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I left my 'WATCH' in San Francisco...'s video poster

A fun concept combining my love for designing watches and my love for cityscapes. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 9, 2012.

A fun concept combining my love for designing watches and my love for cityscapes.

About this project

This is a fun little design project I have been working on for almost a year. The prototypes are all done and it's time to present the world with my latest creation. 

I wanted to make sure that everyone who decided to take this journey with me received the highest quality product that I could possibly make. I spent months redesigning and reengineering all the aspects to make sure that this matched or exceeded all expectations. At this point it feels more like a piece of art rather than a timepiece. There was no other way to do it, especially considering the amazing representation of watches that Kickstarter has launched.

The goal is to 'kick start' this project and hopefully bring all the production back to the US. I cannot explain how hard it is to find local manufacturers that handle small parts and embrace creativity. There is an awesome movement going on and I would like to be part of it. People sometimes…ok the majority of the time…make fun of me for my old school way of thinking. I personally think that slowing down to embrace the beauty surrounding you will inspire greater things.

Below are all the details. I have been prototyping all of my designs through Shapeways and TechShop, two of the greatest places ever invented. Now I am presenting them on an equally wonderful invention, Kickstarter!

About The Watches 


Size Options - 52mm & 42mm
Size Options - 52mm & 42mm
Size Options - 52mm & 42mm
Size Options - 52mm & 42mm
Size Options - 52mm & 42mm
Size Options - 52mm & 42mm

All Kickstarter watch pledges receive 3 versions of the band.
- Stainless Steel (Day) or Gun Metal SS (Night)
- Leather (Day/White & Night/Black) 
- Silicone (Day/White & Night/Black)

Warranties: Movement - Lifetime (excluding battery) 
Case - 5 Years
Band - 1 Year

Case Water Proof - 10 ATM (300+ ft)
Designed In - Cali
Movement - Swiss
Manufactured & Assembled - Hong Kong & Cali

Shipping - Dec. 2012/Jan. 2013

Production Run - Limited to 5000 or less* All ONE Degree watches will be produced in limited quantities. I feel very strongly about making all the watches I produce exclusive. It is important to do this for both people supporting the brand, and for me as the designer to stay innovative. Plus I am personally signing all of the boxes of all the SF watches sold on Kickstarter... 

XL Size vs Nano Touch
XL Size vs Nano Touch

This idea is really made possible by the strides that 3D printing has made. When I started this project, I could not find a good way to produce a skyline with real depth. The solution came by printing a 3D version that I could send to the manufacture. I loved the process so much I decided to support another Kickstarter project, the B9 3D printer. 'Why are you giving away your trade secrets?' Well, these are not really secrets. The watches took weeks to complete the designs. Each building in the skyline was individually recreated in 3D CAD program and plenty of additional time perfecting the designs details. I want people to realize how close they are to making their ideas happen; all it takes is some hard work.

I have been designing and producing products for myself and other companies for the last 8 years. I left my original watch company when I had an opportunity to work at Apple (one of the greatest companies to work for). This time around it made a lot more sense to launch a timepiece line that focused on creative ideas rather than trying to sell an image. ONE Degree is about connecting to your dreams. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported me through this journey. And a special thank you to everyone who is on Kickstarter fostering creativity. This community has inspired a lot of people, myself included, to stop wasting time talking about my dreams and start making them happen!

Additional pictures...

Risks and challenges

I do not see any major challenges. At this point everything is complete on the design and manufacturing side. There is a risk that the watches will not ship by Mid-December. I would say there is an 80% chance we stay on schedule for December 2012. I am 99.9% sure they will be shipped no later than January 2013. I will be very sad if they slip to January though.

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    Thank you for the support! You will be added to the guest list for the release party in San Francisco.

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    Early Bird Special - 1 Cityscape Watch w/signed box. + $25 for international shipments.

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    1 Cityscape Watch w/signed box. Choose for the options on the left. The watches will retail online for $299. + $25 for international shipments.

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    Well thank you very much! You love the idea as much as I do! You will receive one SF ‘Day’ and one SF ‘night’ version of the watch. All standard options available. Plus a SF Cityscape wall clock (Mid 2013). + $25 for international shipments.

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    Both SF 'Day' & 'Night' watches and clocks... Plus I will fly you out to work on the next cityscape with me and a small team in... NEW YORK! 3 days 2 nights in NYC finding the perfect views to use as the inspiration for one of the most iconic cities in the world. You will also get one of the first 2 serialized versions of the limited edition NYC Skyline Watches. - US Residents Only.

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