we may not hit our pledge total this time around. However, Shadow Remnants is something we are going to see through.

That being said, we are still considering our options going forward but we will most likely be re-launching fairly soon with a revised pitch and a smaller funding goal. If we reach the smaller funding goal it will probably still take us longer than we originally planned to finish the game. However, this would at least give us the funds we need for to pay for the necessary assets. Regardless of what happens, we still plan to work on Shadow Remnants whenever we have time.

This brings me to our second point: because it is looking like we might not be able to work on Shadow Remnants full-time at this point, after talking it over, we have come up with something that is both exciting and will likely fit our scenario. While it may take us a while to finish the final product, we have discussed the possibility of releasing a playable version of the game in smaller increments as we hit milestones and add features. In order to preserve the storyline experience for the final version, we will be putting more early focus on the features that offer replay value in the game as opposed to the story. However, an early version without any story elements at all would feel lacking, so we have discussed the possibility of basing our early playable versions around events unrelated to the main storyline. We feel that this development style may offer the best chance of success for this project as it will keep the excitement around Shadow Remnants alive as we work towards adding more.  

At any rate, that is what we have in mind so far, so let us know what you think! Speaking of which, as promised, we've set up a community forum so that we can still directly interact with everyone even after the kickstarter is over. We're still adding to it, but please feel free to sign up and let us know what you think about all of this over there as well:

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