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Capture YOUR  side of the story.
Capture YOUR  side of the story with HD video saved instantly in the cloud.
Capture YOUR side of the story with HD video saved instantly in the cloud.
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    1. Brian Dembkoski
      6 days ago

      Thought of a question... since this can be basically connected with your phone to stream to Facebook live, can it be paired with a second phone on someone else's Facebook account, without un-pairing it with the first one? (I hope this makes sense... but I was just thinking that if lent the camera to someone else temporarily, would I have to un-pair it with my phone, and then re-do it all with the next one?)

    2. Shonin Inc. Creator 7 days ago

      @Eric Berger - Thank you for the message. Good question, we did post an update on March 5th explaining and also offering a new ship date. Please check the updates section :) Hope that helps!

    3. Missing avatar

      Eric Berger 7 days ago

      Ok, now more than a week since the update that was promised. Update please? Please explain the fact that you're now late.

    4. Shonin Inc. Creator on March 8

      @Michael Toh - Thanks for the question, it's 30fps for both. Hope that helps!

    5. Michael Toh on March 8

      Hi guys, may I know the frame rate for the 720p and 1080p video? Thanks!

    6. Shonin Inc. Creator on March 4

      @mark erban - thank you for your comment. We should have an update for you tomorrow. Have a great day!

    7. Missing avatar

      mark erban on March 4

      March 4th ok guys we your backers demand another honest update

    8. Shonin Inc. Creator on March 1

      Hi @Jan Davison-Fischer - Yes we did run into some snags. We have a play by play of the progress in the updates section. Our team has returned from Chinese New Year this week so we hope to have an update out very soon.

      @R.Schmidt - It's very interesting, and like you said it serves a completely different purpose (primary one being it's not a straight video camera), but a great looking camera nonetheless. Let us know if you get any hands on experience with it!

    9. Jan Davison-Fischer on March 1

      Current Estimated Shipping Date: February 2018
      I am guessing you are stuck on something?

    10. R.Schmidt on February 27

      Anybody try the Google Clips yet? A very different experience from this type of product but a very good camera considering it's size.

    11. Shonin Inc. Creator on February 24

      @Andrew Corteling - We're on it! We will send you an email shortly.

    12. Andrew Corteling on February 24

      Hi Creator

      Here’s a copy of an email I sent, Could someone please get back to me

      Hello I recieve an email yesterday saying that a charge of $39.00 Was unsuccessfully processed on my MasterCard number. Could you please write back to me Or try to reprocess as I have money in that account
      Regards Andrew Corteling

    13. Hew on February 9

      @shonin — thank you. I think it would be a good addition and could have other logical use cases such as lens protection and storage when it's not in use or stuffed away somewhere.

    14. Shonin Inc. Creator on February 8

      @Hew - unfortunately we didn't include a lens cap as part of the product plan. We can see how it would be useful in the manner you describe. We will see if we can suggest a different method of achieving the same goal, stay tuned.

      @Matt van Roosmalen - Thank you very much for your support and confidence, Matt. As we have said before, comments like yours are seen by all of our team and we find them very motivating.

    15. Missing avatar

      Matt van Roosmalen
      on February 8

      This campaign is an excellent example of how to keep your backers informed while ensuring everyone gets a high quality product as promised. I had no reservations authorizing Backerkit to take the additional funds for the bits I added there, despite the delays.

      Please don't disappoint us with the final product! :)

    16. Hew on February 6

      Another question.

      I plan to clip this into my backpack in a manner it would be front-facing for when I'm walking about or biking.

      Naturally, some people may be uncomfortable even when I put my bag down fearing that I've left it on — will there be a cover of some sort that goes over the lens and will let me keep the device clipped to my bag?

    17. Shonin Inc. Creator on February 6

      @Craig Apache Read - for some reason missed that comment as well. It's a Micro SD card. Sorry about that.

      @Hew just posted an update. Short version: still working on it. Please take a look at the update and message us with any questions you might have.

    18. Hew on February 5

      What's the new update on devekopnent, delivery and timing?

    19. Craig Apache Read on February 1

      Is it a regular 64GB SD card or a 64GB MICRO SD card?

    20. Craig Apache Read on February 1

      @Shonin & @Kim Evans

      I remember seeing the card size somewhere before but couldn’t see/find it as I didn’t know where I saw it as I’ve seen (A LOT) of articles on the Shownin camera.

      Thanks for both answering the question I was looking for. Onward to get the maximum memory card.

    21. Shonin Inc. Creator on February 1

      @Clifford Dayton - Missed your comment earlier. Thank you for posting it! We agree, this is exactly why we're building what we're building.

      @Craig Apache Read / @Kim Evans - Yes, that's correct. A class 10, max size 64GB SD card will do the trick. Sorry @Craig Apache Read for missing your earlier question about it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kim Evans on February 1

      @Craig just a fellow backer here but from the FAQ section it's a micro sd card with a maximum size of 64 gb, they include an 8gb one with the unit

    23. Craig Apache Read on January 31

      I anxiously await when shipment will be because if the delays but as I wait I have to get the right memory card; just to make sure I get the proper one... what’s the kind of card needed and what’s the max size?

      I asked this question a couple of weeks ago and the question went unanswered.

      Thank you as always.

    24. Missing avatar

      Clifford Dayton
      on January 20

      Thanks for keeping us informed. Too many make the mistake of ignoring the investers. My plan is to use it to record my bike rides. Someone stepped into my path while I was checking traffic. Seven broken bones, entire left side broken. Lot of pain. Then the creep got half a million for the pain and suffering of a headache, because I hit him. Wife wants video from now on.

    25. Shonin Inc. Creator on January 19

      @PJzuza - Thanks for the comment and for your understanding. Our long term plan requires that we deliver on this campaign and deliver well, and that's exactly what we intend to do. We're pushing hard. In fact we just booked our tickets and we're going to go park ourselves in the factory until we have all issues resolved.

    26. PJzuza on January 19

      I've seen your new update. I understand that this will be something we the backers will get into. To me, I can wait since you are trying to make your product close to the finalization stage so take your time and do it your best. And please, do not disappointed us. Do not runaway with the money we have invested to your product. That's all I could hope.

    27. Shonin Inc. Creator on January 19

      @Matthew Mullally - Thank you for your well wishes. We are working very hard, and it's great to see words of encouragement from the backer community. Thanks again.

    28. Matthew Mullally on January 19

      Gonna be another classic late shipment lol. But I knew what I was getting into. Good luck team. Hope you get it right as quick as possible.

    29. Shonin Inc. Creator on January 18

      @Hew - Thanks for the comment. We are in the process of determining that right now and will post an update about it very soon.

    30. Hew on January 18

      Roughly how long of s delay are you expecting — 1 month or up to 6 months?

    31. Shonin Inc. Creator on January 17

      @craig apache read
      @Christine SMKY

      Stay tuned for an update coming up shortly.

    32. Craig Apache Read on January 17

      Any idea when delivery is scheduled or commencing? I also have to get the right memory card; just to make sure I get the proper one... what’s the kind of card needed and what’s the max size?

      Thanks in advance, sooo excited for this to appear in my mailbox.

    33. Missing avatar

      CHRISTINE SMKY on January 16

      Hey guys, super excited for the Shonin. I just wanted to get a ball park of delivery date of the gadget only because I'm moving in to another location and wanted to make sure if I need to change my shipping address or if I still can change it. It would be silly if I postponed my move just to receive the package haha. Let me know guys. MUCH appreciated!

    34. Shonin Inc. Creator on January 8

      @Saif - you can record 720p or 1080p - for cloud transmission it's limited to 720p at this point. You could potentially use Shonin as an alternative to Go Pro, yes, although the main use scenario is quite different.

    35. Missing avatar

      Saif Khan on January 1

      Okay thanks alot guys!
      I have another question - What is the quality of video's that are recorded.(4K, 1080p.etc?)
      I'm also a traveller and was thinking of getting a GoPro for my travel videos. Would this Cam be a good alternative to GoPro - to create high-quality travel videos ?

    36. Shonin Inc. Creator on December 29

      @Saif Khan - Thanks for the question! For Snapchat, no unfortunately as we don't think Snapchat has that kind of API any more, so we cannot *directly* post to it, however for other services like Facebook and Youtube, this will be possible.

      Also you should be able to use the 'Share' functionality on the app to share to just about any app. This is not instant, but it's the next best thing.

      If anyone has any more info or different info re: the snapchat API, please feel free to correct us.

    37. Missing avatar

      Saif Khan on December 28

      Can it be auto-sync'd with Snapchat.etc so videos can be posted immediately once recorded ?

    38. Cuthbert Joseph
      on December 18

      Thanks for the update

    39. Shonin Inc. Creator on December 11

      @Cuthbert Joseph - Yes, audio recording can be turned off.

    40. Cuthbert Joseph
      on December 10

      Can the audio be turned off when recording?

    41. Shonin Inc. Creator on December 10

      @Michael O'Keeffe - Yes! being written as we speak. :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael O'Keeffe on December 10

      Any updates guys?

    43. Shonin Inc. Creator on November 26

      @Michael R. Bartley - Thanks for the comment. We've reflected your change of address on your Backerkit survey. Just as a reminder, you can do this yourself until the surveys get locked down (approximately January).

      If you or anyone else cannot find their survey link, you can request another one here:


    44. Shonin Inc. Creator on November 26

      @Kim Evans - thanks for the question, our plan is to have the battery pack charge while connected to the device so no separate cable is required.

    45. Michael R. Bartley
      on November 23

      Address change

      Michael Bartley
      I/O Janice Bartley
      5418 SW 11th St
      Topeka KS 66604

    46. Missing avatar

      Kim Evans on November 12

      @Shonin wondering if the spare battery which I ordered like many others comes with an additional charging cord. I speak here for myself but you may find others would agree with me since this isn't a normal charge cord it would be nice to have a spare if the original one broke. If it's not included would you consider adding it to available items at a nominal charge.
      Thank you

    47. Shonin Inc. Creator on November 4

      @Tan, Sher Li

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, that was certainly something we looked at, and the team decided that there was enough material there to dissipate the heat properly. We will be making sure to confirm that before moving forward.

    48. Tan, Sher Li
      on November 4

      Thanks for the update...
      Hopefully with the back of the device changed to aluminum, it would not get too hot, especially affecting the extended battery...please assess the overall functionality, workability and life span of the unit before you decide to proceed...

    49. Shonin Inc. Creator on October 12

      @Ingo Schweers fantastic!

    50. Ingo Schweers on October 12

      Thanks, problem solved!

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