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Capture YOUR  side of the story.
Capture YOUR  side of the story with HD video saved instantly in the cloud.
Capture YOUR side of the story with HD video saved instantly in the cloud.
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    1. Shonin Inc. Creator 7 days ago

      @Cuthbert Joseph - Yes, audio recording can be turned off.

    2. Cuthbert Joseph
      7 days ago

      Can the audio be turned off when recording?

    3. Shonin Inc. Creator on December 10

      @Michael O'Keeffe - Yes! being written as we speak. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael O'Keeffe on December 10

      Any updates guys?

    5. Shonin Inc. Creator on November 26

      @Michael R. Bartley - Thanks for the comment. We've reflected your change of address on your Backerkit survey. Just as a reminder, you can do this yourself until the surveys get locked down (approximately January).

      If you or anyone else cannot find their survey link, you can request another one here:


    6. Shonin Inc. Creator on November 26

      @Kim Evans - thanks for the question, our plan is to have the battery pack charge while connected to the device so no separate cable is required.

    7. Michael R. Bartley
      on November 23

      Address change

      Michael Bartley
      I/O Janice Bartley
      5418 SW 11th St
      Topeka KS 66604

    8. Missing avatar

      Kim Evans on November 12

      @Shonin wondering if the spare battery which I ordered like many others comes with an additional charging cord. I speak here for myself but you may find others would agree with me since this isn't a normal charge cord it would be nice to have a spare if the original one broke. If it's not included would you consider adding it to available items at a nominal charge.
      Thank you

    9. Shonin Inc. Creator on November 4

      @Tan, Sher Li

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, that was certainly something we looked at, and the team decided that there was enough material there to dissipate the heat properly. We will be making sure to confirm that before moving forward.

    10. Tan, Sher Li
      on November 4

      Thanks for the update...
      Hopefully with the back of the device changed to aluminum, it would not get too hot, especially affecting the extended battery...please assess the overall functionality, workability and life span of the unit before you decide to proceed...

    11. Shonin Inc. Creator on October 12

      @Ingo Schweers fantastic!

    12. Ingo Schweers on October 12

      Thanks, problem solved!

    13. Shonin Inc. Creator on October 12

      @Michael Toh - good question. *Technically* yes, but also practically that is our goal. We will have more information on this further into the production cycle.

      @Ingo Schweers - that sucks, we'll try to fix this for you. Please look out for a message from us.

      Note to all backers: If there is anyone else experiencing a problem with the backer survey, please let us know here:

    14. Ingo Schweers on October 12

      Can't finish my confirmation on backerkit. It asked for my Credit card ... But i just confirmed my pledge from kickstarter and won't add my credit card into bakerkit.

    15. Michael Toh on October 6

      When you snapped on the extended battery, will it still be considered waterproof? Will I be able to operated it under shallow water with the extended battery?

    16. Shonin Inc. Creator on October 5

      @R.Schmidt - Yes we have not changed the design, so it will look the same when you don't have a front shield on.

      @Tan, Sher Li - Appears to have been a typo! Please accept our apologies for that, I wish we could change it. The $39 for the battery pack is correct.

    17. Tan, Sher Li
      on October 5

      Based on your earlier reply to comment on 3 Sept, you mentioned that "the battery pack by itself will be $29", however in the survey add-on section, it is priced at $39, is there a mistake?

    18. R.Schmidt on October 3

      Thanks for the update...Does it look the same as the picture without the cover on?

    19. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 19

      @eric - sorry for not replying earlier. We did consider this but decided to focus on the 'camera' aspect of this product. However, we are looking at ways to incorporate similar functionality in other ways such as through software.

      @Eldritch - we didn't quite make it to $400K on Kickstarter, but will try to keep it on the roadmap for future upgrades.

      Thank you both for the comments.

    20. Missing avatar

      Eldritch Pollock on September 19

      "Pre-Event Recording" for 400k stretchgoal, please!

    21. Missing avatar

      eric wagner on September 15

      Could you incorporate a "panic mode" initiated somehow with the record button that would send an alert to family or friends or followers? My daughter travels daily to rural areas to provide educational services. I signed up for the Shonin camera to support her work in two ways. She can record her interactions with her students for future reference and the Shonin should act as deterrent and event recorder that we hope we won't need.

    22. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 14

      @eric wagner - this is something we are exploring for sure. If we determine it is feasible, we will add it to the product roadmap. We're hoping to enable through a software update.

    23. Missing avatar

      eric wagner on September 14

      Will it be possible to ping the LTE capable model in the event it is ditched by an assailant?

    24. Missing avatar

      Keola Dacalio on September 13

      @creator awesome can't wait to add the extended battery to my pledge!

    25. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 13

      @hali - thank you for your support and kind words. Customer service is our #1 priority, and we will move as fast as we can!

    26. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 13

      @Troy - good idea, we were thinking of a similar modification - the challenge is maintaining waterproofing if we do that. But this team has delivered waterproof electronics before so we're confident we can figure it out.

    27. Missing avatar

      Troy Seman on September 13

      My chief complaint about cop cams is that they have control of the footage and know how to game it. Especially crooked cops and crooked cops can game someone else's footage to get rid of the good cops. I don't think people think that far ahead on the issue.

    28. Missing avatar

      Troy Seman on September 13

      Hey guys.

      Can you add a tether hard-point to the unit. I'm thinking about my large camera. It has a lanyard hard point attached to an eyelet that seems to be part of a metal chassis sticking out of the plastic enclosure. I'm thinking of something heavy duty like that.

      I was thinking about carrying the device around without wearing it all the time because that throws off threat flags with people and I would like to have the device on my person at all times.

      Thank you, lots of great ideas an features and yes there is a huge need for this device.

    29. Missing avatar

      Hali on September 13

      Sending you good mojo... You have a lot of excited backers hanging on your every development. Guess that's what happens when you're on the edge of greatness. Thanks for interacting with your customer base so readily, and taking all our suggestions and wishes into consideration. Just please hurry, I need this shonin, and really two more, yesterday (:

    30. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 13

      @Craig Apache Read - Great questions.
      1. Should work fine in the winter months, it's of course not as chilly down here as in most places in Quebec, but you should not have any problems.

      2. Yes, there is a lanyard hoop on the mag clip, and we are actually also looking at putting a hoop on the device itself, which is a bit more complicated.

      3. We do not gaurantee that it floats.

      4. Pre-event recording was a very popularly requested feature, so we're working out a way to make it happen maybe through a software update. That aside, we've designed Shonin from the ground up to be very very easy to activate, so you lose as little time as possible from when an incident starts to when you're documenting it, so it will still be better than many options on the market.

      Thank you very much for your support, and we will do you proud!

      @Gerry Neville - Thanks for your support, Gerry, much appreciated!

      @Matthew Mullaly - Thank you for support, we are also looking forward to delivering you an awesome product!

    31. Matthew Mullally on September 13

      Congrats on the success of your project. Looking forward to it. Cheers from Korea

    32. Missing avatar

      Gerry Neville on September 13

      Few people reach 1st base on their first time at bat - Congratulations on reaching you goal. Looking forward to receiving my camera so my golf buddies can't take prefered lies and deny it anymore ���

    33. Craig Apache Read on September 13

      I have been watching this campaign since the start and am very excited for this to hit my hands. I'm also thrilled as it is based in Canada �� and am hoping it helps with my 1st question, and that being... how does the camera hold up in winter/cold conditions? As you know in Wuebec it does get a tad chilly in the winter months.

      2nd question: I am always worried that with a clip on it magnetic that it might fall off either by being knocked off or pulled. I was wondering if there is a loop pass through (like you see on thumb drives for instance) that you can pass a small string etc and secure secondary invade it falls. (Although you all would love people having to buy multiple units, alas I wouldn't be able to aford another one as quickly as I would like. I'm thinking just a tooo or something at the corner (or behind) the unit. Just wondering... again maybe you might notice it fall off... or maybe you'd only notice it as it's plummeting to the earth from your parasail etc never to be seen again.

      3) Dies it float?

      And lastly.
      Being that I have the need personally and sadly have had a few wearable body cameras as I have a service dog and have been yelled at and pushed around because I have brought my service dog into establishments that don't allow pets... I feel that I don't want to advertise that I am wearing a body camera (as I've seen people's attitude change when they see I have a camera on) I want to record how I'm treated.

      4) I was wondering, stretch goal of $400,000.00 is likely not going to be met in the next 60 minutes of the campaign, I was wondering if the option would be available where it's captures 30 seconds before you press record as a paid option and if so, I suspect it would drain the battery. Would there be a way to turn this option on or off?

      I plan on wearing this camera daily regardless if the 30 second feature is added or not.

      Thank you Shonin team for coming up with this product and making it affordable to the average person. If you need a beta tester for longevity recoding/testing I volunteer. I have a background of QA testing for the Interactive Entertainment Industry (professionally) for the past 9 years.


    34. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 13

      @Keola - you will be able to get the extended battery as an add on when we send out our survey very soon.

    35. Missing avatar

      Keola Dacalio on September 13

      How to get the extended battery?

    36. Zafar Ali on September 11

      Thanks for the sample video.. I dont know if i am correct but the audio is not so clear ????

    37. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 11

      @R.Schmidt - you're welcome sir! Thank you for your support!

    38. R.Schmidt on September 11

      Thanks for the sample helps with perspective for use.

    39. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 11

      @Michael - maybe a clearer way of saying it would be that the camera will preserve the landscape orientation even if is itself oriented 'vertically'. Hope that clarifies.

    40. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 10

      @Michael - thanks for the question - in the 'vertical' orientation, it would still shoot landscape, it would just flip the video just like a phone changes orientation - this allows you to clip horizontally or vertically without worrying about the video orientation too much. So yes, the date / timestamp would be correctly oriented in either case. Hope that helps!

    41. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 10

      @Zafar Ali / @Wardell - posted a sample at the end of the page, please feel free to take a look. Note that it's representative of our current stage prototypes, but given the new stretch goals it's not representative of our eventual production capability which will be better.

    42. Michael on September 10

      I noticed in the gifs that some people had attached it horizontally, and the guy in the leather jacket clipped his on vertically. Would it shoot a portrait video in the latter case? Would any text like a date/timestamp automatically orient itself correctly on the video?

    43. Zafar Ali on September 10

      When will we get to see an actual real time sample video made from this camera ??

    44. Missing avatar

      on September 9

      What happened with the sample video?

    45. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 9

      @Johnathon McClellan - Yes you will have the ability to set whether the recording light is on or not.

    46. Missing avatar

      Johnathon McClellan on September 9

      Will we have the option to turn off the light in the front of the camera so you can record anonymously?

    47. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 9

      @Ron Gonzalez - yes, congratulations everyone! We have officially hit the 300K stretch goal level and unlocked Low Light Mode as a result. We are so excited to include this in the product and will be reaching out with further updates soon.

    48. Shonin Inc. Creator on September 9

      @John E Schulz - we do not currently have an audio-only mode but we will see if it makes sense to add it to the product roadmap. Thanks for the comment!

      @John Rykart - we made it to 300K like you predicted!

      @Saif Khan - we have unlocked the low light goal, we will send an update about this shortly.

    49. Missing avatar

      Ron Gonzalez on September 9

      congrats to everyone for reaching the 300K Unlock!

    50. John E Schulz on September 9

      It's a camera with a mic… but is there / could there be an AUDIO ONLY option for recording?
      Like, the camera shuts down, and has some LED visual indicator of that, but the audio keeps going?
      I'm thinking of this from a "less-heated" journalistic perspective: you want to record everything a person says, but they aren't OK with being on video for it.
      Or, frankly, voice notes. It's always helpful to record spontaneous impressions of an interview / event that just happened, even though there's nothing meaningful to record on video.

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