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Capture YOUR  side of the story.
Capture YOUR  side of the story with HD video saved instantly in the cloud.
Capture YOUR side of the story with HD video saved instantly in the cloud.
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    1. Craig Apache Read 4 days ago

      Sad to say... but the police just left, I was denied 🙅‍♂️ service because I had a service dog.

      Sadly, Every day I can use this... please put out a reliable, stable platform. As much as I want it today, I don’t want a sub-par device.

      I know you all are doing you best to make sure it’s the best possible... but hurry up already, the natives are getting restless.

      It’s sad that I need this as much as I do.
      Craig & Joey (my service dog) 🐾

    2. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Eli - We will check our records again to make sure.
      @Naomi and others - thank you for your continuing feedback on the waterproofing issue. We hear you loud and clear!

      @Brian - we continue to make progress but are not yet in beta unfortunately. Working on getting a new ship date for you guys.

      The Shonin Team

    3. Brian Dembkoski

      You mentioned back on the 24th (of May) that an update was soon... any progress on that? It's been 20 days? I'm just wondering.

      Are you in Beta, yet?

    4. Missing avatar

      Naomi Hallo on

      I did comment before but looks like my internet was poor and didn’t post it.

      I wouldn’t mind if it was bigger if you can still run jump etc with the magnet attached.

      It would be a deal breaker having it water resistant and not waterproof. As I have a camera that’s about the same size in a waterproof case.

      If resistant would you still be able to quickly wipe off salt spray or cool drink etc or would it need to be in the waterproof case. ?

      Can’t wait for the next update. :)

    5. Eli

      I don't think I got any questionnaire and I checked my spam mail.

    6. Craig Apache Read on

      Doing the email twice wasn’t the issue. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t think I snubbed you the first time when you asked for a really short questioner to be done (which I KNOW I did) doing it again the other day was no. Big. Deal.

      Just informing you.

      And thanks.

    7. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Craig Apache Read - Thanks for letting us know. Looks like we need to look at a different email system. You should not have received the email twice, apologies for that! Stay tuned for answers to your questions.

      @everyone providing feedback on the waterproofing and size. We hear you loud and clear and will have an update for you soon. Thank you!

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Lesser

      +3mm X/Y is acceptable. Downgrading the waterproof spec would not be. Thanks.

    9. Craig Apache Read on

      @ Shonin...
      I got that email and I know I did the questionnaire the first time... I have done it again just now.

      And I have some questions that haven’t been answered yet. (Just sayin 🤓)

    10. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      Another quick update - we found about 330 people who were supposed to receive the questionnaire from our last update but did not. We have sent emails to those folks, the subject line is "Request for you". Be on the lookout and check your spam / junk folders.

      If you STILL don't see it, please get in touch with us (send us a direct message or email


    11. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @everyone - thank you for your comments and feedback. As posted on the update thread, we're monitoring all comments and noting everyone's feedback and also specific questions on other topics. We'll provide responses to each one very soon.

    12. Zach Welch on

      As others have noted, X/Y size is not as critical as depth. How much thickness would a waterproof enclosure add? Would it work with the magnetic clip? Could we use it along with an extra battery pack too?

      I bought into this product because of the waterproof rating. I live and work on a farm in Oregon where it rains most of the year. I have had equipment knocked off my person and into flowing water and found it a day later. The things that survive are waterproof, not merely resistant.

      I view a change of this nature as tantamount to bait and switch, because I would not have backed this camera if it was merely water resistant. It changes the entire nature of the device and value proposition of its accessories. I know water proofing is hard, but that is a substantial change to the specification. I am stunned and disappointed to hear that you are considering giving up on it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Lori Morris-Hughes on

      I'm OK if you have to add just 3mm, but not much more.....and if you need to give us backers an accessory water proof case, I'm OK with that too. Just make it as perfect as product as it can be, which is what we are expecting.
      I have lost the excitement over this project as so many delays have killed the fun factor for me. This is too long in coming to completion....but carry on to give us backers the product we invested in.

    14. Craig Apache Read on

      Fritz brings up good points.

      Top notch is what I want too!

    15. Missing avatar

      Fritz Neumann on

      Some comments re: your latest update:

      1) An extra 3mm X/Y doesn't bother me, but too much added thickness does, needs to be as flat as possible.

      2) As for water resistance, I would prefer it to be completely submersible for the added margin. Not that I plan to use it diving, but I would like to know that it could handle becoming saturated with heavy tropical rains and surfside/boatside inundation with sea spray.

      3) Delays don't bother me, especially if it means a better product. Take your time and make it top-notch!

    16. Missing avatar

      Antonio Leon on

      Thanks for your update. ABout your questions...

      1. Three mm larger is not a problem.

      2. Since the use of the camera is going to be 99% above the water's surface, better to be water resistant than submersible, especially if we gain some advantage in time or smaller size and we can get an underwater case if we want to dive anyway.

    17. Craig Apache Read on

      A few questions that weren’t answered:

      2) how long the extended battery lasts

      3) and how you can charge any extra batteries you have? Is there an adapter or does the battery have to be connect to the Streamcam to charge?

      And on a different topic:

      4) I have a 64 GB SD Class 10 memory card, how long would that card last me? In other words, what’s the average size of a certain video? How many minutes/hours would a card like this be able to hold?

    18. Missing avatar

      Greg Walker on

      Thanks for being so detailed in the process, that's so important to all of us backers!

      I wanted to answer your questions from the update:

      1. A 3mm increase in length and width is totally fine with me.

      2. I'd be fine with the camera being water resistant and not submersible. I didn't plan on doing any diving with it. Adding an accessory case is a good idea to keep the waterproof spec to some degree.

      I do have one question though about *resistant*..
      Could I wear it around my neck in light rain, or would that be too much?
      I think it should have decent 'splash' resistance just like phones do these days. Knowing I can take out my phone even if it's drizzling is very reassuring.
      It would be even more important to me for a camera like this, since I couldn't 'hunch over' to protect it from rain if I was recording something..

      Keep the updates coming! I can't wait to get one in my hands!

    19. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Craig Apache Read - Thank you for your ongoing support and comments.

      Re: low-light performance - we are relying mostly on the image sensor quality for this. The image sensor we are using is rated for low-light performance, but low-light mode on the software side will also provide added benefit. So it won't work well in pitch black conditions, but it will make the most out of whatever light is available such as street lights etc.

      @Naomi Hallo - thanks for the question. You should be able to do a quick swap without losing recording.

      @Nopparat Tongsak - thanks for the comment. That is correct, we have not yet shipped out the units. However, we are working hard to complete the product as soon as possible.

      @Mike Dwyer - Thanks for the comment. A bunch of people didn't receive the questionnaire it looks like. Rest assured that you will, we have someone on the case!

      @Michael Brady - Thanks for the comment. See above, be on the lookout :)

    20. Michael Brady on

      I did not receive the questionnaire yet.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mike Dwyer on

      I too haven't received the questionnaire yet. Keep up the good work.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nopparat Tongsak

      I still haven’t received mine yet.

    23. Craig Apache Read on

      Brian, oh! Wasn’t award of that stretch goal, or if I was... I don’t remember it. Either way, thank you for your response. :)

      @Creator... I got an extra battery thinking it was more than enough, now with Naomi stating she ordered two batteries... I’m having second thoughts.

      1) can you clarify how long the units internal battery lasts?

      2) how long the extended battery lasts

      3) and how you can charge any extra batteries you have? Is there an adapter or does the battery have to be connect to the Streamcam to charge?

      And on a different topic:

      4) I have a 64 GB SD Class 10 memory card, how long would that card last me? In other words, what’s the average size of a certain video? How many minutes/hours would a card like this be able to hold?

    24. Brian Dembkoski

      Craig... the last stretch goal that was hit before pledging ended was a low-light mode, which will automatically adjust to optimize the picture in low-light situations.

      Don't know about the security part, though...

    25. Missing avatar

      Naomi Hallo on

      I have ordered 2 batteries. How will that work. Can I add one battery to the fully charged unit? For - longer record time. Then will the unit beep if it’s low on battery?? Will I need to stop recording change battery and start again or will it have slight battery in the main unit for swapping the battery’s over quickly?

      Still waiting on those questions in an email, please send the email to me :)

      Thank you :)

    26. Craig Apache Read on

      I was having coffee last night with a buddy of mine and we were talking about all things tech (like we usually do). He showed me a dashcam video he had on his truck and then the conversation turned to some of the Kickstarter campaigns I’ve backed and then inquired about how the Streamcam campaign was coming along? He then inquired about an aspect that I didn’t have any answer too... I showed him the intro video and he wanted to know: “As far as security is concerned does this unit (Streamcam) record using IR technology or a zero-lux lenses to record in situations were external light is not available or is it just a regular lens picking up whatever light is available like the naked human eye does?”

      The example he sited was if you were using it when you were walking home at night, if there was an incident, what would the Streamcam pick up? I didn’t have an answer for him, so I figured I’d post on the comments as I’m confident someone will answer the question if it’s already been answered or Shonin themselves would chirp in.

      I’m sorry if this has been mentioned in the past.

      We then started to “spitball” ideas that would be good or bad features... all this while in a parking lot of a Tim Hortons having coffee at 2am. lol

      The longer this campaign goes on, the more I think of all the possibilities.

      Just curious.

      Thanks Team Shonin

      Craig ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    27. Missing avatar

      Priyanka Subba on

      Thanks! I’ve updated and added an extra battery :) good day!

    28. Craig Apache Read on

      I like and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that I appreciate the ongoing communication from the Shonin Team on the comment section.

      This campaign was the second campaign I backed (now I’m at like 14 lol) so I’ve seen a fair share of communication from developers and backers and this campaign (Streamcam) doesn’t disappoint even if it’s late from projected release date. We all should know things come up even at the best of times, but you all at Shonin have been doing a superb job in my books and I wish other campaigns had the same professionalism towards their backers as what you continue to show.

      So keep doing what you are doing and we all will be anxiously awaiting and supporting you from this side.

      Craig =)

    29. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Vanxay Kitnikone - Thanks for letting us know. We're going to be sending out another round of emails in the next few days that should cover those we missed. Be on the lookout!

    30. Missing avatar

      Vanxay Kitnikone on

      Didn't receive questionnaire email.

    31. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Craig Apache Read - we should have an update coming in the next few days with some more details. Stay tuned!

      @Naomi Hallo - Thanks for letting us know. Some people did not We'll make sure you get the email ASAP.

      @Priyanka Subba - Thanks for the question, yes you can still add an extended battery. We will unlock your survey on Backerkit and you should be able to purchase that and other add-ons if you like.

    32. Missing avatar

      Priyanka Subba on

      Hi, I’m wondering if it is possible to add an extended battery as an add-on? I hope it’s not too late.

    33. Missing avatar

      Naomi Hallo on

      I still have not received my email re the questions to answer can you please resend to me thank you.

    34. Craig Apache Read on

      Thanks for the update with comments.

      Any idea when shipment MIGHT be? Weeks or months?

    35. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Kim Evans - Thanks for the comment - Our next update should be out next week. We will also make sure you get the email, we're not sure why some people didn't seem to have received the email. If there are other backers who did not get our questionnaire email, just let us know and we'll get it to you ASAP.

      @Craig Apache Read - Thanks for sharing this story - That sounds horrific, we are so sorry you had to go through that. We are working furiously to get this product out for exactly this reason. Thank you for being patient with us. More updates coming soon.

      @Joel Vodola - Thanks for the questions.

      We estimate the *recording time* to be approximately 1.5-2 hours and then approximately double that with the extended battery. We will also provide more detail around standby time once the tests are complete.

      Yes you can set it up to record to micro SD only. Yes it should extend your total available recording time.

      The content of the video makes a difference on how big the file size is. A baseline estimate could be 2 hours of 720p at 30fps on a 64GB Micro SD card, but it could vary up and down.

      Re: Snorkeling - we do not recommend going snorkeling. The water proofing is meant for things like rain in a regular every day situation, not for swimming of any sort.

      Hope that helps!
      Thanks to all for the comments and questions.

      Best regards,
      The Shonin Team

    36. Missing avatar

      Joel Vodola on

      Awesome about the Stabilization.
      My friends and I have a trip to Japan in March/April 2019. I can not begin to tell you how excited I am to get this camera to help document the trip.
      Just a few more questions, what is current battery life both with and without the extended battery?
      Can I intentionally set it to record on to SD only so it does not actively searching for signal, as I am assuming this will extend the life of my battery?
      Approximately how many hours of recording would a 64GB SD card hold 720/1080p?
      How waterproof is this, ie can I take it Snorkeling? (I don't see myself going deeper than 10 foot).

    37. Craig Apache Read on


      Within 12 days I’ve been kicked out of two establishments because I had a service dog and they saw it as a “pet”... the last place I never thought I’d have a problem... a police station.

      Any ideas when shipment would start rolling out? I can use this all day EVERY day.

      Anxiously awaiting.

    38. Missing avatar

      Kim Evans on

      Any update on the status of the streamcam?
      And like a few other backers have mentioned I never received your email with the questions either, can you resend?

    39. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Craig Apache Read and @Cuthbert Joseph

      Great discussion. We've been looking at voice activation (for the future, not for this release) quite seriously and there are definitely pros and cons. Once we have shipped this version (all our focus is on this), we are going to experiment with voice and some other features.

      As always, great suggestions. Keep them coming!

    40. Craig Apache Read on

      Besides... what language do you speak? How many languages would be needed to be programmed into the device? How many dialects? As far as I’m aware, pushing a button is universal and doesn’t need a verbal language.

    41. Craig Apache Read on

      The problem with that is it’s more things to malfunction or break. I believe in a product that is built like K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple S_____). I can see a lot of problems with voice activation... it not picking up the voice command... or worse off, someone seeing it and yelling the command to ERASE ALL!

      As it is now (as far as I can tell) you hit the button to record and I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) it “saves” 30 seconds before the button was pressed, far more accurate than any voice command!

      Just my two cents!

    42. Cuthbert Joseph

      Limited voice recognition would be perfect for a device like this. e.g. 'START RECORDING', 'STOP RECORDING', 'SAVE 1 MIN', 'ERASE ALL', etc.

    43. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Solomon Chang - thanks for the comment. We are sad as well :( We're working furiously to make sure it doesn't miss your next trip.

      @Hew - Thank you so much for the comment. This is exactly why we're building it! Thank you for motivating us even more.

      The Shonin Team

    44. Hew on

      I ordered this as a way to help cope with my anxiety and fears of "jumpy/belligerent citizens" and police. I can't express how necessary I find this device to be added to my everyday carry. Looking forward to the coming months.

    45. Solomon Chang on

      sad that i couldn't get this camera before my may trip

    46. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      Hey guys, sorry for not replying earlier.

      @Joel Vodola - Stabilization is going to be part of the image sensor and we will also provide some ability to further stabilize a video on the software side.

      @stroburg - Thanks for the comment, please email and they will direct your request appropriately.

      @Craig Apache Read - Thanks for the questions:
      1. When you press record the file is saved immediately to the SD card and is encrypted. It is also sent to the cloud and is also secured there. This ensures that there is very little chance you will 'lose' the video.

      1.5 - Yes these files are saved, but if your SD card gets full you have the ability to tell it to over-write over older files instead. You can also delete videos off the camera SD card from the mobile app. You don't need to connect the camera to a PC.

      2. Your experience sounds horrific, we are so sorry you had to go through that. We are working furiously to get you your camera, right now we are projecting a mid-June shipping start as per the last update. We will keep you posted!

    47. Craig Apache Read on

      You’ve all know why I’ve backed this project by my comments here publicly and through private message... well I sadly could have used it last night...

      I walked into the corner store to buy a loaf of bread with my Service Dog and was rudely yelled at to leave as they didn’t permit “pets”, when I informed them it was a Service Dog that legally & medically needed to be with me at all times, they called 911 and had a police car come screaming into the parking lot with lights and sirens on to “remove me”. I was able to record some of the altercation on my phone but not the initial verbal assault. I ended up recording +/- 15 minutes of video on my phone before the phone died. Needless to say I did nothing wrong and both police officers said I would win a case if I filed a Canadian/Quebec human rights violation. Which I am in the process of doing.

      That said... obviously I wish I had the Cam on me and recoding when I entered the store.

      Now I have two questions following last nights “back-story”:
      1. When pressing “record”, and then stopping record. How is the file stored and saved on the SD card? Is there a way to “lock” or “secure” the recording as to not loose the video?
      1.5 If I walk into many stores on any given day I would start (when I enter the store) and stop (when exiting), are these videos/files saved or can they be written over or do I have to remove the card and place it in a PC and do it manually?

      And more importantly, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I ask...

      2. When do you think Shonin Camera will be finished and sent out? Cause as you can see from what occurred to me last night, it’s sadly can’t come too soon as it’s not a novelty for me but a necessity and I wish I had it last night. I sure as heck could have used it!

      Again... thanks for the updates :)

      Craig :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Stroburg on

      I would like to talk with someone at Shonin about the possibility of a covert/hidden camera for legal usage in the mystery shopping business

    49. Missing avatar

      Joel Vodola on

      How is the Image Stabilization going?
      If I am on a Bike for Example, how bumpy will the Video Be?
      I know that you are contemplating things like a Car mount, do you have a
      Image Stabilization Mount in the Road Map of add-ons to come?
      I feel that with the Market Shonin is attempting to grab (like GoPro users), this almost begs to be a viable option.

    50. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Peter Holdsworth - thanks for the questions.

      1. Short answer: yes, we have a 'dash cam' kit on the roadmap - we don't know if it's going to be a super custom-built kit, but we've received enough requests we're definitely going to put something together. The key part to this kit will be the universal attachment which we already make and is available as an add-on now.

      2. If you're streaming at the time, then any events would be streamed and saved immediately, yes. But depending on your data plan, charges could be different for different people.

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