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Bridging the world of sports with cutting edge technology to create a new basketball experience.

Product Snapshot

Product. Experience. Lifestyle.

Through the use of interactive technology, we’re reinventing the way the game of basketball is practiced, played, and experienced. The basketball has evolved . . . and the EVO ONE™ represents a shift from product, to product + experience.

We represent more than a product; we’re a mindset, a lifestyle. We stand for the grind, the hunger, and the ambition that drives athletes. We call it #The25thHour -- the extra time you sacrifice and put in each day in order to improve your craft. The EVO ONE closes the gap between innovative technology and the foundation which molds all great players: The Grind.

The EVO ONE™ (Activate to Train. Remove to Hoop)

So what exactly is The EVO ONE? The EVO ONE is an innovative basketball infused with sports-tested, Micro-Sensor Technology. Its multi-functional features allow you to easily transition it from your traditional basketball to your professional shooting coach without the need of any external gadgets: apps, smartphones, bluetooth, or downloads. The EVO ONE revolutionizes the game by placing the coach inside of the basketball without hindering its performance.

Players at every level are constantly seeking ways to improve and can now gain professional feedback in real-time. With EVO ONE, ordinary workouts are transformed from a necessity into something fun and challenging, pushing players to improve their game. There are absolutely no limitations to this ball. 

Micro-Sensor Technology - What is it?

Powering the EVO ONE is our patent-pending, Micro-Sensor Technology. Intelligent sensors, along with audibly enabled components were combined to engineer a durable, yet lightweight technology that allows the ball to measure and coach professional shooting mechanics. Years of knowledge and research have gone into developing our technology, which has led to the world's first dynamic basketball.

Sensor Specs

  • Motion - Angular Velocity Gyro
  • Sound  - 2048Hz micro-speaker
  • Processor - embedded RISC architecture
  • Efficiency - Ultra low power nanoamp technology
  • Battery - Replaceable Lithium Ion (CR1632 coin cell) 
  • Weight - 0.37oz (+or-)
  • Protection - Shock resistant features

Activate to Train.

When activated, the micro-sensor measures the motion of the ball during a shot and emits immediate audible-feedback when shot correctly, just like a professional shooting coach would. Users will only hear the audible tone when the ball is shot correctly.


  • Micro-Sensor Technology measures the backspin rate, axes, and balance of the basketball when shot
  • Audible-feedback is only emitted and reinforced when optimal backspin of (+or-) 2 revolutions per second is reached
  • Wobbly, slow, or unorthodox backspin is not reinforced through audible feedback


  • Producing optimal backspin helps force players to practice the proper shooting release
  • Optimal backspin increases the ball’s chances of going in when it strikes the rim (ESPN Sports Science, 2010 – Ray Allen)
  • Practicing consistent shooting mechanics helps players build muscle memory and retain skills (Jay Fontenella, The Physics of Basketball)
  • Great shot arch can also be developed from applying optimal backspin

Remove To Hoop.

Remove the micro-sensor and store it in its custom capsule to begin using EVO ONE like your traditional basketball. Each ball is precision engineered to satisfy regulation weight and size standards. We've incorporated counter-balance technology to ensure that it still dribbles, passes, and shoots like normal. Overall playability and ball flight have been maintained.


To Activate:

1. Remove the rubber cap by turning it counter-clockwise.
2. Take the sensor out of its carrying-capsule and insert it into the EVO ONE.
3. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds (you will hear the sensor power-on).
4. Restore the rubber cap back on EVO ONE by screwing it clockwise.
5. Begin practicing.

To Remove:

1. Remove the rubber cap by turning it counter-clockwise.
2. Rotate the basketball so the sensor slides out.
3. Place sensor inside its carrying-capsule.
4. Restore the rubber cap back on EVO ONE by screwing it clockwise.

5. Begin playing a game.

Impeccable Ball Quality

Along with its innovative technology, the EVO ONE is brilliantly constructed using advanced materials and design to create a superb ball quality. Durable, yet lightweight material form its cushioning core and create a low density rubber shell that absorbs impact intuitively. Premium composite channels and microfiber leather lace its outer body, producing enhanced gripability and an exceptional feel. The EVO ONE embodies what it means to be a great basketball!

Ball Specs

  • Regulation weight, size, and flight
  • Micro-fiber composite leather
  • Counter balance technology
  • Absorptive rubber shell
  • Men and Women/Youth sizes


We have partnered with one of the largest and most accredited basketball manufacturers in the world. The collaborative partnership increases the scalability of our product and allows us to mass-produce without delays. Our manufacturer’s robust research & development team have been vital in the development of the EVO ONE and have provided leading expertise and experience. 

Development Process

We're very excited about this. We've spent years trying to create the most effective way to integrate our technology with the traditional basketball. Since 2010, we've prototyped and thoroughly tested over 8 different design models. Each updated infrastructure spawned new ideas and features to help make things better-- more durable, more playable, more efficient. In the end, it led us to our final design: 

Started From the Bottom

Production Timeline

Years of product development has allowed us to diligently research and find manufacturers that are able to mass produce our product at an efficient rate. Along with partnering with one of the worlds largest basketball manufacturers, we've also partnered with an experienced electronics/plastics manufacturer that's able to meet our production needs and scale up without delay. The following production schedule has been developed to ensure delivery:

  • ( August) Finalize production drawings and mfr protocol
  • (September) Build and adjust product molds to meet expectations
  • (September : October) Procure electronics for Assembly
  • (October : November) Beta production run / mold updates
  • (November) First Production Run
  • (November : December) Freight Shipping / Customs
  • (December : January) Product fulfillment / Customer shipping!

Why We're Doing This

We're a brand set out to motivate people to dream, and to follow those dreams through hard work and sacrifice. There are no shortcuts to success and that sums up everything #The25thHour embodies, and everything that #TeamRevolution is about. We believe there is no substitute for hard work, dedication, and the drive to be the best in whatever it is that you do.

#TeamRevolution is our way of addressing the members who are a part of our movement. We are a group of former athletes aspiring to revolutionize the sporting goods industry. We're all entrepreneurs, so innovation definitely inspires us. However, basketball has helped make each of us who we are today.

After years of hard work, sweat, and an occasional tear, things are finally becoming a reality. We are literally living out our dreams of helping evolve the game of basketball and it is for this reason, and more, that we want to create a lifestyle brand that inspires kids to live out their dreams.

Where We're Headed

With the help from your pledges we'll be able to finalize the tooling, which will allow us to begin the manufacturing process. Once this step is complete, we can produce the EVO ONE in large quantities. 

We've been working on this project for nearly 3 years and it's finally coming to fruition. We couldn't be more excited to launch and we're glad that you can be an integral part of the journey. 

It is our goal as a company to revolutionize the way every basketball player experiences the game. We promise to deliver a high quality, innovative product at an affordable price. So far, we've put all of our passion into a journey that we're hoping will help inspire others:

Our Journey

Who We Are

Created for hoopers by hoopers, Shooters Revolution™ is an innovative brand of technology-infused basketball products designed to advance player performance, and enhance user experience. The company was founded on the idea that technology is the present and future of sports and is dedicated to providing exclusive basketball products utilizing a combination of breakthrough technology, advanced materials and innovative design.

Nearly three years ago, former college basketball players were brought together by a single idea, to revolutionize the game they all love. Finding inspiration from their knowledge of the game, research, and every players desire to improve, they set off on their technology quest to evolve the basketball experience, which is personified by the company's brand platform, BASKETBALL+ Performance Technology. Learn more at

Pledge Rewards

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This project was created to help finalize the last stages in our development process. Throughout this venture our main goal has been to conveniently provide this technology to everybody at an affordable price. Another challenge of ours was figuring out how to maintain the playability, feel and size standards of a traditional basketball. Through rigorous testing and a great team of engineers, we have been able to overcome those challenges.

Now, we need your help to finalize the tooling process. Once the tooling is created, we’ll be able to streamline the manufacturing process, allowing us to produce the basketball in large quantities.

We understand the importance of delivering a quality product to our backers within the promised time-frame. We take great pride in maintaining quality while also meeting delivery deadlines and we're confident that we'll be able to meet these deadlines.


  • You will be able to select the size of your basketball at the end of the project. Upon completion, we will send out a survey in which you'll be able to select the size.

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    :: LIFESTYLE BANDS :: Receive a #The25thHour wristband pack consisting of multiple colors. It won’t instantly make you better, but it will remind you to keep grinding in order to become better. Updates: Add $7 to any other pledge to get this reward as well.

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    :: LIFESTYLE TEE :: Receive a Shooters Revolution - #The25thHour tank or t-shirt of your choice. Our tees represent the grind, the passion, and the hunger that drives you to be better. REPRESENT. Updates: Add $20 to any other pledge to get this reward as well.

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    :: PERFORMANCE PACKAGE :: For the basketball performance trainers of the world, this one’s for you. Receive a men's (29.5) & women's/youth size (28.5) EVO ONE™ sensorized basketball plus a compilation of recommended workouts. Free shipping within the USA. Add: $50 for personalized organization engraving.

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    :: INSPIRATION PACKAGE :: Inspire activity as we will donate a men's (29.5) & women's/youth (28.5) size EVO ONE™ sensorized basketball in your name, to an organization of your choice (i.e. School, Youth Center, Boys & Girls Club, Organization, etc). Choose to have either your name or your business’ name engraved on the balls as a sponsor to help motivate the youth to stay healthy and active.

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    ::SHOOTERS REV TEAM SPONSOR:: We’ll sponsor your boys or girls youth team (up to 15 players) by supplying each player on your squad with a Shooters Revolution Lifestyle Dry-Fit T-Shirt, Lifestyle Sweatshirt, and Wristband pack. We’ll also include a men's (29.5) & women's/youth (28.5) size EVO ONE™ sensorized basketball for your team and a compilation of recommended workouts.

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    :: #TEAMREVOLUTION Video Shoot :: Who needs court side seats when you can hang out with a professional athlete during a video shoot. Join us for a day on and off set as we'll be brainstorming product ideas, filming a video, and just having a good ol' time.

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