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Capture YOUR  side of the story.
Capture YOUR  side of the story with HD video saved instantly in the cloud.
Capture YOUR side of the story with HD video saved instantly in the cloud.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Joel Vodola about 15 hours ago

      Also I really don't mind the slightly raised side. Flush "looks" better. But there is nothing more annoying than trying to open a silicone tab that you can't get a grip on. Most guys don't have Fingernails to dig those out with.

    2. Missing avatar

      Joel Vodola about 15 hours ago

      Finally got to watch the Full Video. Super stoked. In thought on the front Button of the hard Plastic vs Soft Plastic, what Do you think of a swap out for the front Plate to be Silicone instead of Plastic, still Moldable, obviously Water proof and might offer a better grip when pulling it out of a pocket. It is so small I could almost forsee people dropping it. The Silicone could offer a natural drop resistance. Pending on how it is even installed in the housing it will help with Shock absorbtion.

    3. Missing avatar

      Steven Huynh 1 day ago

      so...... is a refund possible?

    4. Shonin Inc. Creator 1 day ago

      @Kenneth Højgaard - we actually opted for a mechanical button such as the one you see because we didn't think a touch button would be reliable enough. We are working on making the click less loud however, is that your concern?

    5. Shonin Inc. Creator 1 day ago

      @Joel Vodola - Thanks for the comment and the support. That might actually be in the cards, we will be in touch.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Højgaard
      2 days ago

      no click please

    7. Missing avatar

      Steven Huynh 2 days ago

      So.. can I still get a refund? lol

    8. Missing avatar

      Joel Vodola 2 days ago

      LMAO, I swear I was going to comment/email someone about this today. It's good to know we are still heading in the right direction. Not sure how this lines up, but going on a cruise in 60 days, and would LOVE to test this out

    9. Craig Apache Read 2 days ago

      🤞 (fingers crossed for anyone that can’t see the emoji)

    10. Shonin Inc. Creator 2 days ago

      @Steven Huynh, @Craig Apache Read, @Michael Brady, Alan Teo - We understand the frustrations. Good news is we're working to release the latest updates very soon. We're hoping it could be released here in KS within the week.

    11. Andrew Corteling 3 days ago

      When do you send out the survey for the Colour choice?

    12. Missing avatar

      Alan Teo 3 days ago

      yeah totally no update on this.... getting restless

    13. Michael Brady 3 days ago

      I just hope to see regular updates, good bad or indifferent. When we hear an update is coming in a few days, and your updates are not regular, and there still isn't one...the lack of regular communications result in concernz/frustrations.

    14. Craig Apache Read 4 days ago

      I don’t want a refund... I want the camera lol

    15. Missing avatar

      Steven Huynh 4 days ago

      Can I get a refund? lol

    16. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Craig Apache Read - Thanks for the question - yes the 64GB is still valid. Unfortunately, we will not be able to support the 128GB card, however. Hope this is not a problem.

    17. Craig Apache Read on

      I know I haven’t asked this question for awhile, I believe it was said that the last best microSD Card that can/could be used was 64GB(?) is this still true/valid?

      I ask as two things come to mind, the card I bought in February for the Shonin StreamCam is a Kingston 64GB with a speed of 45MB/s (and is sitting on my shelf).

      I just bought a 128GB with a speed of 95MB/s (for another KS product “Qubii”) so does the speed matter than much for the StreamCam? I want to be prepared when it arrives.

      Thank you for the reply!

    18. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Chris O'Connor - Thanks for the comment, we are confident that we still have a marketable product on our hands. Thanks to the support of backers like you, we have some great distribution partnerships lined up waiting for the product to be complete.

      @Rob Stachowicz - Thanks for the comment. Stay tuned for our next update - we have just received the first fully integrated "alpha" or "design verification" units. We'll be posting some pics and maybe a video in the next few days.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeffery L on

      Yep, I’ve decided no more Kickstarter campaigns. The discount doesn’t equal the risk. I’ve tried to be supportive, but I’m not rich enough to throw money away. This project completion is too far out to create anything of value. Great learning moment for the production team on failing deliverables, but sadly a big mistake for me. 🙁

    20. Rob Stachowicz

      I've seen this show before. It normally doesn't end well. The fan-boys will be quick to jump on anyone that doesn't agree with their viewpoint, which is fine. I am concerned that this project is in jeopardy. My opinion... Like it or not.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris O'Connor on

      Understanding the team wants to bring a great product to market, but as previously mentioned there are many body cameras coming to market, some with the same features as this product. This has been in progress for nearly a year, and I realize that there have been production delays. But it might be prudent to determine if this product will be a marketable solution due to competition.

      Any word when the production will commence and when deliveries might start?

    22. Craig Apache Read on

      Protest season yes... but you rather have an inferior product? Or one that works better than a GoPro?

      Nice update. Would have preferred it was shipping now but like mentioned above, for the money I pledged, I want a good product and not an inferior camera with tonnes of problems that wasn’t though through!

      Thank you for the update and keeping us updated here and in the update section (I’m also posting here in case someone doesn’t read the “update” section (we all know people that don’t). We all know it’s late, but it’s a kickstarter campaign after all... and not a full blown retail big box brick and mortar store release... there are hiccups. You all think anything you buy at BestBuy/FutureShop is/was just appeared without going through the same trouble and tribulations?

      (I added FutureShop because I used to work there until they closed 😝)

      Sure BETA testing isn’t here yet but it’s just around the corner, that said... even with BETA testing it’s looking like WiFi version would be ready (+/-) and ready to ship in September... that’s not too far away. It’s not like the BETA testing stage will be years. You rather Shonin doesn’t do their due diligence in the testing aspect?

      @Shonin Team:
      Keep up the good work! 👏

    23. Alex Wirth on

      Sadly, I have to agree with Joseph. Updates or not, Shonin is going to be late to the party for similar or better design platforms at this point....and we're not even into beta testing yet. Yikes

    24. R.Schmidt on

      @Joseph....sadly, you have not been keeping up to date with the communication. Shonin has been regular with updates and answering questions here. If you wanted a product off the shelf and instant gratification...try Amaxon.

    25. Missing avatar

      Joseph Duncan on

      I don't know about anyone else but I'm starting to get concerned this product will never be delivered. I understand things can be delayed but this is approaching ridiculous, especially when there are now market alternatives. This is fast becoming irrelevant, sadly.

    26. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Peter Holdsworth - as dog people ourselves we have had the exact same thing happen to some of us and completely empathize. This just makes us even more motivated to get this project over the line.

      As for the questions about streaming: The content of the video makes a difference on how big the file size (and therefore bandwidth usage) is. A baseline estimate could be 32GB for 1-1.5 hours at 720p/30fps, but it could vary up and down.

      Hope that helps.

      @Sydney Wood - not long now, should be coming up tomorrow!

    27. Sydney Wood on

      Update please!

    28. Missing avatar

      Peter Holdsworth on

      I've a question on bandwidth/data - for the 4G version, what's the bit rate? How much data would say an hour use when streaming? And will it be easy to turn streaming off or on?

    29. Missing avatar

      Peter Holdsworth on

      We've had another perfect situation for the use of this camera today - other half was out with the dogs. One of them is older and doesn't like strangers in his face. He's perfectly fine with people and dogs he knows.
      2 large dogs off a lead ran over, despite my other half's requests for the ower to call them back. He laughed and said it was ok.
      Our dog paniced with these in his face and ended up hurting her.
      The other owner made no attempt to control his dogs.
      Issues like this with "dog baiting" are on the rise in some areas, but without evidence which this cam will supply (in real time for the 4G version) nothing an be done.
      Both of us will go make good use of this!!

    30. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Eldritch Pollock - thank you for the feedback. We'd love to incorporate pre-event recording and will be looking at some options once we are in a better place with the base product :)

      @Adam Webster - sure thing, we're just working with the manufacturer to clearly understand the various moving parts so we can provide a useful update. There are still some challenges, but we've also made some good progress. New update coming before the end of the week.

    31. Missing avatar

      Adam Webster on

      Can we get a quick update so we know you haven't forgotten about us.

    32. Craig Apache Read on


      Why write exactly what was written in the update?

      *Scratches Head*

    33. Missing avatar

      Eldritch Pollock on

      Still holding out much hope on the Pre-Event Recording making it in!

      It'd increase the utility of the Camera for me massively!

    34. Missing avatar

      Eldritch Pollock on

      1. We would like to hear from our backers on whether a 3mm increase in length and width makes the overall footprint too big.
      -- What's 3mm between friends? I really don't see this being a huge issue.

      2. What if the camera itself was water *resistant* vs. submergible in water, and we included a fully waterproof accessory case instead (no extra charge)? Would that be a 'deal-breaker' for you or would you be comfortable with this compromise?
      -- Integral Waterproofing is very important.
      It's constantly wet where I live, and I Cycle everywhere - I don't want this thing to be bricked because I was caught in a downpour/it fell in a puddle!

    35. Andrew Corteling on

      @ creator thank you I just read it.

    36. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Andrew - just sent you a message!
      @Craig - Thank you! We very much appreciate your support.

    37. Craig Apache Read on


      Of all the campaigns I’ve backed... you all are fantastic. I know it won’t be long we have to wait as I’m starting to dream about wearing a Shonin StreamCam ;)

      You guys are awesome and communication with the backers is top notch.

      Remember to stay hydrated and don’t work yourself too much to the bone. ;)

    38. Andrew Corteling on

      I am awaiting your reply
      Thank you

    39. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @craig - that is horrible, we are so sorry to hear that happened. We are working as fast as we can to get everything finished.

      @Andrew Corteling - we will message you regarding your order shortly.

      @Priyanka Subba - yes it's possible to change your address. Please email us your new address at

    40. Missing avatar

      Priyanka Subba on

      Is it possible to change my address? I will be moving out soon that’s why

    41. Andrew Corteling on

      Just confirming my status of order
      Backer 2109

    42. Craig Apache Read on

      Sad to say... but the police just left, I was denied 🙅‍♂️ service because I had a service dog.

      Sadly, Every day I can use this... please put out a reliable, stable platform. As much as I want it today, I don’t want a sub-par device.

      I know you all are doing you best to make sure it’s the best possible... but hurry up already, the natives are getting restless.

      It’s sad that I need this as much as I do.
      Craig & Joey (my service dog) 🐾

    43. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Eli - We will check our records again to make sure.
      @Naomi and others - thank you for your continuing feedback on the waterproofing issue. We hear you loud and clear!

      @Brian - we continue to make progress but are not yet in beta unfortunately. Working on getting a new ship date for you guys.

      The Shonin Team

    44. Brian Dembkoski

      You mentioned back on the 24th (of May) that an update was soon... any progress on that? It's been 20 days? I'm just wondering.

      Are you in Beta, yet?

    45. Missing avatar

      Naomi Hallo on

      I did comment before but looks like my internet was poor and didn’t post it.

      I wouldn’t mind if it was bigger if you can still run jump etc with the magnet attached.

      It would be a deal breaker having it water resistant and not waterproof. As I have a camera that’s about the same size in a waterproof case.

      If resistant would you still be able to quickly wipe off salt spray or cool drink etc or would it need to be in the waterproof case. ?

      Can’t wait for the next update. :)

    46. Eli

      I don't think I got any questionnaire and I checked my spam mail.

    47. Craig Apache Read on

      Doing the email twice wasn’t the issue. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t think I snubbed you the first time when you asked for a really short questioner to be done (which I KNOW I did) doing it again the other day was no. Big. Deal.

      Just informing you.

      And thanks.

    48. Shonin Inc. Creator on

      @Craig Apache Read - Thanks for letting us know. Looks like we need to look at a different email system. You should not have received the email twice, apologies for that! Stay tuned for answers to your questions.

      @everyone providing feedback on the waterproofing and size. We hear you loud and clear and will have an update for you soon. Thank you!

    49. Missing avatar

      Michael Lesser

      +3mm X/Y is acceptable. Downgrading the waterproof spec would not be. Thanks.

    50. Craig Apache Read on

      @ Shonin...
      I got that email and I know I did the questionnaire the first time... I have done it again just now.

      And I have some questions that haven’t been answered yet. (Just sayin 🤓)

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