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Do you golf? Visit the gym (or go on a date) after work? Do you wear comfy shoes to walk to the office, and change into dressier shoes when you get there?  

Do you run track, or play basketball? Camp out in the open? Hike? Travel on foot or bike? If so, then Shoe-Kaddy’s for you!  

Shoe-Kaddy solves the problem of what to do with your “other” shoes – the ones you take off to replace with the special footwear you need for your work, recreation, or sport.

Shoe-Kaddy was created from a personal need: I’m a contractor, with long hours and little time for recreation. When I get a chance to get to the golf course for a few hours, I don’t hesitate – I drop everything, head to the closet for my clubs, and go! It was on one of those occasions, while digging through the stuff on the closet floor looking for my golf shoes, that I caught myself muttering that “they should stay with the bag.”  

I’m kind of a do-it guy, so the immediate thought that came to mind was, so figure out a way to do it. I could picture what I wanted, so I drew it up and made a prototype out of Plexiglas.© It worked! I could put my work shoes on the Shoe-Kaddy, wear my cleats on the course, and then switch them back when it was time to head back to work.  

I had an injection mold made in China and had 500 pairs of the Shoe-Kaddy made there. It was taking a long time for the Shoe-Kaddys to get here and I had no control over that, so I decided to have the mold shipped here to the USA, where I can control and oversee all of the production. Now I can have them made locally and proudly claim “Made in the U.S.A.”  

Shoe-Kaddy can be mounted virtually anywhere: golf bag, backpack, purse, briefcase, tote, duffel bag, golf cart – you name it. Just hang your shoes on it to keep out dirt and odor while your hands stay free. No sacrifice in space or comfort, and your shoes stay clean, fresh, and dry. The durable abs plastic doesn’t rust or scratch your shoes or the carrier and can be washed easily.  

I’ve had no trouble selling to my friends and their friends, mostly by word of mouth. The $19.95 price was met with acceptance and appreciation, and the Shoe-Kaddy is now seen on a lot of local golf courses (golf pros love them) and there are even a dozen or more in Europe!  

But you know that in life there’s no standing still. You either go forward or you fall backward. I realize I need to grow my product: I need to make them in different colors – red, blue, green, and pink – and I need to do research and development on removable/replaceable deodorizer and moisture absorption tape strips that will stick to the arms of the Shoe-Kaddy. I’m on the brink of a big-time business here, and to take that next step I need big-time funding!  

How many times have you said about your special shoes, “they should stay with the bag” – or the purse, or the duffel bag, or the backpack? This simple accessory makes that happen! The Shoe-Kaddy’s success can be limitless – because honestly, who doesn’t need one?

Here are a few testimonials from people who've tried the Shoe-Kaddy:  

"I always carry a second pair of shoes in case I want to stop at the gym on my way home from work. I used to keep them in my gym bag, and my workout clothes would smell like sweaty feet before I even wear them... now I store them on the outside of my bag with the Shoe-Kaddy. I have more room in my bag, my gym shoes can breathe, and my workout clothes stay fresh until I'm ready to use them!" -- Joe Shaffer, Flint, MI  

"I showed this to my coach, and now he wants one, I'm sending him the link on FB now!" -- Todd, Butler, PA  

"I'm on call 24 hrs, 6 days a week. I usually wear dress shoes at my office, so I keep my hospital shoes on the Shoe-Kaddy. It's always attached to my bag, and my bag is always in the car. When I get a call I change into my hospital gear and put my dress shoes on the Shoe-Kaddy. Our lockers are pretty small, so I take the Shoe-Kaddy off of my bag, and hang it from a hook in the locker with the carbine clip. It only takes a second, and it's really convenient. My dress shoes don't get smashed, and my hospital shoes don't rub all over my clean scrubs inside my bag anymore. I'm going to order another one for my golf bag because I like to keep my cleats in the car too. Thanks!" -- Dr. Charles S. Perticone, MD, Miami, FL  

"This is a great product, I can fit all my books in my backpack with my trainers attached!" -- Julie Dunn, Springfield, WI  

"I used to use a different "shoe hanger" with my golf bag, but it was made out of steel, so it was kind of heavy, and eventually it started to rust and left orange stains on the insides of my cleats and my socks. Also, there was not enough support so my bag would roll around in the trunk and smash my shoes, putting creases in the leather. This is a much better product, and the clip is really nice because I can hang it on just about anything" -- Jeff Lucento, Fort Wayne, IN  

"I bought this for my husband for Fathers Day and he loves it! Thank You!" -CJ, Warren, OH

Risks and challenges

Finding skilled production workers in my area will present no problem: I live in a rust-belt area that has many skilled but unemployed production people who are eager to put their skills to work -- I've proved that with my construction company. I know I can staff my business, from laborers to techies, with no problem!

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