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Prisma & the Masquerade Menace is a challenging, side-scrolling puzzle platformer set in a colorful multi-dimensional world.
Prisma & the Masquerade Menace is a challenging, side-scrolling puzzle platformer set in a colorful multi-dimensional world.
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Fall Update

Posted by Shiny Bolt Games (Creator)

Hey Gang,

Happy Halloween! 

Be safe out there tonight. Holiday season is underway and we've been at work. Below are updates on the build, upcoming plans, and our progress overall.

The Build Right Now

We are in the process of assembling a lot of the separate builds we use individually for specific tasks and blocking out where final models are going to go. We also are working on small things such as having objects interact with Ray when you pass by. 

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On the back end we are also consolidating a lot of loose SourceTree branches and have effectively started from a new tree. If you you DON'T know what that means and aren't savvy with version control software, just know it's a good thing to do for organizational reasons from time to time. Speaking of which, we also created and organized a rough schedule for marketing in the coming months also. We just need to get in a good place with the rest of the game so that it's what we want to show, because once we start gamers will treat every video or screenshot as gospel and think that's what the final shipped version of the game is going to look like. They will not have seen any of what goes in in the kitchen like everyone here.

Asset Update

We are still handling the environment assets for World 3 of the game. Things are going at a steady pace. We are almost to the animated assets within the levels, A.K.A. - the last ones. All of our system assets, everything the player walks and jumps on, are complete.

We are currently also finishing the narrative aspects of the game as well and expect that to be done in a month or so. In hindsight, basically writing a book into a video game was a weird decision on our part for such a small team (and we suddenly have MUCH more appreciation to the likes of Bethesda for including 300+ books in their Elder Scrolls games). Every page more or less includes some doodles from Fractal scribbled in as well, and that makes the layout aspect of the pages a labor of love.

Demo Build for feedback rolling out soon (surveys soon)

In the coming weeks keep an eye on your inboxes for surveys regarding a demo build. This will be of the first world with a few bits stripped away for polish reasons. We will send this with a survey to get feedback from everyone mostly about how the game runs on your devices. We are also going to use this opportunity internally to get used to delving out Steam codes that we (hopefully) can just update to the full game experience once the game is complete. Either way we need to test for performance, so if we hit a snag and everyone receives a Google Drive link or the like the you know something unforeseen happened.

Key things we have Left

Bosses. There are 2 bosses left to program and animate. To be more specific, all the mechanics involved have been programmed and the initial designs for the fights are mapped out. In addition to this, the art for said bosses are almost complete. 

The bulk of what is left is specifically animation programming for their designs to make them fun and alive, which just boils down to implementation.

Besides the bosses we are finishing up World 3 as a whole. We are almost to the set dressing stage, where we take all the assets we made and drape them on top of the raw designs of the levels (or greybox). And besides polishing, we are designing additional challenge levels to be unlocked using (almost entirely) preexisting assets. We suspect during the polish stage that we will have a chance to add extra bits here and there because we will effectively have made a big box of Lego for ourselves that don't really require extra work. 

Kickstarter rewards are the last thing on the list. The art team will get to have fun with these once their work is done on assets for the game. When those get started expect more frequent updates and surveys for shirt sizes (etc). 

Current Progress: Progress Bar

For the sake of visualization we've made a chart using data from other management sheets for you guys to get a better idea of where everything is at. I imagine looking from the outside-in it may seem like nothing has happened, so I hope this eases some minds. I'll start attaching this to the end up updates from now on with updated info.

*progress weighted by asset number in Overall
*progress weighted by asset number in Overall

Ands that's it. See you guys next time. As always, feel free to leave comments ad suggestions below!

Happy Pumpkin Season,


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